Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence discussed the China Studies Centre on ABC's Australia Network

5 August 2011

Launched earlier this year, the China Studies Centre is an important cross-disciplinary initiative that draws experts together from across the University's academic disciplines to study and create a better understanding of contemporary China.

It was recently profiled by the Newsline program on the ABC's Australia Network (follow link, then click 'Studying China').

"We're certainly aiming to make this one of the centres of academic excellence for china studies in the world."Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence told ABC's Australia Network, "We are looking at the issues facing China in the civil society."

The Centre's Acting Director Prof David Goodman also commented in the same program,"What we need is more understanding, and that's what the China Studies Centre is for, to help people to understand each other: for us to understand China and for China to understand us."