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April 2014
Computers beat brainpower when it comes to counting stars    View Summary
17 April 2014
A team of University of Sydney astronomers has developed a new way to automatically classify huge numbers of astronomical objects, and to discover new, exotic ones almost as soon as they happen.
Thai insights at Sydney University   View Summary
17 April 2014
As Thailand remains locked in a political battle between red and yellow shirts, sometimes seen as a divide between Bangkok and the provinces, leading Thai and international researchers will meet in Australia to discuss the development and decay of Thailand's party politics and how politicians may be able to break through this impasse.
Cinecity global showcase of 60 second architectural films   View Summary
15 April 2014
Australia's growing architectural film event Cinecity has just announced its 2014 shortlist of 30 films from around the globe. The highly creative, unique showcase of 60 second, unedited films exploring architectural spatial ideas will be screened at a fringe event of the 2014 National Architecture Conference in Perth on 9 May, Vivid Sydney on 30 May and Melbourne's open-air art space, Testing Grounds, on 25 July 2014.
Scholarships open pathways to dentistry study for Aboriginal Australians   View Summary
14 April 2014
The University of Sydney's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, along with the Rotary Club of Sydney, are leading an initiative to increase the number of Aboriginal people trained in oral healthcare in a bid to improve dental health in Aboriginal communities.
The Con's trifecta for Australia's richest violin prize   View Summary
14 April 2014
Three finalists competing in the final round of Australia's richest violin competition this week in Melbourne, staged by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne, are all former students of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
University announces inaugural bond issue   View Summary
10 April 2014
The University of Sydney today announced an inaugural bond issue through the issuance of senior unsecured Medium Term Notes to support its continued improvements to research and educational facilities for academics and students.
Groundbreaking research highlights little support for shark culling   View Summary
9 April 2014
In the wake of yet another fatal shark bite in Australia, groundbreaking new research released today by the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund has found little support for the Government on the hotly debated issue of culling sharks who have been responsible for causing injuries or death to swimmers.
Who is the greatest Chinese leader of the past century?   View Summary
9 April 2014
With Xi Jinping dreaming of a Chinese renaissance and Ma Ying-jeou battling for final support for a landmark services trade deal with the mainland that might make or break his legacy, perhaps now is a good time to ask who in the Greater China area will be rated well in the decades ahead.
New campaign aims to improve access to university   View Summary
7 April 2014
The University of Sydney is one of five universities to join forces with the NSW & ACT Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to create a tool for potential students who do not come from a background of higher education.
Kaldor Public Art Projects moves into SCA   View Summary
7 April 2014
ntemporary art projects with international artists, is moving into Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney's Rozelle Campus from 1 April 2014.
Sydney Writers' Festival announces 2014 program   View Summary
4 April 2014
The University of Sydney is bringing bold and bright ideas to the 2014 Sydney Writers' Festival (SWF), with members of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences featuring right across this year's program.
Two new Deputy Vice-Chancellors for University Of Sydney   View Summary
3 April 2014
Two of Australia's most experienced higher education professionals have been appointed to deputy vice-chancellor roles at the University of Sydney, continuing the institution's commitment to world-class education and student experience.
Food waste - turning waste into profit   View Summary
3 April 2014
Australia's next generation of food technology and manufacturing experts will be educated at a new training centre led by University of Sydney chemical engineers.
Inaugural Asia Pacific Music Summit to build regional ties   View Summary
2 April 2014
Eleven heads of the leading tertiary music schools from the Asia Pacific region will meet in Sydney this week for an inaugural music summit. The 2014 Asia Pacific Music Summit, which runs from 2 to 5 April, will create closer ties between the music conservatories and build the region as a driving force behind music education and culture globally.
University of Sydney announced as Founding Partner for $100 million Westpac Bicentennial Foundation   View Summary
2 April 2014
The University of Sydney has been announced as a founding partner of Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, the single largest private education scholarship program in Australia's history.
Researchers deliver novel stroke test in pharmacies   View Summary
2 April 2014
University of Sydney researchers have examined a unique way to identify the thousands of people at risk of stroke every year, using an ECG test delivered over an IPhone by pharmacists.
Dingo defined thanks to scientists' museum search    View Summary
1 April 2014
The dingo has been definitively classified as a distinct Australian animal thanks to new research led by the University of Sydney.
