Contemporary Overseas Chinese Literature: Theory and Practice

30 March 2011

15 to 18 May 2011

Jointly organised by the School of Languages and Cultures at the Faculty of Arts, the China Studies Centre of the University of Sydney and the Chinese Department of Fudan University.

Sponsored by the University of Sydney Confucius Institute.

Conference aim

To bring together scholars from mainland China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Germany, Sweden and North America to analyse the latest developments in Contemporary Overseas Chinese Literature.

Conference focus

The Conference will focus on New Chinese Immigrant Literature in both Chinese and English in the context of global Chinese literature, by discussing the relationship between this emerging phenomenon and mainland Chinese literature, as well as local literary traditions. For example, some New Chinese Immigrant writers still write in Chinese about China and seek publishing in China (such as Yan Gelin, Hong Ying, Zhan Ling and Chen Qian), whereas others write in English and become part of the literary scene of their new host countries (such as Jung Chang, Ha Jin, Qiu Xiaolong, Guo Xiaolu, Li Yunru and Li Cunxin).

How should we understand the identity, tradition and circumstances of these two groups of writers? Are there any other theoretical spaces we can explore?

The Conference hopes to examine these issues from the perspectives of both Mainland Chinese literature and overseas Chinese literature, including Chinese literature in Oceania.

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