The CSC Research Student Seminar series

11 January 2013

In order to create a research community for our students and thus better support their research and scholarship, the China Studies Centre has initiated a monthly event, the CSC Research Student Seminar series. This will provide an opportunity for CSC research students to meet each other and CSC academic members, create a shared identity, as well as discuss intellectual and practical issues.

The seminar is scheduled at 12-1 pm on every second Friday of each month at Room 310 Old Teachers College (see schedule below), in which a student will present his/her research, followed by a discussion. CSC Academic members, especially research student supervisors, are invited to come.

Please note that this is a brown bag seminar, so feel free to bring your lunch.

11/01/2013Feifei HanThe Interaction between Lower- and Higher-Level Processing in Foreign Language (FL) Reading with Chinese University-Level EFL Readers
08/02/2013Irene Shidong ANStudents' Perception of Effective Online Language Learning in Blended Learning Environments
08/03/2013Zoe WANGThe influences of Environmental NGOs on Rural Landscape Change in China
12/04/2013Ben SUNThe Political Participation of Chinese Diaspora in Australia Local Government from 1990s till 2012
10/05/2013Cerrina Lu ZhangLanguage Policy and School Linguistic Practice of Ethnic Minorities in China: with particular focus on the Yi communities in Liangshan
14/06/2013Professor Kerry BrownTBA
12/07/2013Nicole TalmacsTBA

University Teachers' and Students' Perceptions of Effective Online Language Learning in Blended Learning Environments

This research aims to examine university teachers' and students' experiences of online learning in blended learning environments. It focuses on the teachers' and students' attitudes and perceptions of the integration of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Web-based language learning and Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) into the language programs at Australian universities. It specifically aims to investigate the effectiveness of the applications of technology in the language curriculum in assisting language learning as perceived by the teachers and students. The blended environments examined in this research are those where campus-based face-to-face teaching is enhanced by the implementation of certain types of technology use. This study investigates whether teaching and the student learning behavior i.e. the ways they approach different learning tasks are changed in a certain way, and how the teachers and the students perceive the connection between online learning and face-to-face teaching and learning and whether they think online learning assist their teaching and learning for the course. It is argued that in tertiary education where student-centered learning is highly valued, the curriculum planning should derive from a better understanding of students' experiences, not merely from the demonstrated effectiveness of the new and fancy technologies or the proven effective teaching methodologies. Contextualized research on the specific blended environment is needed to inform practitioners so as to help them make immediate decisions about curriculum improvement which is positioned at the center of their teaching agenda. By investigating and analyzing the teachers and the students' experiences and collecting their interpretations of the blended learning environment, this research intends to provide the teachers with a holistic perspective in planning and enhancing learning, especially with regard to catering for various needs of a more and more diverse group of university students.

Irene Shidong An

Irene S. An is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney. She had taught English in Tianjin Foreign Studies University in China for nine years before migrating to Australia in 2002. She commenced employment as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Sydney in 2005. She has been responsible for building eLearning programs in the Department of Chinese Studies since 2007 and has been involved in Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) research. Her research interests include CALL, online and blended language teaching and learning, and teaching methodology. Her PhD project is on University Teachers' and Students' Perceptions of Effective Online Language Learning in Blended Learning Environments.

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Room 310, Old Teachers College

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr Minglu Chen

Email: 075e3f3636255c31055c5d74191f0c0a273e542725276b5726