Lower back pain responsible for a third of work-related disability   View Summary
1 April 2014
Lower back pain linked to workplace factors accounts for a third of all work-related disability worldwide, according to research led by the University of Sydney.
March 2014
The Scientific War: Universities and the First World War   View Summary
27 March 2014
AdamsA symposium, War and Peace: Universities and the First World War, to be held at The University of Sydney on the 28th March, will delve into Australian universities' contribution to the first global conflict
An advance in understanding drug 'habits' and their treatment    View Summary
26 March 2014
Cocaine promotes habitual behaviours and these can potentially be reversed with the use of an antioxidant, research at the University of Sydney has shown.
Study shows link between high birth weight and heart disease    View Summary
25 March 2014
Babies born with high birth weight may be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood, according to a University of Sydney study.
Researchers size-up what is 'normal'   View Summary
24 March 2014
Researchers from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Health Sciences will build a human database to scientifically measure and classify what is 'normal' across the population.
World famous fortepianist stars in inaugural Chancellor's Concert   View Summary
24 March 2014
Renowned American pianist Steven Lubin, best known for his path-breaking performances of Mozart and Beethoven concertos on the fortepiano, is the international guest performer at the University of Sydney's inaugural Chancellor's Concert on Friday 28 March at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Aa1 Moody's rating for the University of Sydney   View Summary
21 March 2014
The University of Sydney has today received a first-time Aa1 issuer rating from Moody's Investor Service, reflecting its strong financial performance and prominent market position in Australia.
Sydney scientists work on Plan Bee in Southeast Asia   View Summary
20 March 2014
A University of Sydney project is helping farmers in Southeast Asia to become beekeepers.
Planet terror: we all have a role to play in disaster response    View Summary
19 March 2014
On 19 March Professor Dominey-Howes will present Planet Terror: Is Earth Becoming More Dangerous? at a Sydney Science Forum and will discuss what we can we do about preparing for, and responding to, natural disasters.
Sugar is on the menu in schools as canteen guidelines fail   View Summary
19 March 2014
Guidelines used to rate school canteen menus should be overhauled to limit the sugar content of food and drinks, according to University of Sydney nutrition expert Kieron Rooney.
New grant for Alzheimer's disease research   View Summary
19 March 2014
A new grant to encourage novel approaches to therapy for Alzheimer's disease has been established.
The Con stages its first international music school in Europe   View Summary
18 March 2014
The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Music Faculty of the University of Sydney, will stage its first international music school and festival in Italy this July. A cohort of 46 tertiary students will participate in an intensive, two-week program of chamber music concerts across Verona, Mantova and Venice, whilst they are taught by some of Europe's finest music teachers.
Can testosterone shots prevent diabetes in men?    View Summary
17 March 2014
University of Sydney researchers are seeking male participants for a novel trial assessing whether regular testosterone shots can prevent type 2 diabetes in men.
Why I am learning Chinese   View Summary
17 March 2014
Earlier this month I welcomed more than 51,000 students to the University of Sydney. For some of them it is the first time they will be studying at University and hopefully it will be the start of a degree that will lead them towards a career they enjoy.
Major Thai artist's video works on show at free exhibition   View Summary
17 March 2014
The work of major Thai artist Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook is the University of Sydney Art Gallery's next free exhibition.
Advance Award for harvesting the sun's energy   View Summary
14 March 2014
Developing solar power technology that is revolutionising the way we harvest the sun's energy is among a number of reasons why University of Sydney engineering and business alumnus, Andrew Tanner, has been awarded the 2014 Advance Global Australian of the Year Award for Clean Technology.
Safe, nutritious food for all - the challenge of food security in the 21st century    View Summary
14 March 2014
On 17 March the University of Sydney is holding a public event, Good Food, Good Health: Delivering the Benefits of Food Security in Australia and Beyond, to explore this contradiction and the many complex challenges to achieving global food security.
University of Sydney hosts breast cancer consumer event   View Summary
12 March 2014
The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network is hosting a consumer awareness evening today to share the latest developments in cancer research and educate the community about improvements in diagnosis and treatment.
Vice-Chancellor sees potential for engagement with Taiwan   View Summary
11 March 2014
Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence has met University leaders in Taiwan to explore research and teaching links.
