Governor returns to College

1 July 2008

Quentin Bryce with former students at Women's College.
Quentin Bryce with former students at Women's College.

Five years after her departure, Quentin Bryce still fondly refers to the Women's College as her "much-loved institution" and to its residents as "my girls".

Last night the Governor of Queensland and next Governor-General of Australia returned to the college where she was principal for six years to unveil a portrait of herself which will hang above the main stairway.

Immaculate as always, in a striking pink suit, Ms Bryce said it gave her special pleasure to know that the painting would be on display in a "precious place which is part of my heart".

"Every time I walk through the door I am touched by the generosity of spirit one finds here," she told a gathering of alumnae and friends, including another illustrious product of the college, NSW Governor and Chancellor of the University, Marie Bashir.

Ms Bryce was principal at the college between 1997 and 2003, a period already described as the Quentin Bryce Era by college residents. Sarah Sivyer, senior student in 2002, said the principal was known for her warmth and intuition, admired for her immaculate appearance and envied for a lesser known talent, her ability to stand on her head doing yoga exercises.

The portrait of Ms Bryce, sitting in a window seat at the college, was painted by Dr Gillian Dunlop, a medical graduate and former Women's College student, who practises as an ear, nose and throat and plastic surgeon.

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