Building an Asia Pacific Community: Economic, Security and Socio-Political Dimensions

30 August 2011

Presented by The Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL) and TheCentre for Asian And Pacific Law (CAPLUS)

Sponsored by the China Studies Centre (CSC).

This mini-symposium will consider regulatory and legal implications of the proposal by Australia's present Foreign Minister to go beyond existing mechanisms within the vibrant Asia-Pacific region to promote an "Asia Pacific community" entrenching better "habits of cooperation" in economic, security and socio-political affairs.
A leading political scientist and former diplomat, Professor Philomena Murray (University of Melbourne), will set this initiative in the context of existing institutions in the region and other parts of the world (including the European Union and South America) as well as other Asia-Pacific regional integration initiatives.

Sydney Law School experts in international business law (Dr Luke Nottage, Dr Brett Williams and Micah Burch) will consider innovative ways to develop Free Trade Agreements and tax treaties to advance more ambitious yet sustainable economic integration, as well as more effective resolution and avoidance of disputes involving both states and firms within the region. As public international law experts, Dr Ben Saul will examine regional securities issues while Irene Baghoomians will consider human rights implications, including new ASEAN initiatives. Professor Peter Drysdale, one of Australia's leading experts in Asia's political economy and co-editor of the widely-read East Asian Forum blog, will provide overall comments and chair this unique event.

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Time: 3 - 6pm

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