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  • Australian PM Tony Abbot visits China [23 April 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    Kerry Brown was interviewd by CRI English on Australian PM Tony Abbot's visit to China. More

  • Chinese investment demystified:Minister launches KPMG-University of Sydney website [14 April 2014]

    Australia and China

    The first interactive online resource designed to dispel the myths surrounding Chinese investment in Australia and inform debate on the issue has been launched in Shanghai today by the Commonwealth Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb. More

  • Graeme Smith has undertaken a short lecture tour in the United States[11 April 2014]

    Graeme Smith

    Dr Graeme Smith has undertaken a short lecture tour in the United States. More

  • Chinese storge jars in China and Beyond [11 April 2014]


    Dr Li Baoping has written an catalog essay "Chinese Storge Jars in China and Beyond" for exhibition Chigusa and the art of tea. More

  • We still don't know how to talk about China [11 April 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    Australia cannot be bereft of a coherent national narrative for its relations with China any longer. It falls to Tony Abbott to do something about this on his current visit, writes Kerry Brown. More

  • China and the "New" Silk Road [3 April 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    To the east of the confines of the current Ukrainian crisis, another geopolitical rivalry over former Soviet Republics is taking shape. China has been making quiet but significant moves to establish a "new" silk road through the Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. More

  • Mr Xi goes to Brussels [31 March 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    It is a telling fact that despite nearly 40 years of formal diplomatic relations between the EU and China, and over a decade as key strategic partners, a Chinese head of state has never formally visited the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels. More

  • Could China ever govern Taiwan [31 March 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    China's leaders, not used to dealing with public opinion, are unprepared to handle Taiwan's vocal population. More

  • China, between self and society [28 March 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    The need for an ethical vision to hold society together saw China's former premier Wen Jiabao look to Adam Smith. What does this reveal about the elite's thinking, asks Kerry Brown. More

  • Abbott's Nixon in China moment[24 March 2014]

    Kerry Brown

    Mr Abbot's visit to China in early April will be the biggest diplomatic challenge of his premiership so far. But it won't be because of the various minefields over China-Japan relations and Australia's role in all of this that have dominated the airwaves so far. More

  • Why I am learning Chinese [18 March 2014]

    Michael Spence

    Earlier this month I welcomed more than 51,000 students to the University of Sydney. For some of them it is the first time they will be studying at University and hopefully it will be the start of a degree that will lead them towards a career they enjoy. More

  • Graeme Smith and UNDP China project [17 March 2014]

    Graeme Smith

    Graeme Smith has just returned from Papua New Guinea, where he was team leader for a UNDP China project looking at the prospects for aid cooperation with China in the Pacific. More