16th Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference

16 May 2012

The 16thAustralian Nitrogen Fixation Conference will be held at Q Station near Manly, Sydney on 24 - 27 June, 2012, hosted by the Australian Society for Nitrogen Fixation and the SUNFix Centre for Nitrogen Fixation, University of Sydney. A major focus of this meeting will be the aim to maximise biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) by legumes and subsequent nitrogen use by crops, providing linkages between legume breeders, microbiologists and others with expertise in BNF such as with Rhizobium or PGPR inoculants. However the needs of all with an interest in BNF as basic or applied science will be catered for.

On the first day of the 16th Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference, David Pulsford, an alumnus of the Faculty of Agriculture will receive an award acknowledging his role as an outstanding benefactor in this area; it is most befitting that his name will be entered in the Faculty's Hall of Fame. Faculty Dean, Professor Mark Adams, will publicly acknowledge David Pulsford's important role since the late 1950s and his generosity in supporting the SUNFix Centre for Nitrogen Fixation.

Q Station (the old Manly Quarantine Station) is situated on Sydney Harbour at North Head near Manly. It is approximately 45 minutes by car from Sydney airport or longer by ferry from Circular Quay and bus route 135 from central Manly to North Head. Parking is available for guests and conference delegates.
Several rooms have been reserved at the venue and can be booked during registration.
These are available at the following reduced conference rates (breakfast included):
Deluxe $230
Heritage $200
Twin share $260


Please submit abstracts, by 31 May 2012, to the following email address:

Contact: Dr Roz Deaker

Phone: +612 8627 1049

Email: 3d243926542509336f07042c3a330507392e331c124a5f243314771027