The Day After Tomorrow (Holistic Management Conference)

17 July 2013

The Holistic Management Conference,The day after tomorrow, to be held on 6 August at the Australian National Field Days Site, Orange, will be joined by Dr Allan Savory (The Savory Institute and Chairman of the Africa Centre for Holistic Management) who will talk about "Removing Barriers to Solving the Climate Crisis".

Dr Allan Savory has spent 50 years working on ideas that have won international prizes, and the online video of his recent TED talk has garnered 1.7 million views.

Mr Savory's obsession is the world's vast grasslands, which make up 60 per cent of the planet's landmass but tend to be far from urban hubbub. Until recently, his provocative concepts were routinely dismissed.

Now, the former African game ranger, guerilla fighter and rancher is gaining traction with his idea that strategically managed herds of livestock are humanity's best chance of stopping and reversing the desertification of grasslands - and at the same time, make a substantial contribution to the halting of climate change. This concept, and how his ideas have been implemented across the world, will be discussed by Dr Savory.

Maj. Gen. Michael Jeffery AC AO CVO MC (Chairman Soils for Life; Advocate for Soil Health) will present the inaugural Bruce Ward and George Gundry Legacy Lecture.

Other speakers will be:

Professor Mark Adams,Dean; Faculty of Agriculture & Environment -University of Sydney - The Centre for Carbon, Water and Food

"Knowledge Leadership - what today'sunderstanding brings for tomorrow's decisions."

Dr. David Low Director; The Weeds Network - Monash University

"Making money from Weeds"

John Feehan OAM;Well into... Dung Beetles

"Soil - from bottom to top!"

Dr. Robin Stonecash Director; Executive Projects UTS Business School

"Water Diplomacy: an alternative approachto water management"

Brian Wehlburg PE; Professional Educator of HM; Inside Outside Management

" Fire! The tool most abused and misunderstood"

There will be a Plenary Session , where each of these experts, as a panel, provide answers and solutions to your questions, problems and circumstances


Tickets are $285.00 (includes a hot lunch)

Cocktails and Canapes are $22.00 (immediately after the conference)

Proceeds from the conference will be used to create scholarships for otherwise

disadvantaged students to attend Holistic Managementâ„¢ courses.

These scholarships are in memory of Bruce Ward (ACE) and George Gundry (ACE)

and are supported by their fellow Professional Educators in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Allan Savory will also be speaking on other days:

Warwick, QLD on Saturday 3 August

contact: Helen Lewis at

Lismore, NSW on Sunday 4 August

contact: Sam Bonello at

Dubbo, NSW on Friday 9 August

contact: Mark Gardner at

Mataranka, NT on Tuesday 13 August

contact: Moira Lanzarin at

Contact: Paul Griffiths Certified Educator of Allan Savory's Holistic Management

Phone: 02 9144 3975

Email: 3f1138072a424a170a35062e594a092d552a5c0b1a0b