Kaldor Public Art Projects moves into SCA

7 April 2014

Sydney-based Kaldor Public Art Projects, well known for many decades now for their ground-breaking contemporary art projects with international artists, is moving into Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney's Rozelle Campus from 1 April 2014.

The move is acknowledged by both parties as an obvious collaboration between one of Australia's leading art schools and one of the best known supporters of contemporary art in this country today.

Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean of Sydney College of the Arts, said: "John Kaldor and Kaldor Public Art Projects are well recognised the world over for their highly innovative and adventurous public art projects.

"John is a great champion of contemporary art and its public dissemination. He cares deeply about getting great art in front of a wide audience and encouraging public understanding.

"He has done a lot of work in secondary and tertiary education programs related to his projects, and this is a great opportunity for us to have much closer access to the creative vision and inspiration that John and his organisation brings to the contemporary art scene," said Professor Rhodes.

For almost 45 years now, John Kaldor has been a dedicated collector, patron and supporter of contemporary art in Australia. His pioneering projects from the seminal Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Wrapped Coast in 1969, the largest single artwork ever made at the time, to Jeff Koons' Puppy and last year's ground-breaking 13 Rooms, have changed the landscape of contemporary art in Australia and resonated with international audiences around the globe.

John Kaldor, Director of Kaldor Art Projects, said: "My team and I are excited about our new home at SCA, one of the country's leading contemporary art schools. We look forward to being part of the creative atmosphere on campus, driven by the great artists on staff and the energy of the students, working under the inspired leadership of Professor Colin Rhodes.

"Collaborating with art schools across NSW and Australia is integral to our public and education program. SCA boasts some great teachers and is producing wonderful artists, many of whom are attracting attention both locally and internationally.

"This is a unique opportunity for me to be on the ground amongst art students, listening and watching the next generation of Australia's artists evolve. This new affiliation with SCA will be a vital addition to our efforts to engage and interact with all tertiary students and the arts community," he said.

In order to forge a deeper connection with the local industry and to foster new opportunities for Australian artists, last month Kaldor Public Art Projects announced its anniversary project, 'Your Very Good Idea', inviting Australian artists with more than three years exhibition history to develop and submit an ambitious artwork idea for Sydney.

"We are inviting extraordinary ideas from across the country and expect some innovative submissions from SCA graduates and artists on staff," said John Kaldor.

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