SCA's new degree offers greater career prospects for art students

22 November 2013

From 2014 Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) at the University of Sydney is offering a new Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) degree. The new part-time and full-time degree will give students far greater flexibility to pursue their passion in art, in tandem with greater career prospects in the creative industries.

For the first time, the new Bachelor of Visual Arts degree has been developed for part-time study with the needs of career-changing students and industry in mind.

The new degree has been driven by the research and industry expertise of many pre-eminent Australian academics and artists teaching at SCA to bring the degree in line with today's contemporary art world.

Well recognised artists including Dr Danie Mellor, Dr Bianca Hester, Joyce Hinterding, Dr David Haines, Dr Julie Rrap and Tracey Moffatt are among the SCA staff and who have shaped the curriculum for the new degree.

"This is a new exciting opportunity for students to pursue their art passion, while also exploring the broader career prospects in various creative industries," said Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean and Director, Sydney College of the Arts.

"We are very fortunate to have the insight of so many international artists at our fingertips who are themselves practising and exhibiting in major local and international shows like the Sydney Biennale and can share this experience and connection.

"We anticipate that this new degree, coupled with the teaching by Australia's foremost contemporary artists and curators, will arguably give our students a competitive edge when they leave SCA and pursue their careers," he said.

The new degree offers a broad range of subject options, in addition to an expanded suite of discipline-focused electives including the Art of Sound, Radical Rock Video, Digital Art: Impossible Objects, Experimental Writing and Vessel as Concept (glassblowing).

In the first year students are introduced to a range of disciplines and then may focus on two favoured disciplines. In the second and third years they will take a studio major and choose from a range of innovative electives.

SCA graduates may go on to become practising artists such as painters, printmakers, filmmakers, photographers, animators, performers, sound artists, sculptors, jewellery and object makers, ceramists and glassmakers. Alternatively, they may pursue careers in the arts and cultural sector, advertising, digital and web design, publishing, set design and filmmaking, to name a few.

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