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December 2014
Statement regarding Professor Barry Spurr   View Summary
18 December 2014
The University of Sydney today announced that Professor Barry Spurr has submitted his resignation and the University has accepted it.
Give the gift of speech and language development    View Summary
18 December 2014
Researchers from the Kids Talk Lab at the University of Sydney are encouraging parents to give children books as gifts this Christmas to help develop vital speech, language and communication skills.
Thai Endeavour   View Summary
17 December 2014
Data analytics expert Associate Professor Simon Poon will briefly join the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2015 to help in developing an online shared measurement platform to assist ILO's C-BED training initiative after winning a prestigious Endeavour Executive Fellowship.
ATAR advice: choose a degree to open your world   View Summary
17 December 2014
As thousands of university hopefuls around Australia receive their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rankings (ATARs), the University of Sydney's head of undergraduate student recruitment, Kaveh Ghezel, says students should think about how they'd like to make their mark on the world and the opportunities they'd like to create rather than choosing a degree based on parents, friends or ATAR results.
Look beyond deregulation uncertainty to the benefits of university   View Summary
17 December 2014
This year's HSC class must not lose sight of a very simple fact: a university education remains the single best investment you can make in your future. To those receiving their ATARs today, I urge you to look beyond our current predicament to the irrefutable benefits of higher education.
Police operations in central Sydney today   View Summary
16 December 2014
A message to staff and students about police operations in central Sydney
Statement from Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, on death of University alumna   View Summary
16 December 2014
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Katrina Dawson, an alumna of the University who tragically died in the events in central Sydney overnight.
Fake University of Sydney telephone survey   View Summary
16 December 2014
The University of Sydney has received reports that members of the public have been contacted on their phone by someone claiming to be conducting a survey about relationships on behalf of the University.
Simulations rule.How computer learning can improve HSC science results   View Summary
12 December 2014
Students who used school-issued laptop computers at school and home perform better in their HSC exams than those not given them University of Sydney research has revealed.
New research could prevent unnecessary prostate cancer treatment   View Summary
12 December 2014
Radical treatments for prostate cancer could be avoided thanks to new research that links fat cells and obesity with the most common cancer among Australian men.
Left wing "armchair socialists" more physically active than political centrists   View Summary
12 December 2014
Left wing "armchair socialists" more physically active than political centrists. "Fence sitters" should raise their physical activity to improve their health, say researchers.
Slow rate of croc mutation revealed in major Science study    View Summary
12 December 2014
In research led by Texas Tech University, Professor Jaime Gongora, from the University's Faculty of Veterinary Science and his team have sequenced three crocodialian species and shown their rate of evolution is approximately four times slower than that of birds.
Rapid bird evolution after the age of dinosaurs unprecedented, study confirms   View Summary
12 December 2014
Associate Professor Simon Ho has used his expertise in evolutionary timescales to contribute to new understanding of bird evolution including their rapid diversification following the extinction of dinosaurs.
Viral 'fossils' study on birds finds fewer infections than in mammals    View Summary
12 December 2014
Professor Edward Holmes screened 48 avian genomes and found that historically the rate of viral infections was thirteen times less common than in mammals.
Standout candidate wins inaugural VC's award   View Summary
12 December 2014

Associate Professor Jaime Gongora from the Faculty of Veterinary Science has been awarded the inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding and Innovative Contributions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy.

Researchers look at ways of tackling repiratory disease among Hajj pilgrims   View Summary
12 December 2014
University of Sydney researchers are engaged in a project looking at how to stop the spread of respiratory diseases among Hajj pilgrims in Mecca
The Jaws Effect: biting review finds shark policy based on movie myths   View Summary
9 December 2014
The film Jaws has heavily influenced Western Australia's stance on sharks, a review of over a decade of state government policy has found.
Rio partnership continues   View Summary
9 December 2014
International mining group Rio Tinto and the University of Sydney have today announced a five year continuance of their multimillion dollar research partnership aimed at increasing mining autonomy.
Health law expert joins WHO childhood obesity taskforce   View Summary
9 December 2014
The World Health Organization has appointed a second University of Sydney academic to its Global Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity.
Climate change challenge for animals reliant on external sources of heat    View Summary
9 December 2014
Research by University of Sydney and University of Queensland published in Nature Communicatons (Letters) details the challenges for ectotherms posed by climate change.
Surprising new leads uncovered in global obesity epidemic   View Summary
8 December 2014
Researchers have uncovered surprising new leads in the worldwide obesity epidemic by examining the combination of our rapidly changing environment with our overwhelming appetite for protein. Published in the British Journal of Nutrition, the research from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre indicates that bottle-feeding, climate change and corporate bottom lines could be among the dark horses of global obesity.
Urgent demand for better designed programs to halt Gen Y's growing waistlines   View Summary
8 December 2014
The University of Sydney has conducted the most comprehensive review worldwide of programs designed to prevent young people becoming overweight.
The grains of India's past and future   View Summary
4 December 2014
Hanif Khan from Northern India has spent the past six months in rural New South Wales, Australia, learning how to breed wheat that is more resistant to rust - a disease which can cause widespread losses in wheat crops.
University of Sydney and Rabbitohs promoting better oral health   View Summary
3 December 2014
The Souths Cares Oral Health road trip kicks-off today for 3-day program of oral hygiene clinics promoting better eating and well-being among Aboriginal Year 3-6 school students on the NSW mid and north coasts.
Sydney Uni student wins prestigious RIBA Medal   View Summary
3 December 2014
University of Sydney architecture student Jasper Ludewig, who completed the Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree with Honours in 2013, has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Dissertation Medal. The RIBA President's Medals, which date back to 1836, are among the oldest and most prestigious architecture student awards in the world.
The Con's biggest encore yet: turning 100   View Summary
2 December 2014
The iconic castle-like building with its distinctive turrets, sitting on the historical site of Sydney's first bakery, which housed Governor Macquarie's horse stables in the 1800s and was then turned into a prolific music school in 1915, is celebrating a significant milestone next year. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is turning 100 in May 2015 and will celebrate in the way it does best - with spectacular music!
Novelist and poet John A. Scott wins David Harold Tribe Fiction Award   View Summary
2 December 2014
David Harold Tribe Fiction Award.Novelist and poet John A. Scott is the winner of the 2014 David Harold Tribe Fiction Award, presented by the University's Department of English.
November 2014
Unloseable success   View Summary
28 November 2014
Young students with a vision of entrepreneurial success will be mentored by industry professionals through a new accelerator network launched at the University of Sydney
Humans and robotics team up in novel ways    View Summary
27 November 2014
Apple's Siri routinely answers our questions, robotic vacuum cleaners are now common place in the home, and autonomous robots are a regular sight in warehouses today. So what's next? Students from the University of Sydney's Design Lab will give us an insight to the emerging technologies and ideas of tomorrow in the new exhibition Visually Defiant opening today.
$1.4 million gift celebrates an astronomer's life at the University   View Summary
26 November 2014
Professor Richard Hunstead and his wife Penny Hunstead have donated $1.4 million to the University of Sydney's Sydney Institute for Astronomy.
Maths stars shine in Australian Academy of Science awards    View Summary
25 November 2014
The Australian Academy of Science has honoured both early career and life-long achievement with awards to two University of Sydney academics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.
Colombian Ambassador donates Gabriel Garcia Marquez books   View Summary
21 November 2014
Speech by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Jill Trewhella at a ceremony in Fisher Library where the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia, Dr Clemencia Forero-Ucros presented the University of Sydney a collection of books by author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
STEM Academy to inspire teaching excellence   View Summary
20 November 2014
Adam Spencer, the University's ambassador for Science and Maths.A new academy that aims to inspire teaching excellence in mathematics, science and technology skills among Australian high school teachers will enrol its first class this weekend at the University of Sydney.
University inks dual degree agreement with France's Sciences Po   View Summary
19 November 2014
Sciences Po student Aleksander Pietrak is studying in Sydney.Outstanding humanities students from the University of Sydney can earn a dual arts degree with one of Europe's leading humanities institutions, following the signing of a new partnership agreement with Sciences Po.
Does 'brain training' work?   View Summary
19 November 2014
Computer based 'brain training' can boost memory and thinking skills in older adults, but many programs promoted by the $1 billion brain training industry are ineffective, reveals new research by the University of Sydney.
Vice-Chancellor sees bridging role for Australia in Latin America's future   View Summary
19 November 2014
Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence says Australia can play a bridging role in helping Latin America gain a foothold in the markets of Asia.
Financial services will take the Australia-China relationship to the next level   View Summary
17 November 2014
Australia is on the cusp of a new kind of economic relationship with China, one dominated by services rather than resources, where our greatest asset is our people and their skills and ideas.
SCA's big art show of the year is here!   View Summary
17 November 2014
The walls and floors of Sydney College of the Arts' new contemporary art gallery and its network of art studios are adorned with new works by more than 170 graduating students, in anticipation of the University of Sydney's biggest student art show of the year that opens tomorrow evening at 6pm.
The researcher and the advocate talk breast cancer   View Summary
17 November 2014
Professor Sharon Kilbreath and Sally Crossing AM have a lot of things in common, but perhaps the most striking is their refusal to accept the status quo.
University conference addresses social justice challenges   View Summary
14 November 2014
Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphomamasane.The role of higher education institutions in fostering social justice will be examined today at the Sydney Social Justice Network (SSJN) conference, The University and Social Justice.
Why China needs the U.S.   View Summary
13 November 2014
Back in 2007, when I was participating at a conference on U.S.-China relations, the late U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke repeatedly came back to the importance of not writing the United States off, while warning against getting overexcited about the new emerging China imperium.
Industry partnership supports Australian production of next-generation photonics   View Summary
13 November 2014
CUDOS at the University of Sydney in collaboration with the Australian National University and Alnair Labs in Tokyo have developed an optical oscilloscope with 20 times the resolution of conventional instruments.
World class mental health facility opens doors at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital   View Summary
13 November 2014
A new 73-bed mental health centre unveiled today at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital provides a unique opportunity to bring together the world's best mental health practice and cutting-edge research to benefit the people of NSW.
University looks to build mobility opportunities with India   View Summary
13 November 2014
A delegation from the University is visiting India, looking to build on the growing rapport between the two countries.
New Dean for Nursing and Midwifery   View Summary
13 November 2014
Associate Professor Donna Waters will be the University's new Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, the University announced today.
Western Sydney unites to fight obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease   View Summary
13 November 2014
Politicians, health practitioners, schools, hospitals and community groups will unite at a landmark event on 14 November to address the growing impact of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease on Western Sydney.
Year of honours for talented evolutionary biologist   View Summary
12 November 2014
Associate Professor Simon Ho has won NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year for his work on evolutionary biology.
Sydney - a financial gateway to China   View Summary
12 November 2014
The potential for Australia to become a financial services hub for China will be explored at the 2014 Sydney China Business Forum presented by the University of Sydney's China Studies Centre and hosted by the City of Sydney.
Separate curriculum for students with disability no good for anyone   View Summary
12 November 2014
Dr Michelle Bonati.The review of the Australian curriculum raises major concerns about access to a quality curriculum for students with disability, write four of our experts in The Conversation.
University experts on the G20 Leaders' Summit   View Summary
12 November 2014
University of Sydney experts from the Business School, School of Economics and Sydney Law School are available to comment on the upcoming G20 Leaders' Summit held on 15 and 16 November.
Australian GPs working harder than a decade ago   View Summary
11 November 2014
General practitioners (GPs) are working harder, treating more chronic conditions, ordering more pathology tests, and seeing more elderly patients than they were a decade ago, according to new research published today by the University of Sydney.
From prejudice to placebos - psychology today   View Summary
11 November 2014
Two psychology researchers from the University of Sydney will discuss their work during National Psychology Week.
Colour your world with mind painting!   View Summary
11 November 2014
For those people who don't believe they have a 'creative bone in their body', now there's the opportunity to challenge yourself to mind painting! A group of students from the University of Sydney are the masterminds of a unique, digital art project Mind Paintings, which will be launched for the 'The 7mm Pitch' public installation at Broadway's Central at Central Park, on Friday, 14 November at 6pm.
Medicare spending on general practice is value for money   View Summary
11 November 2014
Last year taxpayers spent A$6.3 billion on GP services through Medicare, about 6% of the total government health expenditure. This was a 50% increase (A$2.1 billion) in today's dollars over the past decade and equates to about A$60 more per person in real terms.
International Court of Justice elects former Dean of Sydney Law School   View Summary
10 November 2014
Professor James Crawford AC SC.A former Dean of Sydney Law School, Professor James Crawford AC SC, has been elected to the International Court of Justice.
Australians have more varied sex lives than a decade ago   View Summary
10 November 2014
We're having less sex but we've embraced a wider repertoire of sexual behaviours, according to a new national report revealing how our sexual habits and preferences have altered in the past ten years.
Why placebos for chemotherapy side effects are hard to swallow   View Summary
10 November 2014
It's unthinkable to give a placebo to someone to treat their cancer, but could we use one to treat chemotherapy's well-known side effects? Unfortunately, we may never be able to answer this question because the biggest obstacle to finding out whether it would work is emotional rather than scientific.
