Event Cancelled: Boardroom Seminar: Crafting Zhuang nationality medicine

27 March 2013

Please note due to unforseen circumstances, this lecture by Professor JudithFarquhar has been cancelled. However, you are welcome to come to a lecture "Afterlives of the Field Survey: Several modern moments in Chinese state knowledge production"by Professor Farquhar on 28 March. For more information, pleaseclick here.

This talk reports research at the interface between official medical knowledge and "ethnic" styles of wild or folk healing in today's China. Working with researchers in ethnically-marked sites in southwestern China, we consider the epistemological implications and health services developments that are emerging as "ethnic traditional medicines" appear in public. The case in question is that of Zhuang nationality medicine in Guangxi. Researchers of Zhuang medicine both produce new medical information and the contexts in which their newly systematic knowledge can be put to use, in institutions ranging from village clinics to medical schools. We also suggest that another context is being brought into view: a certain wild outside to rationalized systems -- an embodied expertise and a radically local knowledge - are emerging as a fresh source of value and a new kind of public health challenge in "ethnic" China.

Professor Judith Farquhar

Judith Farquhar is Max Palevsky Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. She is the author of numerous works on contemporary Chinese medical cultures, including Knowing Practice: The Clinical Encounter of Chinese Medicine(1994);Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China (2002); and Ten Thousand Things: Nurturing Life in Contemporary Beijing (2012). Her current research with Dr. Lili Lai investigates the Chinese process of salvaging and sorting out the traditional medical systems of minority nationalities in southern and southwestern China.

Cost: Free, RSVP essential