ISA conference teaches businesses greenhouse gas solutions

21 June 2010

The 18th International Conference on Input-Output Economics will be hosted by Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA), part of the School of Physics, at the University of Sydney from Sunday 20 to Friday 25 June.

The conference theme is Re-Thinking Economic Growth Towards Sustainability and Wellbeing. The theme reflects a major challenge of our time: how to avert dangerous environmental change while being able to ensure the wellbeing of the world's people.

The ISA will, in particular, address environmental applications of input-output models and how these tools can be made available and accessible to non-experts.

Now that businesses have to calculate their own greenhouse gas emissions, they will need to understand how to use input-output models to calculate not only their emissions but also their carbon offsets.

This requires the development of a wider understanding of what input-output analysis is and what it can do. To assist with this, as part of the conference the ISA will present its own proposed method for greenhouse gas calculations which Joy Murray of the ISA says "is the most complete way of calculating greenhouse gas emissions for business."

The conference itself will provide great learning opportunities, demonstrating the strengths of input-output techniques. In particular conference sessions will explore how input-output economics can address some of the seemingly entrenched sustainability analysis problems of our time.

Contributing to the spread of expertise throughout the wider community the conference will launch a new book aimed for the general reader titled The Sustainability Practitioner's Guide to Input-Output Analysis. This book provides an introduction to input-output analysis, case studies of its use around the world and a collection of tools that are available to help the practitioner.

It is designed for those with knowledge about the sustainability dilemmas we face but who are unsure about the how of measuring our impacts, tracking our progress and informing the decisions for a sustainable future.

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