Nacho pops science   View Summary
10 March 2014
The accomplished dancer, choreographer and DJ Nate 'Nachopop' Mendelsohn
Australia and Hong Kong partners in regional economic development   View Summary
10 March 2014
On the surface Hong Kong and Australia are very different. The economy of Hong Kong is overwhelmingly reliant on services; Australia's is dependent on commodity exports. While Hong Kong has delivered one of the world's best per capita GDP levels on the back of its finance role in the last two decades, Australia has grown rich on exploiting its vast natural resources.
University of Sydney Business School and UN Women partner to promote women in leadership   View Summary
7 March 2014
The University of Sydney Business School is partnering with UN Women National Committee Australia in a joint effort to promote gender equality at the most senior levels of the nation's public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.
Supporting Sydney's biggest events   View Summary
7 March 2014
The University of Sydney is proud to continue its support of some of Sydney's biggest and most popular cultural events again in 2014.
Funding agreement will strengthen research links with Brazil   View Summary
7 March 2014
The University of Sydney has signed a funding agreement with the Sao Paulo Research Foundation, one of the leading research sponsors in South America.
SCA joins Sydney in celebrating contemporary art   View Summary
7 March 2014
As contemporary art moves into the Sydney spotlight this month when two major art festivals Art Month and the Biennale are staged, the University of Sydney's art school in Rozelle will showcase its emerging artists in a suite of new exhibitions that officially open on Thursday 13 March.
Health challenges faced by female refugees   View Summary
6 March 2014
As part of International Women's Day, the University of Sydney will co-host Displaced Women, Double Challenge on Saturday 8 March, a forum that will address the health needs of women refugees.
STEM subjects to blossom under The Future Project   View Summary
6 March 2014
Two of Sydney 's highly regarded educational institutions have joined forces on a world-first project aimed at revolutionising the way science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects are taught in high schools.
How the world missed out on a Saharan Atlantic ocean    View Summary
5 March 2014
When dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, land could have torn apart to create a Saharan ocean in the middle of Africa, University of Sydney research explains.
International artists in residence give first Art Talk at SCA   View Summary
4 March 2014
Artist duo Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson, from Spain and Iceland respectively and current artists in residence at Sydney College of the Arts in Rozelle, will give the first Art Talk of 2014 on Thursday 6 March.
Protein and carbohydrates outweigh calorie counting: major research from Charles Perkins Centre    View Summary
4 March 2014
Food intake is regulated primarily by dietary protein and carbohydrate, and not by the number of calories consumed, according to the most comprehensive study of macronutrient balance ever undertaken.
Old funds create new Koala Health Hub   View Summary
3 March 2014
Koalas throughout NSW and potentially nationwide will benefit from the establishment of the Koala Health Hub at the University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Science.
University expanding Sydney Writers' Festival sponsorship in 2014   View Summary
3 March 2014
Sydney Writers' FestivalUniversity of Sydney is giving bookworms a teaser of this year's partnership with the Sydney Writers' Festival, with two special off-season events featuring best-selling authors Alexander McCall Smith and Elizabeth Gilbert.
Master and servant relationships among nations   View Summary
3 March 2014
A University of Sydney study analyses international employment and reveals that in 2010 there were more than 11 million workers outside Australia working for the Australian people, while the total workforce in Australia was about 10 million.
February 2014
Tackling food security together   View Summary
27 February 2014
The University of Sydney met with the Chinese Vice-Minister of Agriculture Dr Li Jiayang and members of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to work on ways to help solve food security challenges.
America and Australia in partnership to save the Tassie devil   View Summary
26 February 2014
An American zoo is partnering with an Australian university to save the Tasmanian devil in the wild. San Diego Zoo Global and the University of Sydney are collaborating to assist the endangered marsupial, through the reintroduction and management of a disease-free population.
Fingerprinting herbal medicine   View Summary
26 February 2014
Details on how to fingerprint herbs, isolate and identify herb potency or connect massive clinical datasets are among the topics of a new reference tool released today by University of Sydney academics.
Brazilian students making a splash in Sydney   View Summary
25 February 2014
Today the University of Sydney welcomes more than 210 students from Brazil for the start of the University semester. Science Without Borders is a scholarship program funded by the Brazilian Government. It aims to give undergraduate students from Brazil the opportunity to study science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation at the top universities around the world.
King of classical guitar gives first Sydney concert   View Summary
25 February 2014
Marco Tamayo, one of the world's best classical guitarists who during his career has been dubbed a 'prodigy young talent' and 'The King of the guitar', will give his first public performance in Australia at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on 4 March.
