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December 2014
Outcomes of 2015 Australian Government Mobility Program for New Colombo Plan Mobility Projects   View Summary
9 December 2014
general China This is a summary of the outcomes of 2015 Australian Government Mobility Program for New Colombo Plan Mobility Projects (NCPMP).
November 2014
The 2014 Sydney China Business Forum with Platinum Partner Bank of Communications   View Summary
4 November 2014
Bank of Communications logo The 2014 Sydney China Business Forum to focus on 'Australia-China Partnerships in Financial Services' with Platinum Partner Bank of Communications.
September 2014
Dr Terry Woronov received Excellence in Teaching Awards   View Summary
17 September 2014
Dr Terry WoronovAcademic member Dr Terry Woronov received "Excellence in Teaching (Design and Practice) Awards.
Demystifying SOE Investment in China    View Summary
17 September 2014
KPMG REPORT Latest report "Demystifying SOE Investment in China" was launched.
Celebrating Moon Festival 2014    View Summary
16 September 2014
General China Almost 1000 students and staff at the University of Sydney gathered to celebrate Moon Festival on Monday 8 September with China Studies Centre.
July 2014
Why does China face so many food safety issues?    View Summary
25 July 2014
Dr Adrian Hearn CSC Academic Member Dr Adrian Hearn was interviewed by CNBC on China's food safety issues.
Kerry Brown on his new book " The New Emperors"    View Summary
25 July 2014
Kerry Brown Professor Kerry Brown introduced his new book " The New Emperors" to China File.
Emeritus Professor Derrick Armstrong in China    View Summary
22 July 2014
China general image Emeritus Professor Derrick Armstrong gave an invited keynote address entitled 'Student Learning in an Internationalised Higher Education Context.
Note to Abbott: don't mention the war    View Summary
11 July 2014
Kerry Brown The Prime Minister's comments in praise of Japanese soldiers during World War II have angered China. This isn't just shaky diplomacy - it's also poor history, writes Kerry Brown.
June 2014
David Brophy in the media    View Summary
4 June 2014
David BrophyAcademic member Dr Bavid Brophy was quoted in a few papers on the bombing in Urumuqi,China.
Kerry Brown on China-America relation    View Summary
4 June 2014
Kerry Brown布朗教授就中美外交关系接受凤凰卫视的采访。
China and Africa    View Summary
4 June 2014
Kerry Brown中国不向非洲说教是布朗教授为香港商报写的一篇论文。
China, war and the 'Sentiments of a Nation'   View Summary
4 June 2014
Kerry Brown Clausewitz's writings on the sentimental dimensions of war help explain China's recent moves in the South China Sea.
May 2014
Adrian Hearn organised a forum for WUN   View Summary
29 May 2014
Adrian Hearn On 21st May 2014, the University of Chicago Centre for Latin American Studies hosted a forum in collaboration with the University of Sydney and WUN, entitled "Feeding the masses: China-Latin America agriculture connections through time."
Mobility has shown stark differences among Chinese    View Summary
29 May 2014
Kerry Brown Opinion piece " Mobility has shown stark differences among Chinese" by Kerry Brown was published in China Daily Hong Kong Edition on 23 May.
Hu Yaobang: from Beijing to the Pilbara   View Summary
29 May 2014
Kerry Brown Professor Kerry Brown has invitewd by SBS on Hu Yaobang's legacy.
China's search for space   View Summary
20 May 2014
Kerry Brown China's regional muscle-flexing reflects its feeling that it faces significant geographical and symbolic constraints, writes Kerry Brown.
Africa and China's values deficit    View Summary
14 May 2014
Kerry Brown China promises wealth and prosperity to Africa, but there's increasing scrutiny of the cost of this type of development.
April 2014
Australian PM Tony Abbot visits China    View Summary
23 April 2014
Kerry Brown Kerry Brown was interviewd by CRI English on Australian PM Tony Abbot's visit to China.
Chinese investment demystified:Minister launches KPMG-University of Sydney website    View Summary
14 April 2014
Australia and China The first interactive online resource designed to dispel the myths surrounding Chinese investment in Australia and inform debate on the issue has been launched in Shanghai today by the Commonwealth Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb.
We still don't know how to talk about China    View Summary
11 April 2014
Kerry BrownAustralia cannot be bereft of a coherent national narrative for its relations with China any longer. It falls to Tony Abbott to do something about this on his current visit, writes Kerry Brown.
Chinese storge jars in China and Beyond    View Summary
11 April 2014
Pot Dr Li Baoping has written an catalog essay "Chinese Storge Jars in China and Beyond" for exhibition Chigusa and the art of tea.
Graeme Smith has undertaken a short lecture tour in the United States   View Summary
11 April 2014
Graeme Smith Dr Graeme Smith has undertaken a short lecture tour in the United States.
China and the "New" Silk Road    View Summary
3 April 2014
Kerry Brown To the east of the confines of the current Ukrainian crisis, another geopolitical rivalry over former Soviet Republics is taking shape. China has been making quiet but significant moves to establish a "new" silk road through the Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
March 2014
Could China ever govern Taiwan    View Summary
31 March 2014
Kerry Brown China's leaders, not used to dealing with public opinion, are unprepared to handle Taiwan's vocal population.
Mr Xi goes to Brussels    View Summary
31 March 2014
Kerry Brown It is a telling fact that despite nearly 40 years of formal diplomatic relations between the EU and China, and over a decade as key strategic partners, a Chinese head of state has never formally visited the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels.
