Future Fellows at FAFNR, The University of Sydney

15 September 2009

Two of the newly appointed Senior Lecturers at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources - Dr Margaret Barbour and Dr Peter Franks - have also won ARC Future Fellowships.

This is a tremendous achievement and supports the Faculty's other current ARC Fellowship holders, Dr Andrew Merchant and Dr Budiman Minasny, as well as those directly supported by GRDC, such as Professor Robert Park.

The achievement is all the more noteworthy as there were, and as far as can be determined, not one other Future Fellowship awarded to a Faculty of Agriculture, anywhere in Australia.

It is also important to the Faculty's strategy and ambition to develop a highly relevant and forward-looking research profile. Both Margaret and Peter have been appointed in the area of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, and both wrote proposals that squarely addressed the issue of changing climates and their impacts on agricultural and forest productivity.

The two new Fellows will each receive up to $135,000 each year over four years, with the administering institution receiving up to $50,000 a year for associated infrastructure and other costs. Margaret for her proposal: Novel laser isotopic techniques to assess the potential for water-use efficiency improvement of Australian crops. And Peter for his proposal: Past and future effects of climate change on the carbon-water balance of plants.

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