Concord Hospital teaching facilities get funding boost

22 October 2009

Sydney Medical School's teaching facilities at Concord Hospital will be enhanced following $3.5 million grant from the Federal Government for a new medical education building.

The funds were secured in the latest round of Capital Development Grants.

The Sydney Medical School at Concord has been working on this project for some time with strong support from the Sydney South West Area Health Service and the medical staff at Concord Hospital.

The initial funds came from donations from the medical staff in recognition of the key role of education in medicine.

"Since the time of Hippocrates, education of the next generation of doctors has been integral to medical practice" said Professor Robert Lusby, Head of the Concord Clinical School and Associate Dean of the Sydney Medical School.

With the combination of funds from Sydney University, SSWAHS and funds raised by medical staff and the local community, we are planning a $10.5 million build.

Included in the new building will be a 200 seat auditorium, lecture rooms and tutorial rooms.

A state of the art Clinical Skills Laboratory is planned with fundraising currently under way to equip it.

The hospital has wonderful support from the local community with Breakfast Point Rotary recently giving $10,000 towards the Skills Laboratory and all proceeds from the upcoming Opera Night at Rivendell will also be contributing to the project.

The building will be used by all the hospital including doctors, nurses and allied health services, all of which contribute to the running of the hospital. Importantly, continuing education of staff, including those from the new Mental Health precinct, is planned for the building.

The Education Centre, along with the ANZAC and Bernie Banton Research buildings, will provide a central focus on education and research at Concord Hospital adding to its growth as a university teaching hospital.

Contact: Jacob O'Shaughnessy

Phone: 0421 617 861