China Free Trade Agreement only the beginning   View Summary
10 November 2014
No matter how good a deal the Australian government negotiates with China, it will only work if Australian companies seize the opportunities
ARC funding recognises research leadership at Sydney   View Summary
7 November 2014
University of Sydney researchers have been recognised among Australia's best with the announcement of more than $32 million in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.
Sleep-disorder expert appointed ResMed Chair    View Summary
7 November 2014
Internationally recognised biomedical engineering and sleep-disorder expert Professor Philip de Chazal has been appointed ResMed Chair in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney. Professor de Chazal will lead the University's research and educational activities in biomedical engineering, working across the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies and the newly established Charles Perkins Centre.
Bard blitz: website offers new ways to teach Shakespeare   View Summary
6 November 2014
Associate Professor Liam Semler.An innovative open-access website will give teachers imaginative ways to engage with Shakespeare, outside the boundaries of the curriculum.
New scholarship to find the next John Bradfield   View Summary
6 November 2014
Lend Lease and the University of Sydney have announced a $700,000 scholarship fund to support Sydney's next John Bradfield, designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Announced at the inaugural Bradfield Oration event which was delivered by the Prime Minister the Honourable Tony Abbott this evening, the scholarship fund honours the legacy of John Bradfield, the celebrated engineer and University of Sydney alumnus whose grand ideas and vision drove two of Sydney's most transformative projects - the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city's underground railway system.

Measuring baby fat - University of Sydney receives Phase II Grand Challenges Explorations Funding    View Summary
6 November 2014
The University of Sydney announced that it will receive Phase II funding through Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that enables individuals worldwide to test bold ideas to address persistent health and development challenges.
How parenting apps are reinforcing the gender divide   View Summary
6 November 2014
Almost every day, a smartphone app emerges offering some new and exciting functionality. But it's come to my attention that many of these apps are continuing an old trend: they are purveyors of gender-based marketing.
Tiny grains - big win   View Summary
5 November 2014
We are yet to truly understand sand says University of Sydney Professor of Geomechanics, Itai Einav who was this week awarded Europe's prestigious ALERT Research Medal for his exceptional contribution to scientific research in Geomechanics by the Alliance of Laboratories in Europe For Research and Technology.
Whitlam, Medibank and health system reform   View Summary
5 November 2014
Medicare, Australia's universal health insurance scheme, enjoys strong and widespread support across the Australian community. It remains the longest lasting and most popular legacy of the Whitlam government. At its origins it aroused bitter opposition - from within the ALP as well as more obvious sources.
Vale Gough Whitlam   View Summary
5 November 2014
In memory of our famous alumnus and former prime minister Gough Whitlam, our experts share their thoughts on his legacy.
Gough Whitlam's Pine Gap Problem   View Summary
5 November 2014
TODAY'S state farewell to the life of Gough Whitlam is unlikely to put an end to the seemingly endless speculation about the termination of his prime ministership in November 1975 by governor-general John Kerr.
SYDNEY IDEAS: Understanding the online threat   View Summary
5 November 2014
Peter W SingerPeter W Singer will examine how "cyberspace" moved from being a term from Science Fiction to a part of our everyday lives, and the resulting cybersecurity challenges we all now face.
Sydney among top 50 in global university rankings   View Summary
3 November 2014
The University of Sydney has been ranked 45th in the U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings published last week, confirming our place among the world's best research and educational institutions.
Space to reduce waste   View Summary
3 November 2014
A new centre that will help Australian food manufacturing companies stay globally competitive will be officially launched today at the University of Sydney.
Expert commentary on the Melbourne Cup   View Summary
3 November 2014
Gambling, breeding and whipping: Academics from the University of Sydney have been providing their expertise on various aspects of this year's Melbourne Cup. Below is a selection of experts whose views can help you: keep gambling within your limits, understand how Melbourne Cup winners are bred and question the use of whips on racehorses.
University celebrates the contribution of women leaders   View Summary
2 November 2014
Eight exceptional women including a high court judge, an award winning film director, an indigenous leader and a sex discrimination commissioner were recognised at an honorary award ceremony in the University of Sydney on Saturday, 1 November.
October 2014
Professor Rebecca Ivers hailed as Australia's top female innovator   View Summary
31 October 2014
Professor Rebecca Ivers, University of Sydney, has been hailed as Australia's top female innovator, in The Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards.
Ebola outbreak unlikely in Australia but no room for error, experts warn   View Summary
31 October 2014
The Ebola virus is unlikely to reach Australia but we must remain "vigilant" to manage and control its spread in the event that the deadly virus enters the country, a panel of infectious disease experts told a media forum at the University of Sydney.
Youth unemployment haunts Indonesia   View Summary
31 October 2014
Graduation from university should be a joyful and exciting occasion. But for many young Indonesians it is an anxious time. Some 27 percent of university graduates join the ranks of the unemployed, a higher percentage than in any other group under the age of 24. And when they do get work, many end up in positions unrelated to their field of study.
University deploys wikibomb because it believes a woman's place is on the web   View Summary
31 October 2014
Wikipedia is the first place many people turn to online to find answers, but the website's gender imbalance means the contribution of leading women in academia is going unrecognised in the annals of the world's largest digital encyclopaedia.
Leading women recognised with honorary degrees   View Summary
31 October 2014
An award-winning film director, a former tennis great, the CEO of a major bank, a judge and a company chairman are among a group of eight women that will be awarded an honorary degree this Saturday at the University of Sydney.
Greater inequality within UK and USA than some developing countries, trade 'footprint' shows   View Summary
30 October 2014
Researchers from the University of Sydney have created an inequality footprint demonstrating the link that each country's domestic economic activity has to income distribution elsewhere in the world.
China's future growth needs Aussie ideas   View Summary
28 October 2014
If we thought finance was about money flows, then we would be wrong. Finance is above all about ideas. Backing the right ones brings rewards. Wrong ones lose money, confidence -- all the various forms of capital beyond money itself on which the world runs.
South Sydney school students turn filmmakers at University of Sydney   View Summary
28 October 2014
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from three South Sydney high schools can now officially call themselves filmmakers after producing, directing and starring in a series of videos for the University's Framing Health project.
Solution for Big Data   View Summary
28 October 2014
Australian cloud-computing experts based at the University of Sydney will work with researchers in the United Arab Emirates to find better methods for exploring and exploiting large quantities of stored data.
Puberty blues - are hormones really to blame?   View Summary
28 October 2014
A world-first study that is unraveling the effects of puberty hormones on teenage mood, behaviour and social well-being will be discussed as part of a free public talk at University of Sydney on Wednesday 29 October by adolescent health expert Professor Kate Steinbeck.
One-third to receive scholarships under deregulation   View Summary
27 October 2014
Almost a third of the University of Sydney's domestic undergraduate students could receive scholarships if the Federal Government's higher education reforms are passed in the Senate this week, according to modelling released today.
Stairway to hell: life and death in the pop music industry   View Summary
27 October 2014
Professor Dianna Kenny has studied pop and mortality.Why do so many pop musicians die young? Professor Dianna Kenny (pictured) has undertaken the first population study of performing pop artists between 1950 and 2014 and found that all is not well in the land of Pop.
First time-lapse images of exploding fireball from a 'nova' star   View Summary
27 October 2014
University of Sydney astronomers were among a team of researchers to successfully capture time-lapse images of a fireball exploding from a nova star in the Delphinus constellation.
Partnership to increase cultural competency   View Summary
27 October 2014
A new partnership between two leading Australian research institutions will allow Australians to better understand, strengthen and share Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, contexts and knowledge.
University's men's crew shine at Australian Boat Race   View Summary
26 October 2014
Sydney Harbour glistened and the home crowd cheered from water and land as the University of Sydney male eights crew took line honours at the Australian Boat Race. The women's eight crew also improved on last year's performance, but were beaten by Melbourne rivals by less than 30 seconds.
Government appoints infectious disease expert to aid Australia's response to Ebola    View Summary
24 October 2014
The Federal Government has appointed Professor Lyn Gilbert to advise hospital based clinicians and infectious disease experts on how best to prevent and control the spread of the deadly Ebola virus if it reaches Australian shores.
Statement on student disciplinary matter   View Summary
22 October 2014
Statement on student disciplinary matter
Digital junk: Unhealthy brands using Facebook to target young people   View Summary
22 October 2014
World-first research by the University of Sydney reveals that junk food brands are engaging with young Facebook users to promote unhealthy foods which can contribute to obesity and lifestyle diseases.
Two new Academy fellows elected from Faculty of Science    View Summary
22 October 2014
Professor Tony Weiss and Professor Anne Green, from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Science have been elected as fellows to the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.
University of Sydney pays tribute to alumnus Gough Whitlam   View Summary
21 October 2014
University of Sydney alumnus and former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam passed away aged 98. Whitlam had a remarkable career in Australian public life, which stemmed from his early studies in both arts and law at the University of Sydney
From beekeeping to robotics our scientists are NSW winners    View Summary
21 October 2014
University of Sydney Professors in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies and the Faculty of Science have received honours at the NSW Science and Engineering Awards.
Three ways to prevent sudden heart death in fit, young athletes   View Summary
21 October 2014
Professor Chris Semsarian will speak about preventing sudden cardiac death in young athletes on Wednesday 22nd October as part of the University of Sydney's 21st Century Medicine Series.
Alumni honoured at achievement awards   View Summary
21 October 2014
Chief Nursing Officer of Tonga, Amelia Afuha'amano Tu'ipultou, was one of five inspiring winners of this year's Alumni Achievement Awards honoured at a presentation ceremony on Friday 17 October.
Curating Feminism - a new way of creating art   View Summary
20 October 2014
A research project by the University of Sydney's contemporary art school in Rozelle sees several curators and artists form a unique collaboration in a lab-style approach to creating and curating art. Curating Feminism, the title of the experimental exhibition opening at Sydney College of the Arts on 23 October, is also the focus of a three-day program including a conference that will explore how feminist insights and methods inform the curating of contemporary art.
1980s aircraft helps quantum technology take flight    View Summary
20 October 2014
An experimental American aircraft from the 1980s has inspired a quantum computing development from University of Sydney researchers.
NHMRC funding results reaffirm University of Sydney's leadership in health and medical research   View Summary
19 October 2014
The University of Sydney has won more than $65 million in new National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants announced today by the Federal Government
Maths professor appointed to commonwealth science council   View Summary
17 October 2014
Professor Nalini Joshi has been appointed to the Commonwealth Science Council
University employee suspended   View Summary
17 October 2014
The University of Sydney has suspended Professor Barry Spurr's employment following serious allegations in relation to offensive emails sent from a University account.
Electrical energy alliance   View Summary
17 October 2014
The University of Sydney and one of China's leading Universities, Tsinghua University have signed a landmark alliance agreeing to undertake joint research programs in energy networks.
National study reveals how and why teenagers sext   View Summary
16 October 2014
Associate Professor Murray Lee.The majority of sexting by young Australians takes place in the context of a romantic relationship, according to a national study of more than 1400 teenagers.
Statement on allegations of offensive emails sent by a University staff member    View Summary
16 October 2014
Statement on allegations of offensive emails sent by a University staff member
Stopping a 'tsunami' - world first effort to prevent dementia in high-risk people   View Summary
15 October 2014
Dementia will soon engulf more than 100 million people across the globe, but an international research group is leading a world-first effort to prevent dementia in people who are at high risk of this insidious disease.
Should we be worried about ebola becoming airborne?   View Summary
14 October 2014
Suggestions the Ebola virus could "mutate" into a form that is transmissible by the respiratory route are speculative, and the likelihood of it happening are low.
Managing diseases to protect the world's food supply   View Summary
14 October 2014
Efforts to control plant diseases which contribute significantly to global hunger will be the centerpiece of this year's Sydney Science Forum lecture at the University of Sydney.
Standing up for arts education   View Summary
14 October 2014
Dr Michael Anderson responds to the National Curriculum Review.The National Curriculum Review has used elite perspectives at the expense of equal opportunity for young people to access a strong and sustained arts education, argues Dr Michael Anderson.
Forum sets course for a brighter tomorrow   View Summary
14 October 2014
More than 120 participants from all around Australia took part in the University of Sydney's Making Tomorrow Forum on Friday 10 October.
Agreement with leading Shanghai academy to promote joint research and teaching   View Summary
13 October 2014
The University has signed an agreement to encourage collaboration in research and teaching with Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Six medication myths...busted   View Summary
13 October 2014
Professor Andrew McLachlan, a pharmacist and noted researcher with a special interest in the appropriate use of medicines, will address some widely believed myths about common medications at a free public talk at University of Sydney on Tuesday October 14.
A Sydney festival of mega proportions to tackle urbanism   View Summary
13 October 2014
With large-scale urban projects underway and more in the pipeline in prime locations along Sydney's harbour foreshore, Sydneysiders have got the right to ask what should its city look like and offer its people in the future. The University of Sydney will stage the first Festival of Urbanism from Wednesday 15 October to start a broader public conversation on how to better plan Sydney for the future.
A relationship between two intellectual giants   View Summary
10 October 2014
As China grows as a scientific powerhouse and Australia increasingly emerges as its major research partner, the University of Sydney is conducting a number of research projects in partnership with Chinese universities.
