University contributes to Europe-China harmony

24 June 2013

Kerry Brown, executive director of the China Studies Centre, chaired a meeting in Brussels this month to review the strategic relationship between Europe and China.

The conference was hosted by ECRAN (the Europe China Research and Advice Network) a project funded by the European Union that provides advice on China to European policy makers.

Professor Brown has been leader of the project since its inception in 2011.

The conference brought together EU China specialists and some of Europe's leading academic experts on Chinese affairs. It was held to mark the tenth anniversary of the strategic partnership between Europe and China signed in 2003.

Topics under discussion included global security, China's reform program, economic cooperation and sustainability.

Professor Brown said: "ECRAN has built up a network of more than 300 people in academia, business and government across the 27 member states, offering advice on contemporary society, economics and politics in China."

Policy papers have been provided to the External Action Service of the EU on social stability, the internet in China, free trade agreements, inward and outward investment, the health service, the telecoms sector, Chinese nationalism, its relations with the US, and a range of other subjects.

Many of these long and short papers will be published in collections over the next year, said Professor Brown.

"Building strong links between policy makers in the EU and across the member states and expert communities was a key priority of the project when it was established," he said.

"We are glad to have achieved this. The annual meeting in Brussels was an opportunity for officials across the directorates general, and in the External Action Service right up to the level of the Chief Operating Officer, to hear some of our experts speak about key themes in the EU's relationship with China at a key point when it is marking the tenth anniversary of its strategic partnership.

"This is just one of the outreach projects supported and run by the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney."

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