the CSC Research Student Seminar series

14 December 2012

In order to create a research community for our students and thus better support their research and scholarship, the China Studies Centre has initiated a monthly event, the CSC Research Student Seminar series. This will provide an opportunity for CSC research students to meet each other and CSC academic members, create a shared identity, as well as discuss intellectual and practical issues.

The seminar is scheduled at 12-1 pm on every second Friday of each month at Room 310 Old Teachers College (see schedule below), in which a student will present his/her research, followed by a discussion. CSC Academic members, especially research student supervisors, are invited to come.

Please note that this is a brown bag seminar, so feel free to bring your lunch.

09/11/2012DINH Thi Hien Luong (Julia)Chinese Ideational Leadership in Foreign Policy Making in the Early 21st Century: a focus on Hu Jintao's Harmonious society concept
14/12/2012Dong Xing

Green Roof Policy arrangement of Beijing and its neoliberal interpretation

11/01/2013Feifei HanThe Interaction between Lower- and Higher-Level Processing in Foreign Language (FL) Reading with Chinese University-Level EFL Readers
08/02/2013Irene Shidong ANStudents' Perception of Effective Online Language Learning in Blended Learning Environments
08/03/2013Zoe WANGThe influences of Environmental NGOs on Rural Landscape Change in China
12/04/2013Ben SUNThe Political Participation of Chinese Diaspora in Australia Local Government from 1990s till 2012
10/05/2013Cerrina Lu ZhangLanguage Policy and School Linguistic Practice of Ethnic Minorities in China: with particular focus on the Yi communities in Liangshan
14/06/2013Kerry BrownTBA
12/07/13Nacole TalmacsTBA

RSVP here, please.

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Location: Room 310 Old Teachers College

Cost: Free, RSVP essential

Contact: Dr Minglu Chen

Email: 1f133b171e43630524151a2f232a250607131b1f285a4d3842