The Transitional City in China

25 May 2012

The nature, role, structure and growth of a city is a reflection of the underlying dynamics of the economy, geography, society and history of a country. The change and evolution of the city and the urbanisation process of the Peoples' Republic of China since it adopted the new opening and reform policies in 1978 not only changed the horizon of the former socialist urban scene and urban process, it also represented a unique subset in urbanisation and urban development among the transitional economies. Professor Sit will review the development of the PRC's cities and the country's urbanisation process from 1980 to 2008. He will discuss the main features and lessons from the PRC which will enrich our understanding of the spatial process in urban and economic development in transitional economies generally.

Professor Vicitor Fung Shuen Sit was raised and educated in Hong Kong since 1950, and obtained his B.A. (Hon.) and M.A. degrees from the University of Hong Kong. During 1974-77 he studied at the London School of Economics in the UK and obtained a Ph.D. degree there. From 1977 to 2007 he was a professor in the Department of Geography, University of Hong Kong. He is currently the Founding Director of the Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Professor Sit has authored and edited more than 40 books and published over 100 papers in international academic journals specialising in city, regional development, infrastructure and economic strategy.

His publications demonstrate the fusion of perspectives and methodologies of the East and West. Many are published bilingually in Chinese and English, with one of the distinct features being the unique angle he takes in analysing and interpreting the traditions and history of China.

Besides being a dedicated teacher and researcher, Professor Sit has also participated actively in politics. He has been a member of the Preparatory Committee for the HKSAR, Selection Committee for the Chief Executive of the HKSAR and served as Deputy of the National People's Congress of China from 1993-2008.

Time: 3:30 - 4:30pm

Location: Room 310, Old Teachers College, University of Sydney

Cost: FREE, RSVP essential

Contact: Yanping Zhang

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