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  • China's steady development benefits the world[1 July 2016]

    人民网悉尼6月29日电 (盛楚宜) 在中国共产党成立95周年之际,悉尼大学商学院中国工商管理学教授汉斯·杭智科博士接受了人民网记者的专访。他表示,中国共产党在中国艰难的历史时期安定了民心重铸了民族凝聚力,现在正带领中国步入迈向建设世界强国的征程。 More

  • To Wing Chinese Language and Culture Fund launched[22 June 2016]

    Students from the University of Sydney's Department of Chinese Studies will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of China, thanks to a new fund launched this week. More

  • Member's event: Health Technology Evaluation: Two-Day Workshop[17 June 2016]

    Our member A/Prof Simon Poon is the co-leader of the Health Technology Evaluation: Two-Day Workshop. More

  • Leading legal expert named Harvard Chair in Australian Studies[17 June 2016]

    Congratulations to our member Professor Ben Saul for the appointment of the Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Chair in Australian Studies for the 2017-2018 academic year. More

  • The best and worst things of the Chinese language[17 June 2016]

    Is Chinese a backward language? A recent article in Foreign Policy has sparked much discussion. More

  • Sydney launch of "From Opiun War to Sun Yat-sen"[2 June 2016]

    国际知名孙中山研究学者黄宇和院士其最新着作《历史侦探:从鸦片战争到孙中山》,今日在新州议会举行新书发布仪式,以纪念孙中山先生诞辰150周年纪念。 More

  • On South China Sea [10 May 2016]

    Associate Professor Jingdong Yuan from the Department of Government and International Relations and a member of the China Studies Centre was interviewed on ABC News 24's Weekend Breakfast about the Prime Minister's approach to the South China Sea dispute during his visit to China. More

  • China:Writers Talk Politics[10 May 2016]

    Dr Minglu Chen from the China Studies Centre and the Department of Government and International Relations will participate in the Sydney Writers Festival 'China:Writers Talk Politics' More

  • Why would a Chinese funeral home 3D-print body parts for damaged corpses[10 May 2016]

    Dr Xiaohuan Zhao from the School of Languages and Cultures, and a member of the China Studies Centre, was interviewed by SBS on Chinese beliefs on death and afterlife. More

  • Short Term Faculty Exchange Program 2016-2017[1 April 2016]

    The Short Term Faculty Exchange Program MOU between the University of Sydney (Sydney) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) aims to promote beneficial linkage and strengthen academic collaboration of the two institutions through a one-week visit of the selected academics. More

  • China Studies Centre funding leads to book on human costs of China's urbanisation[9 February 2016]

    More than thirty academics across the University of Sydney and various universities in China stress that the human costs from China's urbanisation and economic achievement should not be ignored, in Urbanisation and Public Health in China, published January 2016, with funding support from the China Studies Centre. More

  • A China Studies Centre Research Grant and the Education of "Good" Citizens in China[2 December 2015]

    On Monday 7 December 2015, members of the China Studies Centre and academic staff of the University of Sydney will enhance their understanding of moral and citizenship education in China at a special symposium with financial backing from the China Studies Centre. More