Professor Xia Fei: Police Power in China

18 May 2011

Jointly presented by the Centre for Asian and Pacific Law, the Institute of Criminology and the China Studies Centre, the University of Sydney

Police power control has become a hot issue in China in recent years. In this seminar, Professor Xia Fei will discuss the police power of administrative management, the police power of criminal investigation and the improvement of the police power control system in China.

Dr Xia Fei is an associate professor of East China University of Political Science and Law. Her academic research field is criminal justice, especially the policing issue. She is the co-author of two books, Study on Order Maintenance and The history of Criminal Law in Western Countries. Her new book The Change of Police Power in England and Wales will be published in June. Professor Xia's recent articles include: "The Change of Crime Reason and the Challenge to Police work", from Study on Order Maintenance, Edited by Guo Taisheng, 2010; and, "The Transplantation of the Police System from the West in the Late Qing Dynasty", Journal of XinJiang Police Officers' Academy, 2008(4).

Time: 1-2pm

Location: Faculty Common Room, Level 4, New Law Building F10, Eastern Ave, the University of Sydney

Cost: Free but registration is essential by Monday 16 May 2011

Email: 0654237a332c122b27092431150a0d081760093e121f2807