Cane Toads that move in lines most responsible for their deadly spread   View Summary
9 October 2014
How are cane toads taking over Australia with such alarming haste? New research from the University of Sydney offers new insight into the pervasiveness of one of the nation's most reviled pests.
Sydney opera premiere of Little Women   View Summary
9 October 2014
Mark Adamo's operatic adaption of the much-loved classic tale of Little Women premieres in Sydney this October at the University of Sydney's Conservatorium of Music. With several cast members graduating from the Con at the end of this year, the Sydney premiere of Little Women promises to be a launching pad for the next crop of Australian opera stars.
Fighting ebola: Why Australia can't send troops   View Summary
9 October 2014
Dr Adam Kamradt-Scott, Centre for International Security Studies.With the spread of Ebola in Europe now said to be unavoidable, Western militaries are finally taking action. But the ADF can't be among those sending troops, writes Dr Adam Kamradt-Scott.
Finding your future at the University of Sydney   View Summary
9 October 2014
Chinese students will get the opportunity to discover their future careers at the University of Sydney Open Days in China.
University academics among Australia's most influential women   View Summary
7 October 2014
Three University of Sydney academics have been named among Australian's most influential women in the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards.
Ugandan monkey population to decline as a result of climate change   View Summary
7 October 2014
Following a UN summit and renewed public action on climate change, research co-authored by the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre has revealed another victim: Uganda's colobus monkeys.
Road to recovery: reversing the effects of binge drinking on mental health   View Summary
6 October 2014
Alcohol binge drinking is bad at any age. But binge drinking if you're young and have a mental health issue is a recipe for disaster.
Country towns produce the biggest crop of footy stars   View Summary
5 October 2014
The NRL grand final is shaping up as a Sydney city showdown, but new research from the University of Sydney confirms country footy clubs are the League's lifeline, and breed more professional Rugby League stars than the major cities.
Mapping the seafloor from space   View Summary
5 October 2014
A new high-resolution marine gravity map that reveals tiny seafloor features has been created by an international scientific team using satellite radar measurements of the ocean surfaces.
China's highest award goes to wireless expert   View Summary
5 October 2014
A wireless communication expert at the University of Sydney, Professor Branka Vucetic has been awarded one of China's top honours - the Chinese Government Friendship Award.
Nicholson Museum named among world leaders    View Summary
3 October 2014
The University of Sydney's Nicholson Museum is the only Australian museum named on a Huffington Post list of 10 leading free museums around the world. The inclusion places the museum alongside the likes of the Smithsonian Institution and the British Museum.
Sydney jumps in Times Higher Education rankings   View Summary
2 October 2014
The University of Sydney has jumped 12 places to be ranked 60th in the 2014-15 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, confirming our place among the world's leading research and educational institutions.
Proposed counter-terror laws scrutinised   View Summary
2 October 2014
Professor Ben Saul.The submission critiques an array of proposed new laws and extensions of controversial powers, in the light of Australia's human rights obligations.
New apps and e-tools protecting young people from mental health problems   View Summary
1 October 2014
New apps and e-tools designed by mental health experts are giving young people the power to improve their own wellbeing and protect themselves from life-long mental health problems, according to Professor Ian Hickie.
Whispering implants - surfaces that communicate in bio-chemical Braille   View Summary
1 October 2014
A Braille-like method that enables medical implants to communicate with a patient's cells could help reduce biomedical and prosthetic device failure rates, according to University of Sydney researchers.
The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong: a second Tiananmen?    View Summary
1 October 2014
Are political developments in Hong Kong heading for a second Tiananmen massacre? A fortnight ago, partly to provoke discussion, partly to sound an alarm, I suggested in a radio interview that unless the Chinese government wisely handled the fast-unfolding dynamics, things in Hong Kong might well come to that. At the time, it seemed a rash remark. Given events of the past several days, it is now the most pertinent consideration, the core driver of the fate of what many Hong Kong citizens are calling the Umbrella Revolution.
September 2014
New cancer drug combination halts disease, extends life in advanced melanoma patients   View Summary
30 September 2014
A world-first study in today's New England Journal of Medicine heralds the efficacy of a targeted combination drug therapy after reporting major declines in the risk of disease progression and death in people with metastatic melanoma.
Student trio win top economics essay prizes   View Summary
30 September 2014
Professor Colm Harmon congratulated the winning students.University of Sydney undergraduates have claimed every prize in an essay writing competition run by the Reserve Bank of Australia and Economic Society of Australia.
Different perspectives on the protests in Hong Kong   View Summary
30 September 2014
Since Friday, protestors in Hong Kong have taken to the streets to call for democratic elections in 2017.
The Australian Boat Race    View Summary
26 September 2014
The Australian Boat Race will once again ignite Sydney Harbour this October. Bragging rights will be on the line as two old rivals - the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne - go head-to-head in a test of technique, stamina and passion.
How to tell if your child has a speech or language impairment    View Summary
25 September 2014
Babies are born communicating. Their cries and coos speak volumes. However, much-anticipated first words do not appear until 12 months later. By 18 months, the average child says about 50 words. By the time a child is ready to start school, their vocabulary will be an estimated 2,300 to 4,700 words.
Can the oceans feed us? Alternative approaches for future food   View Summary
25 September 2014
Professor Elspeth Probyn.Sydney Ideas talk to explore challenges to new forms of producing fish such as aquaculture and the controversies it has raised, and the promotion of consuming alternate marine proteins to fish.
Facebook most effective way to engage young people in politics, study shows   View Summary
25 September 2014
Associate Profesor Ariadne Vromen.An increase in social media use leads to more political participation by young people, with Facebook the most effective channel.
From sharks to baboons - insights into the wildlife wars    View Summary
23 September 2014
Professor Justin O'Riain provides insights into the 'wildlife wars' at a Sydney Ideas event on 24 September.
Can sex affect your risk of getting cancer?    View Summary
23 September 2014
The sex act has many health benefits from reducing stress and tension, to boosting your immune system. It may even affect your risk of developing certain cancers.
Australia slow to react on Ebola   View Summary
23 September 2014
Well over 5,300 people have been infected and over 2,600 have died in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. But these numbers are thought to be gross underestimates as even the most conservative projections now suggest a tenfold increase in deaths before we can hope to contain the outbreak.
The kids aren't alright - supporting children when a parent has cancer   View Summary
22 September 2014
The children of parents who have cancer can feel anxious and isolated when well-meaning parents withhold information about their health, says a leading cancer expert from the University of Sydney.
Straight talk for teaching students about stuttering in schools    View Summary
22 September 2014
Final year teaching students at the University of Sydney will be schooled on the importance of early intervention and the treatment of stuttering as part of program to help prepare them for the classroom.
Kim Williams up close on why music matters   View Summary
22 September 2014
What do music and listening have in common? Both are lacking amongst young people growing up in today's modern world. This idea will be debated further by Kim Williams AM in his one-off Sydney Ideas lecture at the University of Sydney's Conservatorium of Music on Tuesday 30 September at 6.00pm.
Westpac opens doors to Asian adventure    View Summary
22 September 2014
A new Asian cultural adventure beckons for undergraduate students with an eye for Australia's role in Asia. Westpac Bicentennial Foundation in partnership with The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne has announced the launch of its inaugural Asian Exchange scholarship.
New director set to take cardiovascular research to new heights   View Summary
19 September 2014
The Heart Research Institute and the University of Sydney are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Shaun Jackson as the new Director of Cardiovascular Research at The Heart Research Institute (HRI), the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre and Sydney Medical School.
Dogs can be pessimists too   View Summary
17 September 2014
Dr Melissa Starling from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Science has developed an objective, non-invasive means of measuring optimism and pessimism in dogs.
What set the Earth's plates in motion?   View Summary
17 September 2014
Professor Patrice Rey, from the University of Sydney's School of Geosciences and his colleagues have offered an explanation for the origin of plate tectonics.
Change laws to exempt unwell doctors from mandatory reporting   View Summary
16 September 2014
Medicolegal experts who are calling for legislative changes exempting doctors from mandatory reporting, say current laws pose a risk to the public because they deter doctors from seeking medical consultations when they most need it.
Balance benefits baby boomers: reduce your risk of falls   View Summary
16 September 2014
If you are over 65 and have had a fall before, researchers at the University of Sydney think you should balance on one leg to brush your teeth, bend your knees to pack the dishwasher and take the stairs more often. These exercises are all part of the Lifestyle-Integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) program, being launched by the University of Sydney this week.
University of Sydney rises in global university rankings   View Summary
16 September 2014
The University of Sydney has again been named in the top 50 universities in the world, with a formal ranking of 37 in the latest QS World University Rankings.
Expect more deadly pandemics   View Summary
15 September 2014
Australia should upgrade its infectious disease control capabilities by adopting a US style Centers of Disease Control, according to a University of Sydney expert who warns that the world will see more frequent epidemics.
Grey matter matters when measuring our tolerance of risk   View Summary
12 September 2014
Dr Agnieszka Tymula.The grey matter volume of a region in the right posterior parietal cortex is significantly predictive of individual risk attitudes, new research has found.
40 years of Australia's engagement with ASEAN   View Summary
12 September 2014
This year marks 40 years of relations between Australia and the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). Today the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre hosted the 2014 ASEAN forum to celebrate the anniversary of Australia's engagement with ASEAN as their first official dialogue partner.
A new director for the all-sky astronomers   View Summary
12 September 2014
Professor Elaine Sadler from the University of Sydney has taken up the directorship of CAASTRO.
Recognition for an evolutionary master clockmaker: 2014 Eureka Prize for Early Career Researcher   View Summary
11 September 2014
Associate Professor Simon Ho from the University of Sydney's School of Biological Sciences has won the 2014 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher
Gambling for good can increase low income saving by 25 per cent: new study   View Summary
11 September 2014
Professor Robert Slonim of the School of Economics.Low income households could increase their savings by over 25 per cent if bank accounts with a regular lottery prize for depositors were introduced in Australia, University of Sydney economists have found.
Old dope, new tricks: the new science of medical cannabis   View Summary
10 September 2014
Medicinal cannabis is back in the news again after a planned trial to grow it in Norfolk Island was blocked by the federal government last month. The media is ablaze with political rumblings and tales of public woe, but what does science have to say on the subject?
Google me happy! The future of mental health support for iGeneration   View Summary
10 September 2014
In a world first, Kids Helpline will launch a project to provide safe and secure online group counselling to Australian teenagers using social media.
Fitting image: athletes pick their favourite pic   View Summary
10 September 2014
Softball player Emma Illuiano, photograph by Cherine Fahd.A new study has revealed a gender bias in how top-level athletes are photographed.
Mikala Dwyer: the garden of half-life   View Summary
10 September 2014
Meteorites, minerals and crystals from a largely unseen University of Sydney collection form the basis of a new site-specific work by prominent Australian artist and Sydney College of the Arts Lecturer Mikala Dwyer. The garden of half-life uses ancient geological specimens to explore deep-time, creating new constellations and dialogues between invisible forces and visible materiality.
NHMRC grants to improve the health of the world   View Summary
9 September 2014
The University of Sydney has been awarded more than $6.7 million in funding in the latest round of grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).
2014 Alumni Award winners   View Summary
9 September 2014
University of Sydney graduates leave their mark in all walks of life, and the 2014 Alumni Award winners are outstanding examples of that inspiring tradition.
61 per cent fall in female genital warts due to free HPV vaccine    View Summary
8 September 2014
GPs in Australia are managing 61% less cases of genital warts among young women since the introduction of the national human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination program, a new study from the University of Sydney reveals.
War, death and memory: ANZAC memory lives on in University's digital trove   View Summary
8 September 2014
The annual KK Saxby Prize for Mathematics is still being awarded. And the Saxby family story - and the stories of many other brave diggers - will live on as part of Beyond 1914 - the University of Sydney and the Great War, the University of Sydney 's new interactive biographical database of students, staff and alumni who served in the war.
Library Change Proposal: response to open letter   View Summary
8 September 2014
The Vice-Chanceloor responds to an open letter about the Library Change Proposal signed by Library staff members.
Library Change Proposal: response to petition   View Summary
8 September 2014
The Vice-Chancellor reponds to a petition about proposed changes to the University of Sydney Library.
Celebrating Chinese Moon Festival    View Summary
8 September 2014
Almost 1000 students and staff at the University of Sydney gathered to celebrate Moon Festival today, one of the largest festivals on the Chinese calendar. Celebrated every year when the full moon is at its brightest, it brings friends and family together.
Message to staff and students from the Provost: federal budget consultation   View Summary
5 September 2014
The Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor provides an update on plans for University community consultation on our response to the proposed federal budget changes.
Who is to blame when iCloud is 'hacked'?   View Summary
4 September 2014
Dr Grant Bollmer.A hacker's release of personal photos of female celebrities has again drawn attention to the security of our personal information online. Are we really aware of what we upload, asks Dr Grant Bollmer.
Food to get Tassie devils in the mood: Sydney joins forces with Taronga Zoo   View Summary
4 September 2014
Researchers from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre have joined forces with Taronga Zoo for a world-first study on the eating habits of endangered Tasmanian devils and fat-tailed dunnarts.
