Seminar:International Law in the early relationships in the Asia-Pacific: the influence of Alonso's

27 February 2012


The analysis of Alonso's legal thought in the treaty De Dominio infidelium et iusto bello contra indos and the personal documention of Martin de Rada's participation in the conquest of the Philippines and the running of the first embassy in China, allows us to assert the idea that those from the New Spain who wanted to repeat the feats of Hernan Cortes and Pizarro in China and were influenced by the internal law of the time. Lopez argues this was oriented towards fostering peaceful relations, trade and the fight against crime.

In this lecture, Claudia Lopez will elucidate some of the aspects of the content included in the letters sent by Rada to Alonso. She will argue that through examination of Rada's letters, Rada could be recognized as the first western sinologist.

Claudia López Lomelí is a legal historian of early Asia Pacific interactions. Her expertise is in Spanish Colonial legal ideas and treatises in the Americas and how these influenced Colonial practices in Asia, particularly in the Philippines and in parts of China. Claudia completed her PhD in Law at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain and is currently a lecturer in the Institute for International Studies at the University of the Sea in Mexico.

  • The seminar will be in Spanish with English translation.

Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: Room 310 Old Teachers College

Cost: Free event, RSVP essential

Email: 142311051631043a3b2a24470e532c0720051c01014c2236