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8 July 2015

The University's ARC food processing training centre works with a range of food industry groups
The University's ARC food processing training centre works with a range of food industry groups

University of Sydney researchers will work with Australia's leading breakfast manufacturer, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing, as part of a three-year industry training centre.

Sanitarium has joined 11 other companies in becoming a member of the University's Australian Research Council Food Processing Training Centre (ARC-FPTC).

Fariba Dehghani, professor of chemical engineering and Director of the ARC Food Processing Training centre says ARC-FPTC was created to support Australian business design better methods of food processing and storage, as well as develop advanced manufacturing techniques aimed at reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency. Current members predominantly come from varying agricultural and food industry groups ranging from fruit growers to food packaging providers.

"The centre is focussed on boosting the Australian industry's capacity to compete in a global market, particularly in the production of nutraceuticals for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, or food ingredients."

"Our vision at the centre is to educate a new generation of engineers and scientists and foster the capacity of Australian food industries to further develop advanced technologies in manufacturing and product improvement," Professor Dehghani stated.

Sanitarium, best known for its Weet-Bix and Up&Go products, joined the ARC Centre in the new financial year.

Dr John Ashton, strategic research manager for Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing, said, "As a leader in the field of nutritious and innovative food products and plant-based milks, we are delighted to be joining and working with the team at the University of Sydney.

"Since 1898, Sanitarium has been a part of Australian's lives, creating truly nourishing food to support health and wellbeing, as part of our mission of sharing health and hope for a better life.

"The partnership with the University of Sydney will assist us in continuing to create and produce great-tasting and nutritious products now and in the future, helping give families a healthy start to their day."

Sanitarium will contribute to the funding of the Training Centre and will also provide expertise and resources from Sanitarium's Development and Innovation Centre on the Central Coast.

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