Catch these migrating objects

20 February 2007

Migratory Objects, Helen Sturgess
Migratory Objects, Helen Sturgess

An exhibition of works by three Sydney College of the Arts students poses a series of questions about memory, space and home.

The exhibition of immersive installation works by three female sculptors is characterised by a use of diffuse light to evoke the ephemeral rather than the concrete. It questions rather than answers.

As Helen Sturgess's Objects migrate through the gallery in real space and time they interact with the other works, linking Elke Wohlfahrt's observation of 'mutedness' with Angela Femia's reflection on memory and the home.

In an attempt to put into order the ephemeral territory of memory, Angela Femia's Memory Cupboard utilises the symbolism inherent in the cupboard and the house. Found and constructed objects are juxtaposed in an endeavour to navigate towards a better understanding of memory.

Utilising the whole gallery space, yet essentially 'unlocated' within it, Helen Sturgess's

Muted Suburb, Elke Wohlfahrt
Muted Suburb, Elke Wohlfahrt

Migratory Objects are translucent forms that hover and sway, migrating slowly, influenced by the movements of passers by. As adults we tether ourselves to the ground, weighing ourselves down with possessions and responsibilities. To be lighter than air, to fly or to float, is an eternal dream.

Elke Wohlfahrt's heightened sensitivity as one who has migrated led to Muted Suburb, an observation of the 'mutedness' that has evolved in contemporary western society. Glass and dust unite to present and re-present the video footage, resulting in a disorientating account of suburban life.

Angela Femia and Helen Sturgess will shortly complete their Masters in Visual Art

Memory Cupboard, Angela Femia
Memory Cupboard, Angela Femia

(Sculpture, Performance and Installation) at Sydney College of the Arts, whilst Elke Wohlfahrt is a final year student in the same department.

What: Migrating Within - Angela Femia, Helen Sturgess, Elke Wohlfahrt

Where: Firstdraft Gallery, 116-118 Chalmers St , Surry Hills, NSW 2010

When: 6-8 pm, Wed 21 February 2007 (opening night). Exhibition continues until 10 March (Wed-Sat, 12-6 pm)

Contact: Angela Femia, Helen Sturgess, Elke Wohlfahrt

Phone: 0401 721 652, 0403 951 229 and 0425 278 681