Word and Image : East and West

28 October 2011 to 29 October 2011

The symposium is organized by Giorgia Alù andFrancesco Borghesi of the Department of
Italian Studies, The University of Sydney.

It has been generously supported by the China Studies Centre (The University of Sydney), as well as by the School of Languages and Cultures, the Power Institute and the School of Letters, Art, and Media (The University of Sydney), and the China Research Centre (UTS). It has also been kindly supported by IAWIS - International Association of Word and Image Studies.

In the last twenty years the relationship between the visual and the verbal has become a key issue in the humanities in general and, in particular, in the creation of new inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary areas of study. Reaction to the growing presence of images in contemporary culture has, thus, led to a flourishing of publications, conferences and academic courses on the varied interactions between text and image. Yet, a comparative investigation on the way the East and West perceive the interrelation between the visual and the textual still needs
particular attention.

The purpose of the symposium is to bring together scholars and researchers from different backgrounds (historical, literary, theoretical or philosophical) in order to discuss and compare the mutual interdependence of words and images, the mixed mediality of the visual and the verbal, and the way they have been interlacing in different geographical and cultural areas, from Europe and the US to the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, throughout the years.

Discussions will therefore focus on the different modalities one medium has been included in the other in the Western and Eastern cultures, as well as the way the interaction of word and image has contributed to challenge the East/West binary.

Time: 9am - 6pm 28 Oct; 9am - 4.45pm 29 Oct

Location: Seminar Room 342,New Law School Building, Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney

Cost: FREE

Contact: Giorgia Alu

Email: 51055a03555f54562f582739024f01392349411c5010400c33

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