University of Sydney front-runner again for student support and services

29 January 2014

The University of Sydney's efforts to provide the best student experience in Australia have been recognised by the National Union of Students (NUS).

For the second year running the University has topped the NUS' national league table rating universities' implementation of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

The annual fee has been charged to students at Australian universities since 2012, to support student services and amenities, and the quality of the student experience on campus.

Under federal legislation, universities are required to consult students to ensure they have a voice on how their money is spent.

The NUS published the table as part of a report released this week, which includes an audit of student services and amenities funded by the SSAF, as well as a survey of student organisations on how they rate their universities' consultation and negotiation processes.

The report found the University of Sydney has the broadest range of student-controlled services. The University is also ranked highly by the report on the quality of consultation and negotiations with students on services provided.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence said that he was thrilled that students felt they were being given a fair say in shaping the university experience.

"We think it is crucial that student leadership helps determine what we support and provide for students to enrich their experience of life at the University. We have more than 200 clubs and societies and plenty of opportunities to participate in the joys and responsibilities of university life both inside and outside the classroom," Dr Spence said.

Acting Registrar David Pacey said the findings of the NUS report were a result of the University's strong tradition of supporting its student-run, student-led organisations.

"The University of Sydney recognises that placing student concerns at the heart of university life is integral to ensuring the best on-campus student experience," Mr Pacey said.

"The results of this survey are a testament to the University and its students working in partnership to ensure an unparalleled breadth and depth of student bodies, amenities and services which add such richness and diversity to our university community."

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