Brewing a stronger partnership

30 June 2014

Australia Awards scholarship recipients at their completion ceremony.
Australia Awards scholarship recipients at their completion ceremony.

Diany Faila Sophia Hartatri is hoping Australian coffee connoisseurs will develop a taste for Indonesian coffee. When she returns to Indonesia, after having completed her Master of Science at the University of Sydney, she would like to help smallholder coffee growers sell their produce internationally.

Ms Hartatri left behind her husband and two-and-a-half year old son in East Java to take up an Australia Awards scholarship and study at the University of Sydney.

"That was the hardest thing for me, leaving my family behind. Sometimes it made me really emotional," Ms Hartatri said.

"But I came here because I wanted to gain the knowledge to support smallholder coffee farmers in Indonesia link with global companies. This commodity plays an important role in contributing to the national income and to the livelihood of about two million farmers in Indonesia."

Ms Hartatri is one of 44 Australia Award scholarship recipients who completed a postgraduate degree at the University of Sydney this semester. Students came from 18 different countries including Rwanda, Nepal, Tonga and Peru.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar) Professor Tyrone Carlin congratulated all the scholarship recipients on completing their postgraduate degrees.

"We hope this is just the start of your connection with the University of Sydney. When you return to your home countries, we want you to continue keeping in touch with the University and the networks you have built here," Professor Carlin said.

Ms Hartatri believes the skills she learned through her Master of Science degree will be invaluable in her future research career.

"I will now be able to manage and conduct research by myself, where previously I had to work as part of a team and rely on other people," Ms Hartatri said.

"I believe by conducting partnership research between Australia and Indonesia, this will further improve the relationship between our two countries."

The Australia Awards are international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government. They offer the next generation of international leaders the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference in their home countries.

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