Justice and Community in Chinese and Western Political Thought

6 October 2011

Presented by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Sponsored by China Studies Centre


Daniel Bell (Shanghai Jiaotong/Tsinghua University, China)
'Confucianism and Nationalism: A reconciliation'

Joseph Chan (Hong Kong University)
'Social Justice and Care: Towards a Confucian Perspective'

Jeffrey Riegel (the University of Sydney, Australia)
'Homicide, Homosexual Rape and the Pursuit of Justice in Early 19th Century China'

Duncan Ivison (the University of Sydney, Australia) 'Two pictures of injustice'


Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: Kevin Lee Room, Brennan MacCallum Building, the University of Sydney

Cost: Free (lunch will be provided)

Email: 06053f227d564e0558134a4e0a0f1d0b79341004744a47