Welcome new Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Minister for Higher Education

1 July 2013

The University of Sydney today welcomes the appointment of Senator Kim Carr as the federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and federal Minister for Higher Education.

Senator Carr has demonstrated over a long period his deep understanding of higher education and research and his passionate commitment to excellence and innovation.

The University of Sydney also welcomes the inclusion of higher education in the innovation portfolio.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence said that higher education played a critical role in Australia's innovation and industry agenda and the government should be congratulated for recognising this important linkage through Senator Carr's ministerial responsibilities.

"The consideration of higher education, innovation and industry together offers an exciting opportunity for Australia to advance its research agenda for the benefit of all Australians and our economy," Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence said.

"More than a quarter of Australia's research takes place in the higher education sector and as Senator Carr noted today, our students are our future researchers, entrepreneurs, and workers in industry, and are central to the innovation agenda."

University of Sydney Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Jill Trewhella said that Senator Carr has shown commitment to research excellence because it maximises our capacity to unlock the potential of research across all sectors, including how it can be used by government to inform policy and by industry to increase innovation.

"Senator Carr has always understood the relationship between research excellence and the nation's capacity to innovate," Professor Trewhella said.

Professor Trewhella said Senator Carr has also shown interest in the broadest possible potential for research.

"This included the Senator's time as Human Services Minister when he met with our researchers to discuss how more publicly-owned data could be made available," Professor Trewhella said.

"We look forward to working with Senator Carr on further ways to expand the potential of research for the greatest possible benefit for Australia."

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