The Recent Development of China's Civil Society

21 May 2012

Co-presented with Sydney Ideas and Sydney Democracy Initiative, University of Sydney.

After the 30-plus years of reform and opening up, Chinese society has been gaining more independent space and growth momentum which have rarely been seen in Chinese history. In this presentation, Professor Yu argues, a relatively independent civil society is emerging in China thanks to the introduction of market economy and progress of democratic governance in China. Professor Yu details the categorisation, characteristics, progress and limitations as well as implications of civil society in China. In his view, the growth of China's civil society is irreversible from the long run since a market economy and democratic system will call for a civil society in place. China's aspiration for market economy and pledge to democracy make the development of civil society a necessity for China although it could possibly face some setbacks from time to time.

Professor Yu will give a short presentation, followed by a conversation with John Keane, Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney.

Professor Yu Keping is Professor and Director of the China Center for Comparative Politics and Economics (CCCPE), and also Professor and Director, Center for Chinese Government Innovations, Peking University and Institute of Political Development, Tsinghua University. Professor Yu received his PhD in political science from Peking University in 1988 and was awarded the Honorary Doctor Degree by the University of Duisburg-Essen University, Germany, in 2008. He currently serves as Deputy Director of Bureau of Translation of the CCP Central Committee. He is also the Director of the Chinese Government Innovations Awards Program. His major fields of expertise include political philosophy, comparative politics, globalization, civil society, governance and politics in China. His English work includes Democracy is a good thing (2009) and Globalization and Changes in China's Governance (2008). Professor Yu has spent time as a visiting scholar at Harvard University, Duke University and the Free University of Berlin.

Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Location: Law School Foyer, Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Cost: Free