Chinese Politics - still a man's world

29 August 2012

Through the downfall of Gu Kailai, Prof Kerry Brown, CSC Executive Director, discussed the political role of women within China's central government.


"Asking why Chinese politics does not have more female representation is only uncovering just how profoundly conservative and risk averse the current political elite are." Professor Brown says, "In fact, it is clear that women do have a major role, but almost always behind the scenes."

"In modern China, it is true that women hold up half the sky - but as the Gu case shows, they do so often behind a subtle veil, in an environment dominated by men in which they figure as peripheral players - except when they become immensely rich in the private sector, or, as Gu proved, when they supposedly bring their husbands down through their own misbehavior." He concludes.


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