The CSC Research Student seminar series

8 March 2013

In order to create a research community for our students and thus better support their research and scholarship, the China Studies Centre has initiated a monthly event, the CSC Research Student Seminar series. This will provide an opportunity for CSC research students to meet each other and CSC academic members, create a shared identity, as well as discuss intellectual and practical issues.

The seminar is scheduled at 12-1 pm on every second Friday of each month at Room 310 Old Teachers College (see schedule below), in which a student will present his/her research, followed by a discussion. CSC Academic members, especially research student supervisors, are invited to come.

Please note that this is a brown bag seminar, so feel free to bring your lunch.


08/03/2013Zoe WANGThe influences of Environmental NGOs on Rural Landscape Change in China
12/04/2013Ben SUNThe Political Participation of Chinese Diaspora in Australia Local Government from 1990s till 2012
10/05/2013Cerrina Lu ZhangLanguage Policy and School Linguistic Practice of Ethnic Minorities in China: with particular focus on the Yi communities in Liangshan
14/06/2013Professor Kerry BrownTBA
12/07/2013Nicole TalmacsTBA

The influences of environmental NGOs on rural landscape change in China

China is experience tremendous environmental challenges in recent decades: highest greenhouse gas emission, severe air and water pollutions, rising energy demand and many others. Meanwhile, due to the social-political change in China, environmental NGOs (eNGOs) have been thriving in response to the various issues. By employing political ecology as the theoretical framework and by situating eNGOs in the multi-scalar inter-relationship between different institutional actors (including governments, international partners, donors and local communities) , my research is to examine the influence of Chinese eNGOs on the rural landscape which is shaped by changing social relations and environmental practices. In this talk, I will offer some examples from my ethnographic data to illustrate how the complex power dynamics around eNGOs and their practice result in influence on landscape.

Student bio:

Ju-Han Zoe Wang holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from National Taiwan University, and a Master in Environmental Management from Yale University. After completing her master studies, she joined the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan as an associate researcher until 2009, working on energy and climate policy. During 2006, she was a visiting researcher to UC Berkeley. Zoe commenced her PhD in Geography in March 2010. Her research experience involves areas such as China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka. Her research interests include political ecology, NGO study and the general social aspects of conservation, development and energy issues.

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Room 310, Old Teachers College, the University of Sydney

Cost: Free, RSVP essential

Contact: Dr Minglu Chen

Email: 213f5e5205171e1b43331a720a31023a302d675726474d1501