Round Table Discussion: Governance Logic in Village and Telecom Industry in China

18 October 2012

The Mechanism and Governance Logic of the Hierarchical Operation of the Project System:  A Sociological Case Study of "Projects Entering the Village


Integrating opposing yet complementary "top-down" and "bottom-up" perspectives, this report  examines the social process whereby current financial transfer payment projects enter the villages. It attaches particular importance to the hierarchical model of "institutional mechanism"  in this process, which involve central government departments' contracting out the projects, local government' packaging of different projects and villages' competition for the packaged projects.


Professor Zhe will investigate the resultant different institutional logics and action strategies and the complex processes and consequences of their interaction. As an important mechanism for compensating vested interests during institutional transition, the project system provides an institutional platform for the convergence of logics of hierarchical governance. I stress that the system will genuinely promote public benefit and social integration only when it expands public space and realizes public governance in the villages through the provision of public goods.


Professor Zhe Xiaoye is a distinguished sociologist of the Institute of Sociology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Her work focuses on social structure changes in China and communities at the village level. She has published extensively on village governance, communities and enterprises as well as family life in urban and rural China.

Manufacturer and Competition Factors: The Development of Telecom Industry in China (1949-2012)


Since 1949, China's telecommunication industry has experienced a transition from planned to market economy, gradually transforming itself from an undeveloped to rapidly expanding industry. It has also become one of the leading sectors in China. Examining the development of China's telecommunication industry can shed light on the importance of drawing on advanced experience from other countries, realizing the different roles of enterprises, competition and government regulations in the process of integration into the international market.


Associate Professor Rong Xinchun, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Main research fields: Tele-communications economics.


Please note part of the roundtable will be in Chinese with English translation.

Time: 5.30pm-7.00pm

Location: Room 310, China Studies Centre, Old Teachers' College, The University of Sydney