Social Change In China

9 August 2011

Co-Presented with Sydney Ideas

Dr Beatriz Carrillo will discuss population movements in and out of China's vastnetwork of towns and small cities. Here the inclusion/exclusion of rural migrant workers is assessed through an examination of rural workers' immersion into a small town's labour market, their access to welfare benefits and to social services, such as housing, education and health.

Dr Minglu Chen will discuss, the situation of women in enterprise ownership and leadership indicates that despite gender inequality for women during China's reform years, women are playing a more active and significant role in China's economic development than currently thought. She will examine the deeper realities of women entrepreneurs in China, and by extension the role of leading women in the workforce.


Professor Maurizio Marinelli, Director, Centre for Social & Cultural Change in China Investment, UTS, Sydney will launch three new books by Dr Beatriz Carrillo, Dr Minglu Chen and Dr Jane Duckett.

China's Changing WelfareMix: Local Perspectives (Edited by Beatriz Carrillo, JaneDuckett) Small TownChina: Rural Labour and Social Inclusion (By Beatriz Carrillo) Tiger Girls: Women and Enterprise in the People's Republic of China (By Minglu Chen)

Beatriz Carillo is originally from Mexico. She completed her first degree in International Relations at the TEC de Monterrey (ITESM). She lived, studied and worked in Japan and in China, before coming to Australia to undertake her doctoral studies. She completed her PhD at UTS in 2006 with the doctoral thesis New Urban Space in China: Towns, Rural Labour and Social Inclusion.

Minglu Chen is Australian Research Council Postgraduate Research Fellow in the Department of Government and International Relations, University of SydneyHer research concentrates on social and political change in local China and entrepreneurship in China.

Time: 6pm

Location: : Law School Foyer, Law School, the University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Contact: Shuxia Chen

Email: 393e191059344b2b5b341876031f5004320f182b505a7a275a