Smart phone and smarter approaches to the fruit and veg failure   View Summary
3 September 2014
Sydney Ideas is hosting a discussion on how to creatively address Australians' underconsumption of fruits and vegetables.
Gains on equality can be lost, warns leading gender expert   View Summary
3 September 2014
Professor Raewyn Connell.Women are still almost wholly excluded from the top levels of corporate management, religion, science and the military, says Professor Raewyn Connell (pictured).
Robotics to combat slimy pest   View Summary
2 September 2014
One hundred years after they arrived in a sack of grain, white snails are the target of beleaguered South Australian farmers who have joined forces with University of Sydney robotics experts to eradicate the gastropods.
Best way to train farm dogs has lessons for all dog training    View Summary
2 September 2014
A study from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney suggests the best training methods for working dogs.
Kenny and the Chromosomes   View Summary
2 September 2014
When University of Sydney PhD candidate Kenny Sabir isn't composing music he is deconstructing chromosomes. The musician and information technologies student won the University's Three Minute Thesis finals held on the weekend with his presentation on understanding chromosomes' structures.
Creating a better health system: lessons from the United States   View Summary
2 September 2014
For decades Australians have seen health care in the United States as the archetypal example of how not to do it. So it's ironic we now find ourselves looking with admiration at major, holistic reform efforts under the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) even as the Abbott government seems hell bent on adopting the very approaches the US has abandoned.
August 2014
New international winter school showcases University   View Summary
29 August 2014
The first History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Sydney Winter International Graduate School (SWIGS) welcomed 12 local and international graduate students to its inaugural program last week.
Message to staff and students from the Vice-Chancellor: federal budget update   View Summary
28 August 2014
I am writing to thank those of you who attended Monday's Great Hall meeting on higher education funding. We heard from 26 people who represented a genuine cross-section of our community, including students, staff and alumni. Many expressed their deep concern about the impact of the federal government's proposals on higher education, including fee deregulation.
Aspirin cuts risk of clots, DVT by a third    View Summary
26 August 2014
Low dose aspirin lowers the occurrence of new venous blood clots - and represents a reasonable treatment option for patients who are not candidates for long-term anticoagulant drugs, such as warfarin, according to a new study published in today's issue of Circulation.
Discover your future at University of Sydney Open Day    View Summary
25 August 2014
A world of opportunity will open for students, parents and the community as the University of Sydney celebrates its biggest event of the year, Open Day, on Saturday 30 August.
SCA studio speed dating finds the perfect course match   View Summary
25 August 2014
Find your perfect course match at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) on Saturday 30 August. As part of the University of Sydney's Open Day, art students exploring their options for tertiary study in 2015 are invited to join a Studio Speed Date for an introduction to the range of studio facilities and creative expertise on offer at SCA.
Statement on investment policy   View Summary
25 August 2014
The University of Sydney today announced it is consulting with its advisers and stakeholders to review its investment policies
Concert to celebrate Peter Sculthorpe   View Summary
25 August 2014
The University of Sydney announces a special evening to celebrate the life and music of Peter Sculthorpe AO OBE, Australia's most revered composer of the 20th century. The free public performance will be presented by Sydney Conservatorium of Music and its students on Saturday 25 October 2014 from 7pm.
Ground-breaking research awarded ARC Laureate Fellowships   View Summary
22 August 2014
Advances in our understanding of the brain using maths and physics concepts and the creation of a new Australian technology to discover the formation of galaxies will result from two Australian Laureate Fellowships awarded to the University of Sydney.
Publishing graduate co-directs National Young Writers' Festival   View Summary
22 August 2014
National Young Writers' Festival co-director Lex Hirst.For Master of Publishing graduate Lex Hirst, a well-placed internship and a couple of stints volunteering in her passion industry have led to both a career in editing at Random House and to being selected as a Co-Director of National Young Writers' Festival.
Emergency department nurses aren't like the rest of us   View Summary
21 August 2014
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New Dean appointed in the Faculty of Education and Social Work   View Summary
21 August 2014
Professor Diane Mayer is the new Dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Work.The University of Sydney is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Diane Mayer as Dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Work.
Seabed solution for cold sores   View Summary
20 August 2014
The blue blood of abalone, a seabed delicacy could be used to combat common cold sores and related herpes virus following breakthrough research at the University of Sydney.
What keeps two Australian scientists up at night    View Summary
20 August 2014
Dr Cameron Clark from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Science and Vancess Moss from the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophyics reflect on the life of an Australian scientist.
Calling time on common child literacy myths   View Summary
20 August 2014
Professor Robyn Ewing.It's time to challenge some of the myths about how children learn to read and write. Read the op-ed co-written by Professor Robyn Ewing (pictured).
Bright lights, big city a great lifestyle for these spiders   View Summary
20 August 2014
Golden orb-weaving spiders thrive in urban environments reserach from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Sydney shows.
How physics revolutionises medicine   View Summary
19 August 2014
Professor Zdenca Kuncic will discuss how physics revolutionises medicine at a Sydney Science Forum on Wednesday 20 August.
Cholesterol drug cuts heart and stroke risks by 30pc in diabetic women   View Summary
19 August 2014
The cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate cuts cardiovascular disease risks by 30 per cent in women with type-2 diabetes, a new University of Sydney study reveals.
Why China Can't Innovate   View Summary
19 August 2014
There are plenty of differences between the Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao administrations, but if there is one policy area where they are absolutely in concord, it is the worship of an abstract notion of innovation as the solution to almost all of the country's great challenges. For the last decade, Hu Jintao's concept of "scientific development" has served as the seminal statement on innovation. Under Hu, this idea was backed up by steep increases in research and development spending, more resources and efforts devoted to the education sector, and support for enterprises (state-owned and private) that were in the priority areas of information technology, high-tech manufacturing, and computers. This sector even got its own 15 year plan beginning in 2006, a major statement of where the country was heading in terms of developing its own indigenous world class capacity.
Study to look at link between pet abuse and domestic violence    View Summary
18 August 2014
Dr Lydia Tong, a veterinary scientist from the University of Sydney has produced a means for vets to spot the deliberate abuse of dogs and will now at connections between abuse of pets and domestic violence.
A celebration of the scientific achievement that transformed our view of matter    View Summary
15 August 2014
Sydney Ideas presents Professor Stephen Curry, Imperial College, London in an exploration of X-ray crystallography, as part of National Science Week and in the International Year of Crystallography.
The biggest showcase of the next architects and designers   View Summary
15 August 2014
The University of Sydney's biggest design showcase of the year by the Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning kicks off on 21 August for Sydney Design 2014 and the University's Open Day on 30 August.
More to a skilled ear in music   View Summary
15 August 2014
The first pilot study in Australia to give musicians the skills and training to critically assess music by what they hear rather than what they see begins this month at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
The University joins Australia's celebration of science    View Summary
14 August 2014
The University of Sydney is holding a series of events in support of National Science Week.
John Grill Centre welcomes first cohort to new executive project leadership program   View Summary
14 August 2014
The John Grill Centre for Project Leadership at the University of Sydney has this week welcomed its first cohort of major project professionals to commence its new Executive Leadership in Major Projects program.
Stuck in neutral: brain defect traps schizophrenics in twilight zone   View Summary
14 August 2014
People with schizophrenia struggle to turn goals into actions because brain structures governing desire and emotion are less active and fail to pass goal directed messages to cortical regions affecting human decision-making, new research reveals.
David Harold Tribe Fiction Award open for submissions   View Summary
14 August 2014
The David Harold Tribe Fiction Award is valued at $12,000.The Department of English at the University of Sydney is pleased to be hosting the David Harold Tribe Fiction Award for short works of literature, which is now open for submissions.
Protecting newborns: milk protein could save millions from harm    View Summary
13 August 2014
An international effort led by the University of Sydney hopes to protect hundreds of Bangladeshi newborns from a host of severe health problems by assessing the effect of lactoferrin, a natural protein found in breast and cow's milk, in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy.
Solution - thick as a briquette   View Summary
8 August 2014
Small charcoal briquettes made from compressed rice husks could save Nepalese women and children up to five hours of hard labour each day and improve their health and wellbeing according to engineering students at the University of Sydney.
A Great Australian Composer and National Treasure: Peter Sculthorpe 1929-2014   View Summary
8 August 2014
Peter Sculthorpe, Emeritus Professor of Composition at the University of Sydney, Australia's most significant composer, passed away in Sydney at the age of 85.
Pee on the pods   View Summary
7 August 2014
Urine could be successfully recycled to fertilise crops according to University of Sydney civil engineering researchers who have examined the effectiveness of reusing nutrients from the human waste.
Clot-busting drug effective in stroke treatment   View Summary
6 August 2014
People treated with a blood clot dissolving drug within three hours of suffering a stroke have better and faster recovery, a new study published in The Lancet reveals.
What can organisations and individuals do about all the food we waste?   View Summary
6 August 2014
A Sydney Ideas event at the University of Sydney will discuss how to tackle food waste from three different perspectives.
95 per cent of homeless in Sydney and Melbourne own a mobile: study   View Summary
6 August 2014
Smartphone ownership is high among Sydney and Melbourne's homeless.New research on homelessness, mobile phones and and the internet shows high mobile ownership but a struggle to stay connected.
New national centre of excellence targets better mental health for young people   View Summary
6 August 2014
Raising the number of young people who receive tailored, evidence-based care for emerging mood disorders is the aim of a new national centre of research excellence launching in Sydney today.
Why Zhou Yongkang Had to Go   View Summary
5 August 2014
The final fall of Zhou Yongkang was dramatic and exciting. Even after over two years of speculation, his formal indictment is big news. Never before has someone so highly ranked been treated this way. Mao Zedong's Politburo colleagues were removed for political reasons — claims of treachery, counter-revolutionary behavior, or subversion. But a retired super-elite leader charged with corruption is new.
The perfect dive yet to be seen in elite competition   View Summary
4 August 2014
Researchers at the University of Sydney have modelled a new dive for elite athletes in a collaboration between mathematicians, engineers and sports scientists.
China talk on fighting corruption not just words   View Summary
4 August 2014
Former Premier of China Wen Jiabao once described corruption as the greatest threat to the Communist Party's monopoly on power, acting like a virulent form of cancer affecting their legitimacy. On 29th July, the new leadership around President Xi Jinping took a sharp scalpel to this ailment by allowing the formal investigation, for the first time since 1949, of a former Politburo leader for corruption.
NDIS success relies on cross-sector collaboration - new report   View Summary
1 August 2014
A new report by the University of Sydney and the Young People In Nursing Homes National Alliance shows improved collaboration across governments and services is essential to successfully deliver the NDIS for people with complex health and disability needs.
Bunga Barrabugu Winter School 'ridiculously beneficial'   View Summary
1 August 2014
In preparation for their final exams and making big decisions about the future, more than 40 Year 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students took part in the Bunga Barrabugu Winter Program at the University of Sydney last month.
Changes to HECS repayment scheme welcomed   View Summary
1 August 2014
The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence, today welcomed reports that the federal government was proposing to amend its plans to see students pay real interest rates on their student debts.
Message to staff and students from the Vice-Chancellor: federal budget update   View Summary
1 August 2014
Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence updates staff and students about the University's work on the higher education reforms proposed by the Australian Government in its budget.
July 2014
Promising new advances in treatments for autism   View Summary
31 July 2014
Promising new treatments for autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and behavioural problems in children will be revealed by world-leading researchers at a free symposium hosted by University of Sydney on Monday 4 August, 2014.
New Kinship Module to Enhance Students' Cultural Competence   View Summary
30 July 2014
The traditional social structures and interrelationships between Australia's Aboriginal people are explained on a comprehensive yet succinct website being launched at The University of Sydney today.
More to an image than meets the eye   View Summary
30 July 2014
As society becomes increasingly desensitised to the daily deluge of images that are generated through digital technologies, a new exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) explores how contemporary artists engage with the image in today's world.
Forty five per cent rise in diagnostic imaging tests by GPs   View Summary
29 July 2014
A 45 per cent rise in diagnostic imaging tests ordered by Australian GPs is being driven by increasing GP visits, a rising number of problems managed at consultations and a higher likelihood that GPs order imaging tests for these problems, according to a new University of Sydney study.
ARC Future Fellowships recognise research strengths at Sydney   View Summary
24 July 2014
The University of Sydney's strength in science and engineering and the humanities and social sciences has been recognised with the announcement of 13 Australian Research Council Future Fellowships.
Sydney stars to shine at games   View Summary
23 July 2014
The University of Sydney will field its biggest contingent of athletes to ever compete in a Commonwealth Games when 17 students go for gold in Glasgow.
Australian researchers pioneer a 'Google street view' of galaxies    View Summary
23 July 2014
A new instrument developed by researchers at the University of Sydney and Australian Astronomical Society is giving incredibly detailed views of huge numbers of galaxies.
Childcare reforms must not come at expense of quality: policy expert   View Summary
23 July 2014
Dr Elizabeth Hill.Affordable childcare should not come at the expense of high quality service or worker exploitation, writes Dr Elizabeth Hill (pictured), of the Department of Political Economy.
