Stable Isotopes Workshop

31 January 2013

The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment will soon be hosting the workshop: STABLE ISOTOPES IN BIOSPHERE SYSTEMS.

The focus is the theory and applications of stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen in the plant, soil, atmosphere interface.

This hands-on workshop capitalizes on the expertise on isotopic approaches housed in the FAE but also gathers the knowledge of lecturers from various other institutions. Over twenty five students from all over Australia and overseas will spend 8 days understanding principles, and formulating and executing their own projects.

The workshop, co-sponsored by the Australian National University, will take place February 3-10 at the new Centre for Carbon, Water and Food at the Cobbitty campus of the University of Sydney.

For information contact the organizers: Claudia Keitel, Jia Hu, Kevin Simonin or Yolima Carrillo. (See information on the website by clicking on the right under related).

Contact: Dr Yolima Caririllo

Phone: 02 8627 1032

Email: 15230a070c3b7e01222714235e5d25740a3156195d2b571c280d5f1937