The Peony Pavilion

4 February 2013

Professor Hans Hendrischke, member of China Studies Centre, responeded to Sydney Festival's production Kunku operathe Peony Pavilion, which was performed in the Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House.

"The Sydney Festival performance was coherent in its selection of the favourite dream scenes and the lead-up to the happy end. Seasoned Chinese Opera fans missed some popular scenes famous for their allusions to classical Chinese literature, but realised that most of the audience had not memorised the canon of Chinese classics, and might have more fun with romantic scenes and acrobatics thrown in." commented by Professor Hendrischke.

"The Sydney Festival Peony Pavilion is audience friendly not only in the selection of scenes and presenting a story but in presenting a Northern Kunqu Opera, which is easier to accept and enjoy than the highly elaborate and sophisticated original Southern Kunqu Opera." Professor Hendrischke concluded.

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