Event Cancellation: China and the United States in Global Governance

26 September 2011

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we have to cancel Professor Rosemary Foot's Roundtable at China Studies Centre on Monday 26 September. We apologise any inconvenience this might cause and will reconstitute this arrangement at a later date.

China and the United States have been interacting in international organizations and other global governance mechanisms for the pastfour decades. How have they interpreted each others' behaviour in such organizations? How productive have their encounters in these venues been, both in terms of their own interests and for global order? What do their recent interactions tell us about the extent to which China, as its relative power has grown, is setting out to resharp global norms and institutions?

These questions will form the basis of a paper that Professor Rosemary Foot will be drafting over the next few months and will form the starting point of this Round Table discussion.

Rosemary Foot is Professor of International Relations, and the John Swire Senior Research Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford University. Her principal research interests are in the International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, particularly security policies, human rights, regional institutional and normative developments, and US-China relations.

Location: cancelled