Free photographic exhibition traces Pacific history   View Summary
25 February 2014
An upcoming free exhibition of historic photographs at the University of Sydney's Macleay Museum offers a fascinating look at life in the Pacific during the early colonial period.
Omega 3 and antidepressants could help avoid dementia and depression   View Summary
24 February 2014
A University of Sydney study is looking into the effectiveness of omega-3 supplements and the antidepressant, sertraline, in reducing depressive symptoms and cognitive decline in older people.
Getting ahead of infectious diseases threats to Australia   View Summary
24 February 2014
Top infectious diseases experts will arrive at new ways to combat future outbreaks in Australia at a forum to be held at University of Sydney on 27 February.
IMF chief says investment in education should be a priority   View Summary
21 February 2014
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde joins Tony Jones at the University of Sydney for a special edition of ABC TV program Q&A on Thursday 20 February at 9.30pm.
For the sake of song and language   View Summary
21 February 2014
The songs and threatened languages of one of Australia's most prominent genres of Indigenous music, wangga, from Australia's Top End, are presented in a new book published by researchers at PARADISEC (The Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures) at the University of Sydney.
NSW parents in world-first project   View Summary
21 February 2014
The University of Sydney today launched a new project which offers two years of free parenting support to parents and caregivers of children with a disability in New South Wales
Leading health system expert to steer direction of University of Sydney health and medical research   View Summary
21 February 2014
The University of Sydney - one of Australia's leading research universities - has appointed Professor Michael Reid, to chart the way forward to achieve world pre-eminence in health and medical research.
Year long exposure for SCA graduates   View Summary
21 February 2014
Artworks by four University of Sydney's SCA graduates last year have been selected for commercial display in the Australian offices of major global law firm Clyde & Co for 12 months.
New website helps breast cancer sufferers   View Summary
20 February 2014
A research team at the University of Sydney in collaboration with Cancer Australia and Breast Cancer Network Australia, has developed a new online resource that takes women through the process of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
China: The Insecure Global Power   View Summary
19 February 2014
Faced with growing expectations, China's foreign policy is actually becoming more insecure.
Lotus leaves and gecko hairs - how nature makes materials    View Summary
19 February 2014
On 20 February at a Sydney Ideas lecture at the University of Sydney, Professor Ullrich Steiner, the John Humphrey Plummer Professor of the Physics of Materials at the University of Cambridge, will describe the latest research based on recreating the extraordinary properties of natural materials.
New mental health building will deliver unique model of care    View Summary
17 February 2014
A partnership between the University of Sydney and the NSW Government will deliver much needed mental health hospital beds and a range of services, in a new purpose-designed building supporting rehabilitation for up to 1900 people experiencing mental health issues each year.
Land Art on show at Tin Sheds   View Summary
14 February 2014
A new exhibition at the University of Sydney's Tin Sheds Gallery showcases the international, award-winning work of Denton Corker Marshall - the architecture practice behind landmark buildings including the Melbourne Museum, Sydney's Governor Phillip Tower and the UK's new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
Maths and Science Ambassador a perfect post for Adam Spencer    View Summary
13 February 2014
Adam Spencer has been appointed as the University of Sydney's Mathematics and Science Ambassador, the first time such a role has been created at an Australian university.
A message from Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence on National Apology Day   View Summary
13 February 2014
A statement from Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence on National Apology Day.
University of Sydney students Singapore bound under new Colombo Plan   View Summary
13 February 2014
University of Sydney students are among the first tranche of Australian students to be awarded the opportunity to travel to Asia under the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan - a major initiative to enhance knowledge of the Indo Pacific region, and strengthen our personal and institutional ties, through scholarship and internships.
University to host Q&A special with IMF MD Christine Lagarde   View Summary
12 February 2014
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde will join award-winning journalist Tony Jones at the University of Sydney for a special edition of popular ABC TV program Q&A on Thursday 20 February.
Celebrating our future leaders   View Summary
11 February 2014
The University of Sydney has recognised the success of hundreds of its high-achieving students during the 2013 academic year.
Study finds midwifery care saves money and is safer   View Summary
11 February 2014
University of Sydney research has found that pregnant women who see the same midwife throughout pregnancy are more likely to experience fewer interventions during birth, and cost the public hospital system less than women who receive standard shared antenatal care or private obstetric care.
