Conference: Social Sciences and Humanities Meet the Changing World

25 June 2011 to 26 June 2011

The conference will feature two prominent scholars as keynote speakers: Professor Francis Fukuyama from Stanford University and Professor Tu Weiming from Harvard University.

The purpose of this conference is to direct scholarly attention to profound changes in values, norms, lifestyles, developmental models, and institutional arrangements as well as the social and political restructuring of the world order and other social, economic, political and environmental impacts on the world brought about by globalization, green revolution, and other transnational and global forces.

China Studies Centre Executive Committee members Alison Betts, Thomas J. Berghuis, Yiyan Wang and members Peter Jia, Duanfang Lu and Hyun Jin Kim will attend the conference.

(Image: Li Xiaobin)

Location: Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Science, Shanghai, China