Event Cancellation: China, the United States, and Global Order

27 September 2011

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we have to cancel Professor Rosemary Foot's Sydney Ideas Lecture in the New Law School Tuesday 27 September. We apologise any inconvenience this might cause and will reconstitute this arrangement at a later date.

Co-presented with Sydney Ideas

In this talk, Rosemary Foot will discuss the main conclusions of her recent book China, the United States, and Global Order (co-authored with Andrew Walter, Cambridge). As the two most important states in the international system, Foot recognizes the United States and China as crucial to the evolution of global order. Increasingly, they have come to see each other as vital players in a range of issues of global significance, including the use of force, macroeconomic policy, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, climate change and financial regulation.

Foot will explore the question of Chinese and US behavioural consistency with global norms in these issue areas, explaining why sometimes there has been convergence with significant norms and sometimes divergence from global normative frameworks. She will also show how the US-China bilateral relationship itself influences the stances that each country takes.

Rosemary Foot is Professor of International Relations, and the John Swire Senior Research Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford University. Her principal research interests are in the International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, particularly security policies, human rights, regional institutional and normative developments, and US-China relations.

Time: cancelled

Location: cancelled

Cost: cancelled