Professor Jun Xu: Medicinal Chemistry Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine Informatics

5 May 2011

Co-presented with the Faculty of Phamacy

Presenter: Prof. Jun Xu, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Thisseminar presents case studies on deducing novel Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) anti-influenza and anti-hyperlipedemia prescriptions from structure biology. The studies suggest that, by further investigating TCM theory and mining TCM databases, a better drug discovery paradigm may arise - one that can be beneficial to both TCM and modern medicine.

Professor Jun Xu, Professor of Med-chem & CADD, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the director and founding professor of the research centre for drug discovery (RCDD) at Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) in Guangzhou, China. His main focus at SYSU has been to apply the principles of chemoinformatics to the design of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) remedies.

Time: 12pm

Location: Badham 3, Faculty of Pharmacy A15, the University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Contact: Shuxia Chen

Phone: 02 9114 1166

Email: 1a3b104e2a0b5c13190c05791a120f071637631026247c533c