CSC Academic Director David Goodman on ABC Radio

14 March 2012

CSC Acting Director David Goodman was interviewed by ABC Radio, on the former police chief of Chongqing Wang Lijun who was branded as a traitor by the CCP during the National Congress.

Wang, who was so-called the "anti-mafia hero" (Dahei yingxiong), has not been seen since his arrest after he left a meeting at the US consulate in Chengdu on 6 February.

What will happen next after this denounce on him? Professor David Goodman commented, "In the way of things there may be no process, there may be no open process, or closed process or there may be a show trial, hard to tell. My feeling is that whatever happened, this kind of explanation is to be expected after the event in order to clean up and move forward for the Party and the people involved."

To listen to the whole interview, please visitABC Radio.