Sydney lawyer heads international academy

26 July 2005

A Sydney University legal expert has just taken up a prestigious position as head of an international group focusing on mental health law.

Professor Terry Carney, from the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney, has been appointed for a 2 year term as President of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health ('IALMH').

Professor Carney took office at the 29th Congress of the Academy, held this month at the Rene Descartes University  Paris lV. The Congress attracted over 1,200 delegates and some 900 scientific papers.
The IALMH was founded nearly 4 decades ago, as an interdisciplinary body of lawyers, psychiatrists, philosophers/ethicists, historians, and many other disciplines and practitioners focusing on research and scholarship in law and mental health. 

Professor Carney will hold the office of President of the Academy until the next Congress of the Academy, to be held in Padua, Italy, in July 2007.