Sydney Ideas kicks off another big year   View Summary
11 February 2014
Another year of inspiring talks, forums and conversations kivcked off this week with the launch of the 2014 season of Sydney Ideas.
School kids name new reef fish   View Summary
10 February 2014
Primary school children in Sydney have named a newly identified species of reef fish, recently described by a University of Sydney ichthyologist.
In simple everyday foreign languages, unis get it   View Summary
10 February 2014
Two universities are collaborating to save crucial language programs.
Tough life key to croc immunity    View Summary
10 February 2014
The immune systems of crocodiles and alligators have remained relatively unchanged for centuries despite their worldwide distribution, as revealed for the first time by University of Sydney researchers.
Abbott's vision for Australia's relationship with Indonesia   View Summary
6 February 2014
As an isolated case, the illegal entry of the Australian navy into Indonesian waters can perhaps be seen as a minor mistake or, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott put it earlier this week, a missed tackle in football. In a very different diplomatic context it would be easily brushed aside. If, for example, the Australian government and defence forces were collaborating closely with Indonesia to address joint concerns over asylum seekers and the relationship was in an otherwise robust state. Unfortunately, that is not the case at present.
Attention China and Japan: Grow Up   View Summary
6 February 2014
China and Japan's rhetoric towards each other more resembles playground insults than rational, mature foreign policy.
Our elite athletes go for gold   View Summary
6 February 2014
A record-equalling four University of Sydney Olympians from the University's Sport and Fitness (SUSF) Elite Athlete program will be attempting to jump, ski, dance and bobsleigh their way to gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics this month.
Acclaimed Japanese architect gives first public lecture in Sydney   View Summary
5 February 2014
Junya Ishigami, one of Japan's youngest and brightest architects will visit Sydney this week to deliver a one-off public lecture at The University of Sydney on Friday 7 February.
Australia slips on number one cause of ill health - poor diet   View Summary
3 February 2014
Australians are being failed by national efforts to make foods healthier, Australian researchers have found.
January 2014
World award for Skymaster   View Summary
31 January 2014
Skymaster an autopilot for unmanned aerial vehicles, has won a University of Sydney robotics researcher the 2014 international MathWorks Student Challenge.
In many ways, the 'China dream' is not different from the American one   View Summary
31 January 2014
We in the west misunderstand China's aspirations because we are woefully ignorant about its history. To understand China, looking back in time is the best bet
China and Australia share a multicultural future   View Summary
31 January 2014
This Friday is Chinese New Year. It marks the start of the Spring Festival in China, a week-long festival which celebrates family reunion.
A hundred faces of Chinese history   View Summary
29 January 2014
The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, edited by Professor Kerry Brown, Executive Director of the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, offers readers an insight into five thousand years of Chinese history through the stories and struggles of one hundred of the country's most influential people.
University of Sydney front-runner again for student support and services   View Summary
29 January 2014
The University of Sydney's efforts to provide the best student experience in Australia have been recognised by the National Union of Students (NUS).
Scientists reveal the cause of one of the most devastating pandemics in history   View Summary
28 January 2014
An international collaboration of scientists, including from the University of Sydney has solved a historical cold case by revealing that two of the world's most devastating plagues were caused by distinct versions of the same pathogen.
Indigenous soldiers remembered: the research behind Black Diggers    View Summary
28 January 2014
University of Sydney academic Dr David Williams explains the research process behind major Sydney Festival theatre project Black Diggers, which tells the stories of young Indigenous soldiers who fought in World War One.
University community honoured on Australia Day   View Summary
26 January 2014
Members of the University of Sydney community have been acknowledged for their influence on Australian society in the latest round of Australia Day Honours.
Celebrating outstanding health contributions   View Summary
24 January 2014
Seven University of Sydney professors have made it into the National Health and Medical Research Council's research Hall of Fame.
Jazz Master receives Australia Council Award   View Summary
24 January 2014
The Australia Council for the Arts has recognised the outstanding contribution of jazz pianist, composer and bandleader Mike Nock by awarding him the 2014 Don Banks Music Award.
Squandering our diplomatic savings   View Summary
24 January 2014
Prime Minister Tony Abbott risks ineffectiveness on the world stage as long as his government struggles to maintain a suitable level of diplomacy in the region, writes Susan Banki.
