Cinecity global showcase of 60 second architectural films

15 April 2014

Australia's growing architectural film event Cinecity has just announced its 2014 shortlist of 30 films from around the globe. The highly creative, unique showcase of 60 second, unedited films exploring architectural spatial ideas will be screened at a fringe event of the 2014 National Architecture Conference in Perth on 9 May, Vivid Sydney on 30 May and Melbourne's open-air art space, Testing Grounds, on 25 July 2014.

Participants in Cinecity 2014 have made a 60-second response to this year's National Architecture Conference theme 'making'. The films explore ideas about making architecture that extend beyond traditional practice approaches, and challenge the relationships between architecture and the cultural, economic, social and political realms.

Cinecity co-curator and University of Sydney PhD architecture student Sarah Breen Lovett, said: "The quality and diversity of this year's films are absolutely outstanding. There's a huge variety of approaches that creatively explore what 'making' can mean in architecture.

"This year we have a broad selection of films by participants from around 17 countries. Given the diversity of countries represented, Cinecity 2014 promises to be a vibrant showcase of architectural film on a global scale," she said.

Prominent local and international industry figures including renowned Iraqi-British architect Dame Zaha Hadid and Australia's own Penelope Seidler, are among a panel of nine judges who will select the 2014 winner from the shortlist. The winner will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize by the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the first Cinecity screening at the Perth Cultural Centre on 9 May.

The countries and backgrounds of participants are far more diverse than previous years. This year's showcase sees entries from America, Amsterdam, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and Uganda. Among the wide-ranging participants are architects and architecture students, filmmakers and photographers, artists and academics.

University of Sydney's Susanne Chan, a Masters of IDEA (Interaction Design and Electronic Arts) graduate, and Vernon Cheung, a current Architecture student, are among the shortlisted talent. Vernon Cheung's film investigates the role that architecture plays in shaping the cultural identity of a city.

"I captured the footage while on a route 426 bus in Sydney, which was covered in the plastic film used to display advertisements to the outside, but appears as tiny pixels from the inside.

"Through the screen window, I was able to express the abstract interaction of form and light between the timeworn and new. It is this unique interplay of traditional practices and modernity that makes every city one of a kind," said Vernon Cheung.

Director of Cinecity and independent film researcher Louise Mackenzie has been curating Cinecity with University of Sydney's PhD student, curator, artist and architectural educator Sarah Breen Lovett since 2011. Cinecity was established in 2009 by Louise Mackenzie, Romaine Logere, Russell Bywater, & Foo Chi Sung (Fooch) director of squint/opera/Australia.

Cinecity 2014 participants
Atelier Red + Black, Alex Chomicz, Alien Oosting, Amanda Morgan, Amy Czarkowski, Amy Lunn, Arya Sukapura Putra, Diogo Morato, Donald Daedalus, Edward Couper and Allie Piehn, Eleanor Suess, Eric Mukalazi, Alex Lyons, Mugeni Mukanga and Thomas Aquilina , Francis Matthews, Hannah Wenham, Ian Aw, Jakub Gozdziewicz , Juan Zamora, Lena Obergfell, Marty Bignell and Andrew Steen, Myles Prangnell, Namfon Udomlertlak, Philip Ma, Sabine De Schutter, Situ Studio, Susanne Chan, Ted Sonnenschein, UDMK, Vernon Cheung, Yeliz Yorulmaz, Imogen Birch and Baki Kocaballi.

Cinecity 2014 judges
Architect Zaha Hadid, Film maker Tony Hill, Victorian Government Architect Geoffrey London, Cambridge University Professor of Architecture and the Moving Image Francios Penz, Architect and Arts Patron Penelope Seidler , Perth Architect Emma Williamson of CODA and The Australian Institute of Architects National Conference Directors, Sam Crawford, Adam Haddow and Helen Norrie.

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