China for the world: The globalisation of Chinese porcelain

12 February 2013

Co-presented with Sydney Ideasas part of the official event of Sydney Chinese New Year Festival 2013.

In this richly illustrated presentation, Dr Baoping Li will rely on over twenty years of research to explain the significance of Chinese porcelain to our understanding of history, archaeology, cultural studies, and the collecting of antiques in China and the world. Dr Li has first-hand experience working with porcelains found at the site of a lost city in North China that was part of the Mongol Empire, ancient Angkor in Cambodia, and an Arab merchant shipwreck of c. 826 CE found in the Java Sea that provides the earliest physical evidence for direct trade between China and the Middle East.

Dr Li Baoping: Dr Li received his BA and MA degrees from the Archaeology Department of Beijing University, and then worked in Beijing for the English-language journal China Archaeology and Art Digest. He undertook his PhD at the University of Queensland, and then worked there as an Australia Postdoctoral Fellow funded by the Australia Research Council (ARC). He is currently an ARC Australia Future Fellow in the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sydney and is a member of the University's China Studies Centre. As an archaeologist and historian, Dr Li specializes in Chinese ceramics and their global distribution. He investigates these topics through an integrated approach that includes the disciplines of history, archaeology, art history, and the chemical sourcing of trade ceramics in order to understand the patterns of China's long-term, international trade network.

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Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm

Location: Law School Foyer, Sydney Law School,

Cost: Free

Contact: Events Officer

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