How fussy pandas maintain a balanced bamboo diet   View Summary
22 July 2014
Pandas are famously fussy eaters, but new research suggests there is method to their madness, with the animals switching between different species and parts of bamboo plants to maintain a balanced diet and reproduce.
Voice for radio? New research reveals it's in the cords   View Summary
22 July 2014
New research from the University of Sydney Voice Research Laboratory has discovered unique vocal cord vibration patterns might be the secret behind a good radio voice.
Outcome of inquiry into 'Australian Paradox' research    View Summary
18 July 2014
A formal inquiry into allegations brought against a University of Sydney academic and her research collaborator has found no research misconduct occurred.
Statement from Professor Jennie Brand-Miller and Dr Alan Barclay   View Summary
18 July 2014
The following is a statement from the University of Sydney's Professor Jennie Brand Miller and Dr Alan Barclay from the Glycemic Index Foundation (Ltd).
Scientists and community collaborate to secure future of Australia's ecosystems   View Summary
18 July 2014
The University of Sydney's Faculty of Science has been part of a major collaboration to create Australia's first national strategy to ensure the future of Australia's managed and natural ecosystems.
New Vice-Principal (Operations) for the University of Sydney   View Summary
18 July 2014
The University of Sydney has appointed Sara Watts, currently Chief Financial Officer for IBM Australia and New Zealand, as the University's first Vice-Principal (Operations).
Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink    View Summary
18 July 2014
The discovery that many small galaxies throughout the universe do not 'swarm' around larger ones like bees do but 'dance' in orderly disc-shaped orbits is a challenge to our understanding of how the universe formed and evolved. The finding, by an international team of astronomers, including Professor Geraint Lewis from the University of Sydney's School of Physics, is announced today in Nature.
People wanted for healthy eating and exercise trial to prevent type-2 diabetes   View Summary
16 July 2014
Sydney University is calling out for Sydneysiders to join a research study assessing the effects of healthy eating and exercise on the risk of type-2 diabetes.
Crowd-source snaps of falling space debris   View Summary
15 July 2014
Australian researchers who are designing robotic rovers capable of searching for fallen space debris are asking people to share images or videos that they may have captured during last Thursday evening's skyfall
Widespread support for rapid HIV testing in dental surgeries   View Summary
15 July 2014
More than 80 per cent of oral health patients are willing to receive rapid HIV-testing in dental settings, which could help reduce the spread of the HIV according to a groundbreaking study revealed today at a Sydney University HIV Testing Symposium.
Censure and Censorship: Academic Freedom and Public Comment   View Summary
14 July 2014
This speech was delivered by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney Dr Michael Spence in March this year at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore. An edited version of it was published in the July edition of Campus Review.
The struggle to increase fruit and vegetable consumption - part of the Quest for Quality Food    View Summary
14 July 2014
The University of Sydney's Faculty of Agriculture and Environment is hosting an international research symposium on the future of food.
Generous gift supports the promise of quantum computing   View Summary
11 July 2014
A belief in the need for business to reach out to the sciences is only one of the motives for Anne and Hugh Harley to donate half a million dollars to the University of Sydney's Quantum Control Laboratory.
Jobs study pits 'who you know' against 'where you go'   View Summary
11 July 2014
Associate Professor Gaby Ramia leads new jobs study.Associate Professor Gaby Ramia of the Graduate School of Government will lead a landmark study into how formal and informal networks affect employment outcomes for the long-term and youth unemployed.
Low back pain? Don't blame the weather   View Summary
11 July 2014
University of Sydney researchers reveal that sudden, acute episodes of low back pain are not linked to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction and precipitation.
Developing the next generation of Socceroos - new research   View Summary
10 July 2014
New research from The University of Sydney claims that it is possible to teach the perfect strike if coaches properly understand the science behind soccer kicking technique.
Eat, drink and be sedentary: unhealthy living a law unto itself   View Summary
10 July 2014
Professor Lawrence O. Gostin.Professor Lawrence O. Gostin of Georgetown University has advised the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its member states about tackling non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through public health law and next week he will speak at the University of Sydney about how governments can meet the challenge.
Jonny Niesche wins SCA's top art prize   View Summary
10 July 2014
At the opening of the FAUVETTE 2014 exhibition last night, Sydney College of the Arts announced emerging, Sydney-based contemporary artist Jonny Niesche this year's winner of the annual Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship.
Interpretative dance coaxes bees into quick decisions on nest sites   View Summary
9 July 2014
Dr James Makinson and his colleagues at the University of Sydney in partnership with two universities in Thailand have found that not all honeybee species think like the common Western hive bee when it comes to deciding on a place to nest.
French students bound for Sydney under dual degree pilot   View Summary
9 July 2014
New University of Sydney student Aleksander Pietrak.Five French students will arrive at the Faculty this month as part of a pilot program for a new dual degree agreement with Sciences Po, a leading Parisian institution for the humanities and social sciences.
The Image in Question - an international arts conference in Sydney   View Summary
8 July 2014
The image-saturated world that we live in today will be under scrutiny at an international, interdisciplinary conference and exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts from 1-3 August. International researchers led by the University of Sydney's contemporary arts school and philosophy department, together with the Australian Catholic University's Institute of Social Justice, will examine society's position as consumers of images in film, photography, television, the internet and contemporary art.
Full brunt of Medicare co-payment revealed   View Summary
7 July 2014
The Federal government's proposal to introduce co-payments for services provided by GPs, pathology and imaging providers, together with a proposed increase in co-payments for medications will mostly affect vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with chronic conditions, a new University of Sydney study reveals.
Prose and poetry on show as University hosts literary luminaries   View Summary
4 July 2014
Two cutting edge literary conferences next week and a redesign of the Masters of Creative Writing showcase the University's critical engagement with the written word.
Surveillance in the Simpson suggests a new take on threat to native animals    View Summary
3 July 2014
University of Sydney research suggests a more effective approach to controlling the devastating impact of the feral cat and red fox on Australian native wildlife.
Returned portrait sheds light on forgotten sexologist   View Summary
3 July 2014
More than 60 years after the death of its subject, a portrait of renowned sexologist Dr Norman Haire has made its way back to the University of Sydney after having been "borrowed" in the 1960s.
Locusts harness the sun to get their optimum diet   View Summary
2 July 2014
If you are a locust, the most nutritious plant to eat depends on the ambient temperature. Scientists at the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre have discovered that locusts choose their food and then where they digest it according to how hot it is.
Gift transforms University's approach to fertility research and treatment   View Summary
2 July 2014
Professor Brian Trudinger has gifted the Westmead Fertility Centre and $10.4 million to the University of Sydney.
A step closer to bio-printing transplantable tissues and organs   View Summary
2 July 2014
Researchers have made a giant leap towards the goal of 'bio-printing' transplantable tissues and organs for people affected by major diseases and trauma injuries, a new study reports.
Tin Sheds shows China's pioneering conservation work    View Summary
2 July 2014
A new exhibition at the University of Sydney's Tin Sheds Gallery showcases the pioneering conservation and preservation work carried out by Tongji University in Shanghai, including several of China's World Heritage Sites, over the past decade.
Flight of fiction, now future prediction   View Summary
1 July 2014
Personal air vehicles that anyone with a driver's licence could fly are in the not too distintant future
Guidelines for safe use of NSAIDs in older people ignored   View Summary
1 July 2014
Research by the University of Sydney has found that older Australians are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for too long and without sufficient precautions to minimise harmful side-effects.
June 2014
Sydney's top music students on stage in Italy for first chamber music summer school   View Summary
30 June 2014
The finest musicians from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music are about to set off for the first European Chamber Music Summer School in Italy this week. The inaugural Estivo will see 47 tertiary music students from the University of Sydney's music faculty perform in over 20 concerts in 12 historic venues across 3 major cities - Verona, Venice and Mantova - in northern Italy from 7-19 July.
Brewing a stronger partnership   View Summary
30 June 2014
Diany Faila Sophia Hartatri is hoping Australian coffee connoisseurs will develop a taste for Indonesian coffee. When she returns to Indonesia, after having completed her Master of Science at the University of Sydney, she would like to help smallholder coffee growers sell their produce internationally.
Treating gum disease improves vascular health in Indigenous Australians   View Summary
26 June 2014
A simple non-surgical gum disease treatment markedly reduces the thickness of the wall of the arteries, a risk factor for heart disease, according to a first of its kind study among Aboriginal Australians.
Ladybird developer awarded researcher of the year    View Summary
24 June 2014
University of Sydney robotics expert Professor Salah Sukkarieh has been awarded researcher of the year by Australia's peak vegetable industry body
Egyptian-based academic reacts to Australian journalist Peter Greste's sentencing in Egypt    View Summary
24 June 2014
Amro Ali, Egypt and Middle East expert and a PhD scholar at the University of Sydney Democracy Network.
Obama administration education advisor shares insights   View Summary
23 June 2014
Dr David Chard.The twentieth anniversary of the education industry's Successful Learning Conference opened with a keynote address by key Obama administration education advisor, Dr David Chard, today.
The shortlist for SCA's top art prize   View Summary
20 June 2014
Sydney College of the Arts has announced the artists shortlisted for its annual $28,000 art prize: Matthew Hopkins, Emily Hunt, Biljana Jancic, Jonny Niesche and Tony Schwensen. The 2014 prize winner will be announced at the opening of the finalists' exhibition on Wednesday 9 July at the University of Sydney's contemporary art school in Rozelle.
Treating silent killer cuts risk of stroke and death   View Summary
20 June 2014
Opportunistic detection of asymptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF) and treating it with anticoagulants can greatly reduce the risk of stroke and premature death, a University of Sydney study reveals.
Explaining Egypt's place in a changing Arab world   View Summary
20 June 2014
Dr Lucia Sorbera.Leading Australian and international thinkers will discuss the upheaval in Egypt at Sydney Ideas on Monday 23 June, in the first of a series of new talks probing sweeping change across the Arab world.
Australian children and adolescents increasingly use psychotropic drugs:new study   View Summary
19 June 2014
More Australians, particularly children and adolescents, are using psychotropic drugs, a University of Sydney study examining prescribing patterns shows.
To stay or go: living with a disability in rural Australia   View Summary
19 June 2014
Rural families in Western NSW who have a child with a disability are faced with difficult decisions about whether or not to stay in their communities, according to a study by the University of Sydney.
How can Thailand break the cycle of coups?   View Summary
18 June 2014
Professor Andrew Harding.Hopes for stable and democratic government in Thailand will remain dim until competing factions put aside differences and respect its constitution, a leading expert on Asian law will explain at the University of Sydney this evening.
HSV-infected newborns four times more likely to be born to young mums   View Summary
18 June 2014
Mothers of Herpes Simplex Virus-infected newborn babies in Australia are four times more likely to be young women aged less than 20 years of age, a University of Sydney study reveals.
Long overdue rights for domestic workers   View Summary
18 June 2014
Stories of domestic worker Erwiana Sulistyaningsih made headlines when she spoke out against her employer's abhorrent abuse while working in Hong Kong. Gruesome cuts and burns on her body were so bad that she was unable to walk when she returned to Jakarta.
Knit your way to a healthy brain at free University of Sydney event   View Summary
17 June 2014
Members of the public are invited to craft their way to a healthy brain at a free event hosted by the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney as part of National Science Week.
New study aims to bust myths about Indigenous sports stars   View Summary
16 June 2014
A Sherrin AFL ball.A University of Sydney study aims to bust common myths about the remarkable achievements of Indigenous Australians in sport.
One in four NSW school kids are overweight or obese   View Summary
16 June 2014
Nearly one in four New South Wales school children are overweight or obese according to a University of Sydney study reported in today's Medical Journal of Australia.
Catching Particle Fever: the Sydney scientists who helped track down the Higgs boson   View Summary
13 June 2014
Our scientists talk about the search for the elusive Higgs boson, the subject of a new documentary at Sydney Film Festival.
Graphic Medicine   View Summary
12 June 2014
Biomedical imaging is transforming modern medicine with its movie-like computer graphics and large data sets playing a central role in the revolution according to University of Sydney biomedical engineers.
Why your brain is the next frontier in economics   View Summary
12 June 2014
PlaceholderProfessor Paul W. Glimcher from New York University is perhaps the world's leading expert on the neurobiology and economics of human decision-making, and he will be presenting his groundbreaking research at a special Sydney Ideas event on Friday 13th June.
$5.4 million funds hi-tech approach to studying geology of basins   View Summary
12 June 2014
A radical new approach to analysing sedimentary basins also harnesses technology in a completely novel way. An international research group, led by the University of Sydney, will use big data sets and exponentially increased computing power to model the interaction between processes on the earth's surface and deep below it in 'five dimensions'.
Look beyond fat and sugar to solve the world's obesity epidemic   View Summary
12 June 2014
The obesity problem is best understood not as the result of eating too much of a single nutrient, but because of the way highly processed foods have skewed the proportions of nutrients in our diets, argues Professor Stephen Simpson in the Sydney Morning Herald.
New book diagnoses Australia's policy failures in health care   View Summary
12 June 2014
Australia is sleepwalking down the US path; headed towards a two-tiered health care system that is increasingly inequitable, warns leading Australian health academics and authors of the highly regarded book, Health Care and Public Policy: An Australian Analysis.
