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December 2015
A China Studies Centre Research Grant and the Education of "Good" Citizens in China   View Summary
2 December 2015
On Monday 7 December 2015, members of the China Studies Centre and academic staff of the University of Sydney will enhance their understanding of moral and citizenship education in China at a special symposium with financial backing from the China Studies Centre.
November 2015
China Studies Centre collaboration leads to new book   View Summary
26 November 2015
Two members of the China Studies Centre, Associate Professor Linda Tsung and Dr Wei Wang, have edited and published a new book by John Benjamins Publishing Company, a leading publisher in Australia, thanks to an academic exchange platform provided by the China Studies Centre.
Seed funding blossoms strong long-term collaboration   View Summary
10 November 2015
A joint Big-Data Laboratory for Integrative Medicine has been successfully established for the next two years thanks to the University of Sydney China Studies Centre's financial support of $15,000.
October 2015
Taiwan Film Festival - 27th-28th October 2015    View Summary
19 October 2015
In collaboration with Sydney College of the Arts, we are delighted to invite you two events showcasing the two most recent award wining releases of Taiwanese directors Hou Hsiao-Hsieh (侯孝贤) and Chang Tso-Chi (张作骥).
City of Ryde is hosting the Ryde China Business Forum   View Summary
14 October 2015
In partnership with the Sydney China Business Forum, the City of Ryde is hosting Ryde China Business Forum. This event aims to showcase the City of Ryde economy, with a particular focus on Macquarie Park --- Australia's fastest growing business precinct over the last 10 years.
Australian expert Kerry Brown: Australia and China should alliance   View Summary
6 October 2015
China Studies Centre Director Professor Kerry Brown analyses current Sino-Australian relations and the prospects of bilateral cooperations in featured Q & A.
September 2015
Celebrate the Moon Festival this week   View Summary
21 September 2015
In anticipation of the upcoming Moon Festival, China Studies Centre project Officer Lulu Shen explains the festival's history and reveals the events, activities and performances being held at the University this month.
Food security - global problem requires global solutions   View Summary
2 September 2015
The China Studies Centre's academic members are building sustainable research relations with China in agriculture and environmental science.
July 2015
Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) is open for application   View Summary
13 July 2015
The Australian Government, in partnership with the Government of the People's Republic of China, has established the Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF). The ACSRF is now open for application.
June 2015
Sydney Conservatorium of Music hosts delegation from China Conservatory   View Summary
29 June 2015
This week marks the success of a major musical culture exchange forum between the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and China Conservatory of Music.
Opportunities in Health with China   View Summary
15 June 2015
In 2015, the Centre has expanded its academic research focus to health and science, as demonstrated by recently-joined member Professor Patrick Brennan.
May 2015
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - ACYA Journal of Australia-China Affairs 2015, co-published with China Studies   View Summary
27 May 2015
The ACYA Journal is calling for submission for 2015 edition. This is a peer-reviewed journal by the China Studies Centre, entirely English-Chinese bilingually translated, and offers up to AUD$400 in prizes for each section.
Celebrating the Opening of Sydney China Studies Student Society    View Summary
26 May 2015
Sydney China Studies Student Society opens for memebership applications.
China Studies Centre Academic Member profile - Professor Joe Dong    View Summary
26 May 2015
The China Studies Centre supports high-quality, innovative academic engagement with great diversities in research collaborations. This month we are showcasing Professor Joe Dong from Engineering.
Seismic shifts in Chinese investment in Australia - latest Demystifying Chinese Investment in Austra   View Summary
26 May 2015
NSW Premier launched the latest 'Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia' KPMG/USYD report yesterday.
China Studies Centre assigns Professor Vivienne Bath as Director of Research   View Summary
21 May 2015
Today, the China Studies Centre Executive Committee endorsed the new appointment of the Centre's Director of Research Professor Vivienne Bath.
University of Sydney deepening Australia-China ties   View Summary
21 May 2015
The Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney met with the Ambassador from the People's Republic of China His Excellency Mr Ma Zhaoxu in Canberra on 20th May.
Highlights of the 2015 Chinese Government Work Report   View Summary
12 May 2015
This Work Report this year focussed on two themes - the aspiration to maintain reasonable growth rates, even as the overall GDP has been diminishing to around 7 per cent, and the stress on sustainability.
Call for applications: Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies and the Taiwan Fellows   View Summary
1 May 2015
Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies and the Taiwan Fellowship is open for applications.
April 2015
Memorandum of Understanding signed between the University of Sydney and Minzu University of China   View Summary
28 April 2015
On 23 April, a combined delegation from China's State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC) and Minzu University of China (MUC) participated in a roundtable discussion at the University of Sydney.
Gao Yu, and power in China   View Summary
22 April 2015
The jailing of a veteran journalist for leaking a party document is an instructive moment for those studying the mind of authority in China.
'Fear and Greed': A Closer Look at Australia's China Policy   View Summary
21 April 2015
What if PM Abbott is right to describe Australia's China policy as based on "fear and greed"?
2014 China-Australia Trade Report launched by Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop    View Summary
10 April 2015
Congratulations to China Studies Centre Academic Members Prof. Hans Hendrischke and Dr Wei Li on their work in producing the 2014 China-Australia Trade Report, which was launched in Canberra on 25 March.
U.S. failure to stop China bank unmasks world finance fight   View Summary
9 April 2015
Bloomberg (US) quoted Professor Kerry Brown from the China Studies Centre in a story about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
Pleasing the emperor   View Summary
9 April 2015
China is beginning to recognise that a complex economy demands nuanced policies, writes Kerry Brown. But the shift could be rocky.
David Hamer to present at human rights workshop in China   View Summary
7 April 2015
Sydney Law School's Associate Professor David Hamer has been invited by the China Supreme People's Court to present on wrongful convictions at an invitation-only workshop in Changzhou, Jiangsu province from 6-7 May.