Jenny Liu's debut role in 2014 Australian season of the King and I   View Summary
24 January 2014
Young soprano student Jenny Liu, who completed a Bachelor of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, will make her professional debut in a principal role in the 2014 Australian production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classical Broadway musical The King and I.
Loner lizards don't light up - the social side of lizards    View Summary
23 January 2014
One of the first studies conducted on young reptiles reared without contact with their siblings is challenging the assumption that only mammals and birds are shaped by social interactions. The research comes from the University of Sydney's School of Biological Sciences.
Will the consumer of the future be a collaborator?    View Summary
23 January 2014
Dr Dey, from the University of Sydney, will be discussing whether collaborative consumption can change our economy, communities and world at a Sydney Festival forum on 23 January.
CORE award for University professor   View Summary
22 January 2014
Algorithms that enable powerful and intuitive searching of large data have earned a University of Sydney Information Technologies senior academic the 2014 Computing Research & Education (CORE) Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research Contribution.
China vs Facebook: intimate rivals   View Summary
22 January 2014
The Chinese state and the United States company are engaged in an epic if undeclared contest over control and wealth-creation
Better teachers not just a university responsibility   View Summary
21 January 2014
Better teachers are not just a university responsibility, argues Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence.
Drugs linked to poor outcomes in older people with Alzheimer's disease   View Summary
21 January 2014
Research by the University of Sydney has found that exposure to high-risk drug classes is associated with higher rates of hospitalisation and mortality in older people with Alzheimer's disease.
Scientific excellence recognised with awards    View Summary
21 January 2014
The early-career achievements of three University of Sydney academics, conducting research in veterinary science, geoscience and chemistry, have been recognised with prestigious awards from the Australian Academy of Science.
The power of microparticles   View Summary
20 January 2014
An Australian discovery has the potential to transform the treatment of a heart attack, after a new approach boosted heart function in preclinical studies.
Chrysalis at gaffa showcases an evolution of SCA artists    View Summary
16 January 2014
Innovative and vibrant contemporary works by 24 emerging and established artists from Sydney College of the Arts' jewellery and object Studio will feature in a new exhibition Chrysalis at the gaffa gallery in the Sydney CBD. Chrysalis, officially opening on 9 January 2014 (6pm), is showing from 10-20 January 2014.
A first in silicon photonics research   View Summary
15 January 2014
An international research team, led by researchers from the University of Sydney, have observed an on-chip soliton compression in a silicon photonic crystal for the first time
Discover. Connect. Be inspired at Sydney Festival   View Summary
14 January 2014
As a major hub for this year's Sydney Festival, the University of Sydney will celebrate the energy, creativity and diversity of our city throughout January.
220 marine scientists raise alarm about NSW recreational fishing   View Summary
14 January 2014
More than 220 marine scientists from across Australia and internationally, including from the University of Sydney, have raised concerns for NSW's marine life if the state government moves to permanently allow recreational fishing in no-take sanctuary zones.
Obesity cannot be controlled through personal responsibility alone   View Summary
14 January 2014
Obesity cannot be controlled through personal responsibility alone, argues Ben Brooks in an edited extract of the essay that won the University's Wentworth Medal.
Scapegoating steroids is harmful   View Summary
13 January 2014
PhD student Scott Griffiths, from the University of Sydney's School of Psychology says the concept of of roid rage is wrong.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island school students taste university life   View Summary
13 January 2014
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students from as far as Darwin and the Torres Strait's Thursday Island are in Sydney this week for the University of Sydney's inaugural Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program.
University defends academic freedom    View Summary
10 January 2014
The University of Sydney has responded to criticism of its academics and defended academic freedom.
Forecasting to prevent mass atrocity   View Summary
10 January 2014
AfricaAs the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) worsens, researchers from the Atrocity Forecasting Project argue that models for predicting genocide and politicide could help prevent these instances of mass violence.
Dancing with the stars - astronomy meets choreography at the Sydney Festival    View Summary
8 January 2014
Dr Helen Johnston, from the University of Sydney's School of Physics discusses her involvement in the Sydney Festival dance work, AM I.
Pots and pot shots to benefit Sydney's marine life    View Summary
3 January 2014
The University of Sydney is involved in an innovative project to increase marine life on Sydney's foreshore, using sea pots attached to the sea wall.