University of Sydney announces new Director of Equity and Diversity   View Summary
12 June 2014
The University of Sydney has appointed one of the country's leading diversity experts to fill the newly established position of Director of Equity and Diversity Strategy and to lead a new Women in Leadership Strategy.
Message to staff and students from the Vice-Chancellor: federal budget update   View Summary
12 June 2014
Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence updates staff and students about the University's work on the higher education reforms proposed by the Australian Government in its budget.
Driving... a road to poor health?   View Summary
11 June 2014
As little as two hours a day behind the wheel is a potential risk factor for a range of poor health behaviours and outcomes, a University of Sydney study has shown.
University of Sydney welcomes Shanghai delegation   View Summary
11 June 2014
In a sign of strengthening ties between Sydney and Shanghai, the Party Secretary of Shanghai Mr Han Zheng met with the University of Sydney's Chancellor, Belinda Hutchinson and Vice-Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence.
University community honoured   View Summary
10 June 2014
Members of the University of Sydney community have been acknowledged for their influence on Australian society in the 2014 Queen's Birthday Honours
Adventures in nutritional ecology   View Summary
6 June 2014
Professor David Raubenheimer delivers the JD Stewart address on 'adventures in nutritional ecology'.
Generous gift supports Charles Perkins Centre   View Summary
6 June 2014
A $3 million gift from prominent University supporters Judith and David Coffey will support early career researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre.
Australian connection to sheep genome publication   View Summary
6 June 2014
The first detailed picture of the sheep genome has been published Science. The result is the outcome of eight years of intense activity by an international team of scientists, including researchers at the University of Sydney.
New support for responsible gambling research   View Summary
5 June 2014
The University of Sydney will embark upon one of the most comprehensive research programs around problem gambling ever conducted in Australia.
Charles Perkins Centre takes off in the fight against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease   View Summary
5 June 2014
In one of the most ambitious projects of its 164-year history, the University of Sydney has officially launched its Charles Perkins Centre Hub, a major research, education and clinical facility aimed at easing the burden of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions.
Artificial intelligence annotates medical images   View Summary
4 June 2014
Biomedical research students at the University of Sydney have joined international efforts to improve the automatic interpretation of 3D anatomical images used by health practitioners.
Student films launch spectacular digital canvas at Central    View Summary
4 June 2014
First year students from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning have developed a series of short films for World Environment Day on Thursday, 5 June. The films have been created for launch of The 7mm Pitch - a curated, digital art program that will be delivered on a supersized digital wall at Sydney's newest, green urban development, Central Park, on the fringe of the CBD.
Keeping the cloud clean   View Summary
3 June 2014
As cloud computing becomes the rule and not the exception University of Sydney cloud computing experts say tighter international regulations on managing computer hardware waste are needed.
Prostate cancer testing is on trial   View Summary
3 June 2014
The University of Sydney's School of Public Health is seeking people to participate in a "community jury" to independently asses the process of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing in Australia.
Annual Report underlines importance of donors to research and teaching   View Summary
3 June 2014
The University's 2013 Annual Report has been published, providing an account of progress towards the objectives in our 2011-15 Strategic Plan, as well as an overview of our financial position and audited accounts.
May 2014
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students explore uni life   View Summary
29 May 2014
More than 280 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from 61 schools experienced a day in the life of a University of Sydney student.
University honours Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans   View Summary
29 May 2014
The University of Sydney announced a new partnership with Wartime Legends, a NSW Centenary of ANZAC initiative, with a 30-minute light projection on the iconic Quadrangle on Wednesday evening.
The short but eventful life of a Higgs boson particle   View Summary
28 May 2014
Recent results from the ATLAS experiment at CERN have given a clearer picture of the short but eventful life of a Higgs boson particle. Evidence from the experiment indicates that the Higgs boson decays to a pair of taus, part of a group of subatomic particles called fermions that make up matter in the universe.
Campus alight with colour, creativity and celebration   View Summary
28 May 2014
Vivid Path to the Future got off to a bright start last night with thousands watching as the iconic Quadrangle became an interactive canvas of light, music and ideas.
Playful behaviour surprises researchers    View Summary
28 May 2014
Designers of large public interactive displays (PIDs) should expect playful responses to these displays. This was the unexpected finding from a study by an inter-disciplinary group of designers and computer scientists at the University of Sydney.
Guiding language education in NSW schools   View Summary
27 May 2014
A language teacher.University of Sydney research is painting the most complete picture yet of the language education needs of pupils, parents and teachers in New South Wales.
New centre addresses Australian food safety gap    View Summary
27 May 2014
A centre aimed at ensuring the continued safety of fresh food produced in Australia and New Zealand, hosted by the University of Sydney, opens today.
Stroke patient records help evaluate need for Integrative Medicine   View Summary
27 May 2014
Hong Kong's Prince of Wales Hospital has enlisted two University of Sydney information technologies researchers to examine why post-stroke patients are drawn to integrative medicine - a combination of western and Chinese therapies.
New conductor brings change of wind to the Con   View Summary
26 May 2014
Dr John Lynch, the phenomenal American wind conductor of international repute, has arrived in Australia to take up his new teaching role at the University of Sydney's Conservatorium of Music and lead the Con's Wind Symphony in their first concert together on Thursday, 29 May.
Did standing up change our brains?   View Summary
26 May 2014
Although lots of animals are smart, humans are even smarter. How and why do we think and act so differently from other species?
CyberMate online companion for youth    View Summary
26 May 2014
A revolutionary online tool to support young people living with depression or a mental health issue is being developed by University of Sydney software engineers.
Vivid Path to the Future lights up the University of Sydney   View Summary
23 May 2014
As Vivid Sydney gets set to transform the city and its harbour into a colourful canvas of light, music and ideas, the University of Sydney - Australia's oldest university - is joining the festival for the first time.
Message from the Vice-Chancellor: update on the federal budget   View Summary
21 May 2014
Message from the Vice-Chancellor: update on the federal budget
Celebrating better treatments for patients through clinical trials   View Summary
20 May 2014
The University of Sydney is today celebrating International Clinical Trials Day.
Comprehensive review shows no link between vaccinations and autism   View Summary
19 May 2014
A review of childhood vaccinations by University of Sydney researchers has found no evidence of a link to the development of autism or autism spectrum disorders.
Global literacy award for University of Sydney educator   View Summary
16 May 2014
Honorary Professor Peter Freebody.Peter Freebody awarded William S Gray Citation of Merit for lifelong commitment to improving literacy and teaching excellence around the globe.
Budget will push more Australians below the poverty line   View Summary
16 May 2014
Measures in the budget to cut government spending and limit welfare will hurt low income earners and force more Australian into poverty, warn leading academics.
New Colombo Plan in action at the University of Sydney   View Summary
16 May 2014
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, today met the first tranche of University of Sydney students who will be travelling to Singapore under the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan.
High-intensity interval workouts might be a 'HIIT' but they don't fight flab   View Summary
13 May 2014
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is touted as the fastest way to get lean, but according to ground-breaking new research from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, only endurance exercise goes the distance if you are chasing fat loss.
Has food allergy incidence risen in Australia?   View Summary
13 May 2014
In light of Food Allergy Week, Dr Robert Loblay, Sydney Medical School Immunologist and Director of the Allergy Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, has said that the incidence of food allergy has increased in Australia in the past 15 years or so, but also all over the developed world.
Accelerating NSW's position in the space race    View Summary
13 May 2014
University of Sydney's SpaceNet is part of a collaboration aimed at improving NSW's competitiveness in the space race.
Staff as leading artists in new SCA exhibition   View Summary
13 May 2014
Several prominent Australian contemporary artists on staff at Sydney College of the Arts will feature in a new exhibition at the University of Sydney's Rozelle campus. Internationally renowned Lindy Lee, Mikala Dwyer and Julie Rrap are among ten artists in From A Near Future showing at SCA from this Thursday 15 May until 6 June.
International Nurses Day - Australia's most trusted profession   View Summary
12 May 2014
University of Sydney celebrates International Nurses Day with the news that nursing is considered Australia's most ethnical and honest profession according to recent Roy Morgan poll results.
The complexity of drawing: fugitive forms and grand designs    View Summary
9 May 2014
There was no medium more central to artistic practice in early modern Europe than drawing, and few mediums echo the artistic creative process as aptly. Reflecting this is the latest University Art Gallery exhibition, Fugitive forms and grand designs: 16th-19th century drawings from the collection of Justice Roddy Meagher, which highlights both the diversity and richness of form and function contained within drawings from the 16th to early 19th century.
Connecting as a whole - one step process   View Summary
8 May 2014
A design process that makes steel structures safer, more reliable, less expensive and gives Australian businesses the competitive edge is being developed by University of Sydney civil engineering researchers.
School students get a taste of university life   View Summary
8 May 2014
Almost 700 primary school students enjoyed their first hands-on experience at university yesterday as part of the Year 3 Discover Uni program.
Philanthropy animates mechatronics lab    View Summary
8 May 2014
A new-look, state-of-the-art laboratory that will enhance the learning experience of more than 240 mechatronics students at the University of Sydney will be officially opened tomorrow.
University of Sydney presents Sydney Film Festival International Documentaries   View Summary
8 May 2014
Sydney Film FestivalThe University of Sydney is delighted to build on our continuing sponsorship with Sydney Film Festival in 2014 by becoming presenting partner of the International Documentary Series.
Researchers discover 'bad' cholesterol contributes to cancer spread in the body   View Summary
7 May 2014
In a world-first, University of Sydney researchers have discovered one of the main reasons behind why cancer spreads throughout the body - the help of 'bad' cholesterol.
Artist's residency promises rhyme and reflection   View Summary
7 May 2014
New Artist in Residence Ali Cobby Eckermann.Award-winning Indigenous poet and writer Ali Cobby Eckermann to begin artistic residency at the University.
Professor blazes trail with political science honour   View Summary
6 May 2014
Professor Pippa Norris.Professor Pippa Norris is the 2014 winner of the Karl Deutsch Award, a prestigious prize awarded once every three years by the International Political Science Association (IPSA).
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery celebrates International Midwives Day   View Summary
5 May 2014
The University of Sydney's Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery is celebrating International Midwives Day today with Professor Sally Tracy and team being successful in a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Grant.
Helping us breathe easier   View Summary
5 May 2014
Asthma affects two million people in Australia and causes more than 400 deaths each year. On World Asthma Day, philanthropist Maurice Renshaw is determined to stem the tide.
Mozart meets Menotti in a 1930s radio opera   View Summary
2 May 2014
In its first big opera production of the year, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music will take audiences back in time to the 1930s and the golden age of live radio plays. But there is a production twist, when two comical works, Menotti's The Old Maid and the Thief and Mozart's The Impresario, meet on the same stage in an opera double bill over four performances in May.
Westmead researcher part of world-first breakthrough to repair the failing heart   View Summary
1 May 2014
A physician-scientist at University of Sydney-affiliate, Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research (WMI), has in a world first successfully grown heart muscle cells to repair the damaged heart of a primate after heart attack.
Protecting refugees with disabilties   View Summary
1 May 2014
Professor Ben Saul meets refugees in Uganda.A research team is charting disabilities amongst refugees in six countries to prepare recommendations to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
Spin on the crime beat: the rise of police PR   View Summary
1 May 2014
Police tape.Police PR is increasingly bypassing traditional news outlets by turning to social media and reality television, according to Associate Professor Murray Lee.
April 2014
Study asks if recovery tales help those with anorexia   View Summary
30 April 2014
Lisa Dawson, a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney's School of Psychology is researching whether reading stories of recovery benefit current sufferers.
$2m biomedical engineering alliance for the University of Sydney and Shanghai Jiaotong University   View Summary
30 April 2014
Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and the University of Sydney signed an agreement yesterday to consolidate their existing relationship in biomedical engineering through a joint partnership.
Sydney is numero uno for international students   View Summary
30 April 2014
Sydney is the most popular city in the world for international university students, beating more than 80 cities including New York, Paris and London to the top spot, according to the 2014 Global Cities Index.
Call for action on harmful preservatives in pet food    View Summary
29 April 2014
Continually feeding your cat pet meat runs the risk of exposing them to a thiamine definciency University of Sydney research suggests.
It's the corporate nanny we have to fear   View Summary
28 April 2014
Responsible adults should be left alone to make their own choices: so goes the customary argument against the nanny state. However, that ignores a very large elephant sharing the room with state and citizens - corporations, argued Professor Paul Griffiths from the Charles Perkins Centre in the Drum.
TEDxSydney: Maths is in all of us    View Summary
28 April 2014
At every stage of human history mathematics is there to explain our behavior, says Dr Clio Cresswell, from the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney.
Forgotten families following workplace death   View Summary
28 April 2014
University of Sydney academics are advocating for a greater focus on the emotional, physical and financial toll of sudden workplace death on surviving families.
Social cocaine use more harmful than you think   View Summary
28 April 2014
University of Sydney research has found that people who use cocaine 'socially' are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Beyond 1914 - bringing The Book of Remembrance to life   View Summary
24 April 2014
As the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and Anzac approaches, a new project at the University of Sydney Archives is bringing wartime experiences to life.
