Shuxia Chen, CSC Research Student Member, on SBS2

16 February 2012

Make Yourself At Home, an exhibition curated by Shuxia Chen, CSC Research Student Member, explores the experiences shared by the generation of Chinese-Australians born in the 1970s and 80s; their generation's identity; and their ongoing impact on Australian's cultural scene. Using installations, photography, video art and painting, the exhibition canvases these young Chinese-Australian artists' perspectives on cultural heritage, diaspora experience and their future lives in the local community.

The curator and participating artist Shuxia Chen stresses the necessity to acknowledge the upcoming generation of young Chinese-Australian adults. "Compared to Chinese who immigrated to Australian after the '89 Tiananmen Incident, this new generation came or was born in Australia against the background of the rise of China. They grew up without political burden, and benefiting from the boom of pop culture, computers, and the internet. They have more freedom and choices." The exhibition was featured in yesterday'sSBS2 newsand will run until 23 February at Chinalink Gallery