Raewyn Connell on Globalisation

15 June 2006

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Raewyn Connell
Raewyn Connell

In this, the final of our 2006 Key Concepts Public Lectures, sociologist Raewyn Connell examined the concept of 'globalisation'.

Globalisation has been a business buzzword since the 1980s, and a political threat almost as long. What should we make of the influential claims that our world is irreversibly changed by global media and global economy, that place, history and local identity mean less and less, while power has moved beyond the reach of national governments or democratic control? This lecture suggests thatwe need to be alert about myths of "globalisation" but realistically alarmed about new trans-national powers and their strategies.

RIHSS 's popular Key Thinkers Series will return for 2006 in Semester Two.