Your country needs you!! EnvSys (Hons) open for 2013

12 October 2012

The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment is very pleased to announce that applications are now open for the inaugural BEnvSys (Hons) program. This one year Honours program consists of an individual research project, a unit on science communication and three elective units drawn from a wide range of agricultural and environmental science discipline areas.

The Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Associate Professor Stephen Cattle, commented that "Australia faces a number of important agricultural and environmental challenges over the next few decades, especially in relation to carbon, water and food production, and we feel that BEnvSys (Hons) graduates will be in the front line tackling these challenges. Employers really value the research training that students receive in an Honours program, and students gain a lot of confidence by having to plan, execute and write-up their own research work. We think the BEnvSys (Hons) program is an exciting prospect for those students who have just completed their 3-year BEnvSys degree, and also for students who have completed a 3-year BSc and now want to apply their scientific knowledge to managed and natural environmental systems. With six jobs available for every agricultural and environmental science graduate each year, there are plenty of opportunities for such applied natural scientists."

Prospective students are encouraged to apply on-line at;

The first round of applications for the 2013 intake close on November 23, 2012.

For more information:

Contact: Ms Fortunee Cantrell, Coordinator Undergraduate Services

Phone: 02 8627 10001

Email: 09190a1b39172c29600a2e1c4c0753280a02443d213a14151d3d0347480207