Dr Lis Kirkby, our 93-year-old graduate   View Summary
24 April 2014
She was the state leader of a major political party, played a lead role in a primetime television drama, fought for social change and ran a radio station in a newly decolonised Malaysia. Now at 93 years of age, Dr Lis Kirkby is Australia's oldest PhD graduate.
Probing the sound of a quantum dot   View Summary
24 April 2014
Physicists at the University of Sydney have discovered a method of using microwaves to probe the sounds of a quantum dot, a promising platform for building a quantum computer.
Anzac Day Dawn Service in the quadrangle    View Summary
23 April 2014
Sydney University Regiment will be conducting its annual Anzac Day Dawn Service in the University of Sydney quadrangle this Friday 25 April.
Computers beat brainpower when it comes to counting stars    View Summary
17 April 2014
A team of University of Sydney astronomers has developed a new way to automatically classify huge numbers of astronomical objects, and to discover new, exotic ones almost as soon as they happen.
Thai insights at Sydney University   View Summary
17 April 2014
As Thailand remains locked in a political battle between red and yellow shirts, sometimes seen as a divide between Bangkok and the provinces, leading Thai and international researchers will meet in Australia to discuss the development and decay of Thailand's party politics and how politicians may be able to break through this impasse.
Cinecity global showcase of 60 second architectural films   View Summary
15 April 2014
Australia's growing architectural film event Cinecity has just announced its 2014 shortlist of 30 films from around the globe. The highly creative, unique showcase of 60 second, unedited films exploring architectural spatial ideas will be screened at a fringe event of the 2014 National Architecture Conference in Perth on 9 May, Vivid Sydney on 30 May and Melbourne's open-air art space, Testing Grounds, on 25 July 2014.
Free Anzac Day forum on Australia's foray into World War One   View Summary
15 April 2014
As the world marks the centenary of the start of World War One in 2014, a free public forum at the University of Sydney on Anzac Day examines its often overlooked Pacific theatre; where Australia's involvement in the war began.
Scholarships open pathways to dentistry study for Aboriginal Australians   View Summary
14 April 2014
The University of Sydney's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, along with the Rotary Club of Sydney, are leading an initiative to increase the number of Aboriginal people trained in oral healthcare in a bid to improve dental health in Aboriginal communities.
The Con's trifecta for Australia's richest violin prize   View Summary
14 April 2014
Three finalists competing in the final round of Australia's richest violin competition this week in Melbourne, staged by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne, are all former students of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
University announces inaugural bond issue   View Summary
10 April 2014
The University of Sydney today announced an inaugural bond issue through the issuance of senior unsecured Medium Term Notes to support its continued improvements to research and educational facilities for academics and students.
Groundbreaking research highlights little support for shark culling   View Summary
9 April 2014
In the wake of yet another fatal shark bite in Australia, groundbreaking new research released today by the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund has found little support for the Government on the hotly debated issue of culling sharks who have been responsible for causing injuries or death to swimmers.
Who is the greatest Chinese leader of the past century?   View Summary
9 April 2014
With Xi Jinping dreaming of a Chinese renaissance and Ma Ying-jeou battling for final support for a landmark services trade deal with the mainland that might make or break his legacy, perhaps now is a good time to ask who in the Greater China area will be rated well in the decades ahead.
New campaign aims to improve access to university   View Summary
7 April 2014
The University of Sydney is one of five universities to join forces with the NSW & ACT Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to create a tool for potential students who do not come from a background of higher education.
Kaldor Public Art Projects moves into SCA   View Summary
7 April 2014
ntemporary art projects with international artists, is moving into Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney's Rozelle Campus from 1 April 2014.
Sydney Writers' Festival announces 2014 program   View Summary
4 April 2014
The University of Sydney is bringing bold and bright ideas to the 2014 Sydney Writers' Festival (SWF), with members of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences featuring right across this year's program.
Two new Deputy Vice-Chancellors for University Of Sydney   View Summary
3 April 2014
Two of Australia's most experienced higher education professionals have been appointed to deputy vice-chancellor roles at the University of Sydney, continuing the institution's commitment to world-class education and student experience.
Food waste - turning waste into profit   View Summary
3 April 2014
Australia's next generation of food technology and manufacturing experts will be educated at a new training centre led by University of Sydney chemical engineers.
Inaugural Asia Pacific Music Summit to build regional ties   View Summary
2 April 2014
Eleven heads of the leading tertiary music schools from the Asia Pacific region will meet in Sydney this week for an inaugural music summit. The 2014 Asia Pacific Music Summit, which runs from 2 to 5 April, will create closer ties between the music conservatories and build the region as a driving force behind music education and culture globally.
University of Sydney announced as Founding Partner for $100 million Westpac Bicentennial Foundation   View Summary
2 April 2014
The University of Sydney has been announced as a founding partner of Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, the single largest private education scholarship program in Australia's history.
Researchers deliver novel stroke test in pharmacies   View Summary
2 April 2014
University of Sydney researchers have examined a unique way to identify the thousands of people at risk of stroke every year, using an ECG test delivered over an IPhone by pharmacists.
Dingo defined thanks to scientists' museum search    View Summary
1 April 2014
The dingo has been definitively classified as a distinct Australian animal thanks to new research led by the University of Sydney.
Lower back pain responsible for a third of work-related disability   View Summary
1 April 2014
Lower back pain linked to workplace factors accounts for a third of all work-related disability worldwide, according to research led by the University of Sydney.
March 2014
The Scientific War: Universities and the First World War   View Summary
27 March 2014
AdamsA symposium, War and Peace: Universities and the First World War, to be held at The University of Sydney on the 28th March, will delve into Australian universities' contribution to the first global conflict
An advance in understanding drug 'habits' and their treatment    View Summary
26 March 2014
Cocaine promotes habitual behaviours and these can potentially be reversed with the use of an antioxidant, research at the University of Sydney has shown.
Study shows link between high birth weight and heart disease    View Summary
25 March 2014
Babies born with high birth weight may be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood, according to a University of Sydney study.
Researchers size-up what is 'normal'   View Summary
24 March 2014
Researchers from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Health Sciences will build a human database to scientifically measure and classify what is 'normal' across the population.
World famous fortepianist stars in inaugural Chancellor's Concert   View Summary
24 March 2014
Renowned American pianist Steven Lubin, best known for his path-breaking performances of Mozart and Beethoven concertos on the fortepiano, is the international guest performer at the University of Sydney's inaugural Chancellor's Concert on Friday 28 March at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Aa1 Moody's rating for the University of Sydney   View Summary
21 March 2014
The University of Sydney has today received a first-time Aa1 issuer rating from Moody's Investor Service, reflecting its strong financial performance and prominent market position in Australia.
Sydney scientists work on Plan Bee in Southeast Asia   View Summary
20 March 2014
A University of Sydney project is helping farmers in Southeast Asia to become beekeepers.
Planet terror: we all have a role to play in disaster response    View Summary
19 March 2014
On 19 March Professor Dominey-Howes will present Planet Terror: Is Earth Becoming More Dangerous? at a Sydney Science Forum and will discuss what we can we do about preparing for, and responding to, natural disasters.
Sugar is on the menu in schools as canteen guidelines fail   View Summary
19 March 2014
Guidelines used to rate school canteen menus should be overhauled to limit the sugar content of food and drinks, according to University of Sydney nutrition expert Kieron Rooney.
New grant for Alzheimer's disease research   View Summary
19 March 2014
A new grant to encourage novel approaches to therapy for Alzheimer's disease has been established.
The Con stages its first international music school in Europe   View Summary
18 March 2014
The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Music Faculty of the University of Sydney, will stage its first international music school and festival in Italy this July. A cohort of 46 tertiary students will participate in an intensive, two-week program of chamber music concerts across Verona, Mantova and Venice, whilst they are taught by some of Europe's finest music teachers.
Can testosterone shots prevent diabetes in men?    View Summary
17 March 2014
University of Sydney researchers are seeking male participants for a novel trial assessing whether regular testosterone shots can prevent type 2 diabetes in men.
Why I am learning Chinese   View Summary
17 March 2014
Earlier this month I welcomed more than 51,000 students to the University of Sydney. For some of them it is the first time they will be studying at University and hopefully it will be the start of a degree that will lead them towards a career they enjoy.
Major Thai artist's video works on show at free exhibition   View Summary
17 March 2014
The work of major Thai artist Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook is the University of Sydney Art Gallery's next free exhibition.
Advance Award for harvesting the sun's energy   View Summary
14 March 2014
Developing solar power technology that is revolutionising the way we harvest the sun's energy is among a number of reasons why University of Sydney engineering and business alumnus, Andrew Tanner, has been awarded the 2014 Advance Global Australian of the Year Award for Clean Technology.
Safe, nutritious food for all - the challenge of food security in the 21st century    View Summary
14 March 2014
On 17 March the University of Sydney is holding a public event, Good Food, Good Health: Delivering the Benefits of Food Security in Australia and Beyond, to explore this contradiction and the many complex challenges to achieving global food security.
University of Sydney hosts breast cancer consumer event   View Summary
12 March 2014
The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network is hosting a consumer awareness evening today to share the latest developments in cancer research and educate the community about improvements in diagnosis and treatment.
Vice-Chancellor sees potential for engagement with Taiwan   View Summary
11 March 2014
Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence has met University leaders in Taiwan to explore research and teaching links.
Nacho pops science   View Summary
10 March 2014
The accomplished dancer, choreographer and DJ Nate 'Nachopop' Mendelsohn
Australia and Hong Kong partners in regional economic development   View Summary
10 March 2014
On the surface Hong Kong and Australia are very different. The economy of Hong Kong is overwhelmingly reliant on services; Australia's is dependent on commodity exports. While Hong Kong has delivered one of the world's best per capita GDP levels on the back of its finance role in the last two decades, Australia has grown rich on exploiting its vast natural resources.
University of Sydney Business School and UN Women partner to promote women in leadership   View Summary
7 March 2014
The University of Sydney Business School is partnering with UN Women National Committee Australia in a joint effort to promote gender equality at the most senior levels of the nation's public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.
Supporting Sydney's biggest events   View Summary
7 March 2014
The University of Sydney is proud to continue its support of some of Sydney's biggest and most popular cultural events again in 2014.
Funding agreement will strengthen research links with Brazil   View Summary
7 March 2014
The University of Sydney has signed a funding agreement with the Sao Paulo Research Foundation, one of the leading research sponsors in South America.
SCA joins Sydney in celebrating contemporary art   View Summary
7 March 2014
As contemporary art moves into the Sydney spotlight this month when two major art festivals Art Month and the Biennale are staged, the University of Sydney's art school in Rozelle will showcase its emerging artists in a suite of new exhibitions that officially open on Thursday 13 March.
Health challenges faced by female refugees   View Summary
6 March 2014
As part of International Women's Day, the University of Sydney will co-host Displaced Women, Double Challenge on Saturday 8 March, a forum that will address the health needs of women refugees.
STEM subjects to blossom under The Future Project   View Summary
6 March 2014
Two of Sydney 's highly regarded educational institutions have joined forces on a world-first project aimed at revolutionising the way science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects are taught in high schools.
How the world missed out on a Saharan Atlantic ocean    View Summary
5 March 2014
When dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, land could have torn apart to create a Saharan ocean in the middle of Africa, University of Sydney research explains.
International artists in residence give first Art Talk at SCA   View Summary
4 March 2014
Artist duo Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson, from Spain and Iceland respectively and current artists in residence at Sydney College of the Arts in Rozelle, will give the first Art Talk of 2014 on Thursday 6 March.
Protein and carbohydrates outweigh calorie counting: major research from Charles Perkins Centre    View Summary
4 March 2014
Food intake is regulated primarily by dietary protein and carbohydrate, and not by the number of calories consumed, according to the most comprehensive study of macronutrient balance ever undertaken.
Old funds create new Koala Health Hub   View Summary
3 March 2014
Koalas throughout NSW and potentially nationwide will benefit from the establishment of the Koala Health Hub at the University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Science.
University expanding Sydney Writers' Festival sponsorship in 2014   View Summary
3 March 2014
Sydney Writers' FestivalUniversity of Sydney is giving bookworms a teaser of this year's partnership with the Sydney Writers' Festival, with two special off-season events featuring best-selling authors Alexander McCall Smith and Elizabeth Gilbert.
Master and servant relationships among nations   View Summary
3 March 2014
A University of Sydney study analyses international employment and reveals that in 2010 there were more than 11 million workers outside Australia working for the Australian people, while the total workforce in Australia was about 10 million.
February 2014
Tackling food security together   View Summary
27 February 2014
The University of Sydney met with the Chinese Vice-Minister of Agriculture Dr Li Jiayang and members of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to work on ways to help solve food security challenges.
America and Australia in partnership to save the Tassie devil   View Summary
26 February 2014
An American zoo is partnering with an Australian university to save the Tasmanian devil in the wild. San Diego Zoo Global and the University of Sydney are collaborating to assist the endangered marsupial, through the reintroduction and management of a disease-free population.
Fingerprinting herbal medicine   View Summary
26 February 2014
Details on how to fingerprint herbs, isolate and identify herb potency or connect massive clinical datasets are among the topics of a new reference tool released today by University of Sydney academics.
