Fire at Unilodge Broadway affecting University of Sydney students

24 June 2013

There was a fire in the Unilodge Broadway accommodation facility in the early hours of Sunday 23 June that caused the evacuation of all the students within that building.

The Unilodge is not University of Sydney accommodation but around 140 of our students were affected. We are advised that all occupants within the building were safely evacuated and there were no injuries due to the fire.

Student Support Services and Campus Security worked through yesterday to ensure students were safe and their immediate needs were met.

An evacuation centre was established at the University of Sydney and Student Support Services and Security Services ensured students had appropriate clothing and toiletries as well as temporary accommodation last night.

Students will continue to be provided with accommodation until Wednesday when we hope longer term arrangements can be made. Buses have been organised between the accommodation and the University.

Faculties have been advised of affected students' details to ensure alternative exam arrangements can be made where necessary. Students who are affected and have not yet advised the University are asked to do so through their faculty.

We will continue to work with Unilodge to arrange access to students' belongings as soon as possible, possibly today, as well as any other issues that students may need.

Counselling for students affected by this event is available at the University by calling 8627 8433.

Financial assistance for students who need help with daily expenses until they can retrieve their personal belongings is available by calling 9351 2416 or visiting Level 5 of the Jane Foss Russell Building.

The University is grateful to members of the public who have called with offers of assistance of temporary accommodation. These offers are being compiled by the Student Accommodation Office in case there are students who cannot be accommodated in the hotel accommodation we have arranged.

Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Derrick Armstrong expressed his gratitude to the University staff who worked through yesterday to ensure students were safe and supported through this emergency.

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