China, between self and society    View Summary
28 March 2014
Kerry Brown The need for an ethical vision to hold society together saw China's former premier Wen Jiabao look to Adam Smith. What does this reveal about the elite's thinking, asks Kerry Brown.
Abbott's Nixon in China moment   View Summary
24 March 2014
Kerry BrownMr Abbot's visit to China in early April will be the biggest diplomatic challenge of his premiership so far. But it won't be because of the various minefields over China-Japan relations and Australia's role in all of this that have dominated the airwaves so far.
Why I am learning Chinese    View Summary
18 March 2014
Michael SpenceEarlier this month I welcomed more than 51,000 students to the University of Sydney. For some of them it is the first time they will be studying at University and hopefully it will be the start of a degree that will lead them towards a career they enjoy.
Graeme Smith and UNDP China project    View Summary
17 March 2014
Graeme SmithGraeme Smith has just returned from Papua New Guinea, where he was team leader for a UNDP China project looking at the prospects for aid cooperation with China in the Pacific.
Australia and Hong Kong partners in regional economic develppment    View Summary
11 March 2014
China-Australia Opinion piece " Australia and Hong Kong partners in regional economic development" written by Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence and Professor Kerry Brown was published in China Daily on 10 March 2014.
Figuring out Chinese history and culture    View Summary
6 March 2014
China Professor Kerry Brown was interviewed by Jonathan Peariman about the new edited book " Dictionary of Chinese Biography".
Obama, Xi, and the Dalai Lama: How to address the Tibet issue    View Summary
5 March 2014
Kerry Brown Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama won't solve the intractable problems in Tibet. Creative solutions are needed.
February 2014
North Korea: elite shame, world test    View Summary
28 February 2014
Kerry BrownA credible United Nations report on North Korea demands a humane and practical response to its people's degradation
Chinese history should be compulsory school subject in western countries   View Summary
26 February 2014
Kerry BrownChinese history should be compulsory school subject in western countries
Will China find the memory of Zhao Ziyang too hard to handle?   View Summary
25 February 2014
Kerry BrownRumours of former Chinese Communist Party general secretary and premier Zhao Ziyang's posthumous political rehabilitation have come and gone in the last decade. Zhao's predecessor, Hu Yaobang,
Minglu Chen and David Goodman presented at international workshop on middle class China   View Summary
24 February 2014
David GoodmanMinglu Chen and David Goodman presented a workshop on Middle Class China at Tokyo University, 24 January.
China and the US: It's good to talk   View Summary
24 February 2014
Kerry BrownNo two powers in history have, at least in the last forty years, talked to each other so much as the US and China.
China: The Insecure Global Power   View Summary
19 February 2014
Kerry BrownFaced with growing expectations, China's foreign policy is actually becoming more insecure.
Middle Class China: Dreams and Aspirations   View Summary
17 February 2014
David GoodmanAn important part of the China Dream is the development of a comfortable middle class lifestyle for all. This is not such a surprising development since a public discourse surrounding the emergence of a middle class has been in the making for over a decade. There is though nonetheless an apparent paradox in a Communist Party embracing the middle class. Understanding how and why this has occurred, as well as attempting to identify the consequences for social stratification in China is clearly important. While it would seem reasonable to attempt to analyse China's middle class in terms of wealth, or occupation or even lifestyle, it is argued that this is fairly meaningless: in this context the middle class is more a discourse than social structure.
Democracy in Hong Kong was never Britain's concern   View Summary
4 February 2014
Kerry BrownKerry Brown says its priority was always a dignified retreat, given the limited room for manoeuvre
January 2014
In many ways, the "China Dream" is not different from the American one   View Summary
31 January 2014
Prof Kerry BrownWe in the west misunderstand China's aspirations because we are woefully ignorant about its history. To understand China, looking back in time is the best bet.
Xi's "Man of the People" Persona   View Summary
23 January 2014
Kerry BrownXi Jinping is creating an image of himself as a man of the people. Without actions to back it up, his PR could backfire.
Lao Qiang at the Sydney Festival: ancient entertainment for the 21st century   View Summary
23 January 2014
Adrian HearnWe've all heard Mongolian throat singing and Peking Opera, but a new Chinese musical tradition is beginning to reverberate around the world and will be showcased this week at the Sydney Festival.
Rising stars of China's business world   View Summary
22 January 2014
Kerry BrownKerry Brown and Kalley Tzuhui Wu have chosen their top eight Chinese business people
'Shanghai 2020': Reform and the Chinese Dream    View Summary
13 January 2014
Professor Kerry Brown New book " Shanghai 2020:the City's Vision for Its Future" by Kerry Brown was launched in Shanghai on 8 January.
Measurement, promotions and patterns of behavior in Chinese local government   View Summary
10 January 2014
Graeme Smith Article "Measurement, promotions and patterns of behavior in Chinese local government" by Dr Gareme Smith was published the special issue of The Journal of Peasant Studies. Volume 40, issue 6, 2013.
China 2013: A Year in Review   View Summary
7 January 2014
Kerry BrownOpinion piece "China 2013: A Year in Review" by Kerry Brown was published in China Briefing on 6th January 2014.
David Goodman on China's new round of anti-corruptioncampaign   View Summary
7 January 2014
Professor David Goodman Professor David Goodman was called upon to comment on China's new around of anti-corruption campaign by China Radio International.
History, family, and entitlement: The new leaders in Northeast Asia   View Summary
3 January 2014
Kerry Brown Opinion piece " History, family, and entitlement: The new leaders in Northeast Asia" by Kerry Brown was published in THE DIPLOMAT on 26 Dec 2013.