Brazilian students making a splash in Sydney   View Summary
25 February 2014
Today the University of Sydney welcomes more than 210 students from Brazil for the start of the University semester. Science Without Borders is a scholarship program funded by the Brazilian Government. It aims to give undergraduate students from Brazil the opportunity to study science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation at the top universities around the world.
King of classical guitar gives first Sydney concert   View Summary
25 February 2014
Marco Tamayo, one of the world's best classical guitarists who during his career has been dubbed a 'prodigy young talent' and 'The King of the guitar', will give his first public performance in Australia at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on 4 March.
Free photographic exhibition traces Pacific history   View Summary
25 February 2014
An upcoming free exhibition of historic photographs at the University of Sydney's Macleay Museum offers a fascinating look at life in the Pacific during the early colonial period.
Omega 3 and antidepressants could help avoid dementia and depression   View Summary
24 February 2014
A University of Sydney study is looking into the effectiveness of omega-3 supplements and the antidepressant, sertraline, in reducing depressive symptoms and cognitive decline in older people.
Getting ahead of infectious diseases threats to Australia   View Summary
24 February 2014
Top infectious diseases experts will arrive at new ways to combat future outbreaks in Australia at a forum to be held at University of Sydney on 27 February.
IMF chief says investment in education should be a priority   View Summary
21 February 2014
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde joins Tony Jones at the University of Sydney for a special edition of ABC TV program Q&A on Thursday 20 February at 9.30pm.
For the sake of song and language   View Summary
21 February 2014
The songs and threatened languages of one of Australia's most prominent genres of Indigenous music, wangga, from Australia's Top End, are presented in a new book published by researchers at PARADISEC (The Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures) at the University of Sydney.
NSW parents in world-first project   View Summary
21 February 2014
The University of Sydney today launched a new project which offers two years of free parenting support to parents and caregivers of children with a disability in New South Wales
Leading health system expert to steer direction of University of Sydney health and medical research   View Summary
21 February 2014
The University of Sydney - one of Australia's leading research universities - has appointed Professor Michael Reid, to chart the way forward to achieve world pre-eminence in health and medical research.
Year long exposure for SCA graduates   View Summary
21 February 2014
Artworks by four University of Sydney's SCA graduates last year have been selected for commercial display in the Australian offices of major global law firm Clyde & Co for 12 months.
New website helps breast cancer sufferers   View Summary
20 February 2014
A research team at the University of Sydney in collaboration with Cancer Australia and Breast Cancer Network Australia, has developed a new online resource that takes women through the process of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
China: The Insecure Global Power   View Summary
19 February 2014
Faced with growing expectations, China's foreign policy is actually becoming more insecure.
Lotus leaves and gecko hairs - how nature makes materials    View Summary
19 February 2014
On 20 February at a Sydney Ideas lecture at the University of Sydney, Professor Ullrich Steiner, the John Humphrey Plummer Professor of the Physics of Materials at the University of Cambridge, will describe the latest research based on recreating the extraordinary properties of natural materials.
New mental health building will deliver unique model of care    View Summary
17 February 2014
A partnership between the University of Sydney and the NSW Government will deliver much needed mental health hospital beds and a range of services, in a new purpose-designed building supporting rehabilitation for up to 1900 people experiencing mental health issues each year.
Land Art on show at Tin Sheds   View Summary
14 February 2014
A new exhibition at the University of Sydney's Tin Sheds Gallery showcases the international, award-winning work of Denton Corker Marshall - the architecture practice behind landmark buildings including the Melbourne Museum, Sydney's Governor Phillip Tower and the UK's new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
Maths and Science Ambassador a perfect post for Adam Spencer    View Summary
13 February 2014
Adam Spencer has been appointed as the University of Sydney's Mathematics and Science Ambassador, the first time such a role has been created at an Australian university.
A message from Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence on National Apology Day   View Summary
13 February 2014
A statement from Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence on National Apology Day.
University of Sydney students Singapore bound under new Colombo Plan   View Summary
13 February 2014
University of Sydney students are among the first tranche of Australian students to be awarded the opportunity to travel to Asia under the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan - a major initiative to enhance knowledge of the Indo Pacific region, and strengthen our personal and institutional ties, through scholarship and internships.
University to host Q&A special with IMF MD Christine Lagarde   View Summary
12 February 2014
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde will join award-winning journalist Tony Jones at the University of Sydney for a special edition of popular ABC TV program Q&A on Thursday 20 February.
Celebrating our future leaders   View Summary
11 February 2014
The University of Sydney has recognised the success of hundreds of its high-achieving students during the 2013 academic year.
Study finds midwifery care saves money and is safer   View Summary
11 February 2014
University of Sydney research has found that pregnant women who see the same midwife throughout pregnancy are more likely to experience fewer interventions during birth, and cost the public hospital system less than women who receive standard shared antenatal care or private obstetric care.
Sydney Ideas kicks off another big year   View Summary
11 February 2014
Another year of inspiring talks, forums and conversations kivcked off this week with the launch of the 2014 season of Sydney Ideas.
School kids name new reef fish   View Summary
10 February 2014
Primary school children in Sydney have named a newly identified species of reef fish, recently described by a University of Sydney ichthyologist.
In simple everyday foreign languages, unis get it   View Summary
10 February 2014
Two universities are collaborating to save crucial language programs.
Tough life key to croc immunity    View Summary
10 February 2014
The immune systems of crocodiles and alligators have remained relatively unchanged for centuries despite their worldwide distribution, as revealed for the first time by University of Sydney researchers.
Abbott's vision for Australia's relationship with Indonesia   View Summary
6 February 2014
As an isolated case, the illegal entry of the Australian navy into Indonesian waters can perhaps be seen as a minor mistake or, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott put it earlier this week, a missed tackle in football. In a very different diplomatic context it would be easily brushed aside. If, for example, the Australian government and defence forces were collaborating closely with Indonesia to address joint concerns over asylum seekers and the relationship was in an otherwise robust state. Unfortunately, that is not the case at present.
Attention China and Japan: Grow Up   View Summary
6 February 2014
China and Japan's rhetoric towards each other more resembles playground insults than rational, mature foreign policy.
Our elite athletes go for gold   View Summary
6 February 2014
A record-equalling four University of Sydney Olympians from the University's Sport and Fitness (SUSF) Elite Athlete program will be attempting to jump, ski, dance and bobsleigh their way to gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics this month.
Acclaimed Japanese architect gives first public lecture in Sydney   View Summary
5 February 2014
Junya Ishigami, one of Japan's youngest and brightest architects will visit Sydney this week to deliver a one-off public lecture at The University of Sydney on Friday 7 February.
Australia slips on number one cause of ill health - poor diet   View Summary
3 February 2014
Australians are being failed by national efforts to make foods healthier, Australian researchers have found.
January 2014
World award for Skymaster   View Summary
31 January 2014
Skymaster an autopilot for unmanned aerial vehicles, has won a University of Sydney robotics researcher the 2014 international MathWorks Student Challenge.
In many ways, the 'China dream' is not different from the American one   View Summary
31 January 2014
We in the west misunderstand China's aspirations because we are woefully ignorant about its history. To understand China, looking back in time is the best bet
China and Australia share a multicultural future   View Summary
31 January 2014
This Friday is Chinese New Year. It marks the start of the Spring Festival in China, a week-long festival which celebrates family reunion.
A hundred faces of Chinese history   View Summary
29 January 2014
The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, edited by Professor Kerry Brown, Executive Director of the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, offers readers an insight into five thousand years of Chinese history through the stories and struggles of one hundred of the country's most influential people.
University of Sydney front-runner again for student support and services   View Summary
29 January 2014
The University of Sydney's efforts to provide the best student experience in Australia have been recognised by the National Union of Students (NUS).
Scientists reveal the cause of one of the most devastating pandemics in history   View Summary
28 January 2014
An international collaboration of scientists, including from the University of Sydney has solved a historical cold case by revealing that two of the world's most devastating plagues were caused by distinct versions of the same pathogen.
Indigenous soldiers remembered: the research behind Black Diggers    View Summary
28 January 2014
University of Sydney academic Dr David Williams explains the research process behind major Sydney Festival theatre project Black Diggers, which tells the stories of young Indigenous soldiers who fought in World War One.
University community honoured on Australia Day   View Summary
26 January 2014
Members of the University of Sydney community have been acknowledged for their influence on Australian society in the latest round of Australia Day Honours.
Celebrating outstanding health contributions   View Summary
24 January 2014
Seven University of Sydney professors have made it into the National Health and Medical Research Council's research Hall of Fame.
Jazz Master receives Australia Council Award   View Summary
24 January 2014
The Australia Council for the Arts has recognised the outstanding contribution of jazz pianist, composer and bandleader Mike Nock by awarding him the 2014 Don Banks Music Award.
Squandering our diplomatic savings   View Summary
24 January 2014
Prime Minister Tony Abbott risks ineffectiveness on the world stage as long as his government struggles to maintain a suitable level of diplomacy in the region, writes Susan Banki.
Jenny Liu's debut role in 2014 Australian season of the King and I   View Summary
24 January 2014
Young soprano student Jenny Liu, who completed a Bachelor of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, will make her professional debut in a principal role in the 2014 Australian production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classical Broadway musical The King and I.
Loner lizards don't light up - the social side of lizards    View Summary
23 January 2014
One of the first studies conducted on young reptiles reared without contact with their siblings is challenging the assumption that only mammals and birds are shaped by social interactions. The research comes from the University of Sydney's School of Biological Sciences.
Will the consumer of the future be a collaborator?    View Summary
23 January 2014
Dr Dey, from the University of Sydney, will be discussing whether collaborative consumption can change our economy, communities and world at a Sydney Festival forum on 23 January.
CORE award for University professor   View Summary
22 January 2014
Algorithms that enable powerful and intuitive searching of large data have earned a University of Sydney Information Technologies senior academic the 2014 Computing Research & Education (CORE) Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research Contribution.
China vs Facebook: intimate rivals   View Summary
22 January 2014
The Chinese state and the United States company are engaged in an epic if undeclared contest over control and wealth-creation
Better teachers not just a university responsibility   View Summary
21 January 2014
Better teachers are not just a university responsibility, argues Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence.
Drugs linked to poor outcomes in older people with Alzheimer's disease   View Summary
21 January 2014
Research by the University of Sydney has found that exposure to high-risk drug classes is associated with higher rates of hospitalisation and mortality in older people with Alzheimer's disease.
Scientific excellence recognised with awards    View Summary
21 January 2014
The early-career achievements of three University of Sydney academics, conducting research in veterinary science, geoscience and chemistry, have been recognised with prestigious awards from the Australian Academy of Science.
The power of microparticles   View Summary
20 January 2014
An Australian discovery has the potential to transform the treatment of a heart attack, after a new approach boosted heart function in preclinical studies.
Chrysalis at gaffa showcases an evolution of SCA artists    View Summary
16 January 2014
Innovative and vibrant contemporary works by 24 emerging and established artists from Sydney College of the Arts' jewellery and object Studio will feature in a new exhibition Chrysalis at the gaffa gallery in the Sydney CBD. Chrysalis, officially opening on 9 January 2014 (6pm), is showing from 10-20 January 2014.
A first in silicon photonics research   View Summary
15 January 2014
An international research team, led by researchers from the University of Sydney, have observed an on-chip soliton compression in a silicon photonic crystal for the first time
Discover. Connect. Be inspired at Sydney Festival   View Summary
14 January 2014
As a major hub for this year's Sydney Festival, the University of Sydney will celebrate the energy, creativity and diversity of our city throughout January.
220 marine scientists raise alarm about NSW recreational fishing   View Summary
14 January 2014
More than 220 marine scientists from across Australia and internationally, including from the University of Sydney, have raised concerns for NSW's marine life if the state government moves to permanently allow recreational fishing in no-take sanctuary zones.
Obesity cannot be controlled through personal responsibility alone   View Summary
14 January 2014
Obesity cannot be controlled through personal responsibility alone, argues Ben Brooks in an edited extract of the essay that won the University's Wentworth Medal.
Scapegoating steroids is harmful   View Summary
13 January 2014
PhD student Scott Griffiths, from the University of Sydney's School of Psychology says the concept of of roid rage is wrong.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island school students taste university life   View Summary
13 January 2014
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students from as far as Darwin and the Torres Strait's Thursday Island are in Sydney this week for the University of Sydney's inaugural Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program.
University defends academic freedom    View Summary
10 January 2014
The University of Sydney has responded to criticism of its academics and defended academic freedom.
Forecasting to prevent mass atrocity   View Summary
10 January 2014
AfricaAs the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) worsens, researchers from the Atrocity Forecasting Project argue that models for predicting genocide and politicide could help prevent these instances of mass violence.
Dancing with the stars - astronomy meets choreography at the Sydney Festival    View Summary
8 January 2014
Dr Helen Johnston, from the University of Sydney's School of Physics discusses her involvement in the Sydney Festival dance work, AM I.
Pots and pot shots to benefit Sydney's marine life    View Summary
3 January 2014
The University of Sydney is involved in an innovative project to increase marine life on Sydney's foreshore, using sea pots attached to the sea wall.